Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas day and I am feeling pretty lucky right now. My family is happy and healthy and enjoying one another, my hubby is pretty amazing and my friends are all plugging right along. No complaints here.

I want to wish you all the merriest and happiest day and year.

Lastly hubby and I had a secret among us. At our last ultrasound the technician was able to determine the sex of our baby. She wrote it on a post it and gave it to hubby. For the last two and a half weeks he has known and I have not. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday morning when I woke up he told me to check the tree for a new ornament and I discovered....

(BTW that wasn't the ornament. The ornament was an angry birds princess Leia.)

Happy happy, merry merry to all.


Countdown is on!

There are three business days left til I am FREE. Three super busy business days but three nonetheless.
I bring you a list of things I want to do during my break:
  • Sleep until my eyes open, with no aide from my alarm, and then lay in bed reading for another hour after that.
  • Clean the office out.
  • Backup my computer and burn all the pictures onto discs.
  • Once I find out the sex of this baby start to figure out what I need/ want.
  • Take lots of naps after reading for hours in bed.
  • Figure out how to get my wifi to reach the bedroom so I can watch movies in bed. (Really truly one of my biggest annoyances. My wifi doesn't reach the bedroom ugh!)
  • Pick a color for the baby's room.
  • Get a manicure. I have a gift certificate burning a whole in my wallet.
  • Have lunch  with Sue and get together with friends.
  • Hopefully meet my best friend's baby! She is due at the beginning of January but we are hoping for a pre-New Year's miracle.
  • Cook lots.
  • Take walks and visit with Mom.
  • Right now we don't have solid plans for NYE and I'm not sad about it.
  • Get re-energized and ready for an awesome 2013!! 
What about you? Any plans for the week?
Ciao for now.



How could I resist a list of randomness on this of all momentous days.
  • 9 days and 4 hours or so until holiday break! Can you tell how super excited I am!!! 
  • I have only done about 1-2% of my Christmas shopping and I kinda don't care. I am still not really in the spirit (change that to mood). I have plenty of Christmas spirit, I just can't get in the mood to drop money on peeps I only see once a year. Ya know?
  • Everyone beware I just put a little caffeinated coffee in my decaf. I feel like such a rebel.
  • Right now my hubby knows the sex of the baby growing inside my belly and I don't. I didn't think it would be as hard as it is, but oh what fun. He lets me play and ask him all kinds of questions to try to trip him up and he doesn't break. I thought it would be the other way around... fun fun. I really don't know if I will make it.
  • Did I already mention 9 days til break? yup. excited.
  • Yesterday was a really good day and those don't come around too often so I just wanted to say so. 
  • Hubby and I have plans to get our tree this weekend and I am excited. We always make a big deal about trimming and whatnot. Hot cocoa, music in the background and we tell stories about all the ornaments. He wants a huge tree with purple lights... hmmm.... where am I gonna find purple lights?
  • I think the baby already likes to taunt me. The baby will be kicking kicking kicking and when I finally go to  feel it or put hubby's hands to feel it, the kicking stops. 
  • My best friend is pregnant and due very soon and I am SO excited about it. She is having a boy and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM!!!! I might have to break my rule and visit her in the hospital if she will let me.
  • Just had a gingerbread pop-tart and it was AH-MAH-ZING! Even though that goes against my "no store bought treats" rule this time of year. I guess rules were made to be broken.
  • I pulled the "prego" card last night and it felt darn good.
  • I can't seem to get it together today. Other than this list I haven't accomplished much. 
Ciao for now!!


Holiday Spirit

Having a hard time getting into the spirit this year. Not sure if we (hubby and I) are just too caught up in preggo land or what but we can't seem to get it together. I went on a "holiday trip" to NYC this past weekend and I thought for sure that would do it. Nope. I spent about 5 minutes on 5th looking at the store windows (why is there ALWAYS a line around the building at Abercrombie?) and about 1 minute at Rockafeller Center looking at the tree and the millions of peeps. I spent the rest of the day with some besties from college and that was amazing. Long story short; no infusion of the holiday spirit.
I'm gonna see if hubby wants to go buy our ornament tomorrow evening or this weekend. We have a tradition of buying an ornament every year that is in some way indicative of the year we've had. We will wait another week or so to get the tree; we like to keep it up for the 12 days of Christmas which run through Jan 6, so we wait as long as possible to put it up otherwise it dries out and is a pain to maintain. Honestly it is the gift giving that I can't get on board with. UGH. It has been a crazy 6 months and trying to figure out what to get for everyone is exhausting.... on top of working full time, school, being preggo and trying to save up for the kiddo.... ugh. Happiest season of all?
I'm playing holiday music in my office in hopes of holiday spirit by osmosis of the ears...
Any other ideas?



Pregnancy update

Today marks 19 weeks pregnant. Almost half way there. Wahoo. Things are good. Less anxiety, choosing happiness and calm. The baby is moving more regularly and that certainly helps with the anxiousness. Next week we go for the important second trimester screening. That means an hour with the baby via ultrasound technology. I am looking forward to that so much. It is nice to spend time checking out  what the baby is doing in there and check out all the major organs and other good stuff. We have elected to find out the sex of the baby. We are going to ask the technician to write it on a piece of paper and only hubby will get to see it. He will decide if he shares with the moms (who are invited to this ultrasound). Then for Christmas one of my gifts will be the reveal. We are excited. We have already started having the all important name conversation. It is so much harder than I expected it to be. Of course we had names picked out last time and they were perfect. It adds a whole level of choosing the right name.
Here is my list of pregnancy ups and downs.
  • My nose is congested all the time.
  • I love talking and humming and singing to the baby.
  • My boobs are huge and itchy.
  • There is no other feeling in the world than feeling the baby kick and move.
  • Hormones are a bitch. Literally.
  •  The ups list is harder to come up with because it is mostly genuine happiness.

K Peeps. Hope you have a great weekend.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be grateful for.
It could take all day to  list it all out but here are the cliff notes.

Hubby- thank you for putting up with my hormone roller coaster and the stresses of the new job. I love you and can't wait to meet our baby.

Family- Mom you are my rock, my best friend. Love you, thank you. Sister thank you for being there for me ALWYS!!

Friends- where would I be with out you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! My thought go out to all those not with us today.




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving less than a week away (TOMORROW!) I am dedicating my blog to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

Today I am thankful for an office full of amazing folks that bring sweet treats to share on this Wednesday. I am grateful especially for Beverly who is willing to share her skim milk with me for my coffee (decaf) fix. I am grateful also for Kate who brought DELISH dirt bombs that she is sharing with the office. I most grateful that I have lunch plans with two awesome office mates and then we will get to leave early for the loong weekend.
Hope you all have a great day.



My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving less than a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next few days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am thankful... super duper thankful for maternity pants. I already have this belly that just doesn't fit into anything else. I am wearing regular pants today and it will be the last. I am so uncomfortable. Maternity pants have this great elastic panel that fits over anything and helps you feel all in one place.




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next seven days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am thankful that this day is over and that the week is super duper short!! Wahoo!!




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next seven days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am super duper grateful for streaming music on the internet. I mean really what did we do before this was the norm? I am a consumer all day long!!!  I love that it is free, too. Wahoo. Not many cool things are free anymore. The only downfall that I see is the liberties that they take with the music that they say is connected somehow to the music that I have chosen to listen to.
I mean really who am I kidding. I am super grateful for all free things on the internet and all the free apps on my ipad. I am a cheapo that only goes for the free ones. But there are some great free website and apps out there people. Why pay?




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next seven days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am thankful for my free education. For as much as I bitch that the classes are annoying and I hate going, I am pretty lucky and I know it. Now trying to get it done in the 7 years that they allow is going to be the challenge. Don't laugh. You might think that is an easy feat I tell you, at the rate I am going, this person growing inside me might join me as I graduate.




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next seven days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am super grateful for my DVR. Almost as much as my husband. That is kind of a joke but almost not really. Seriously. TV kinda stinks unless you can find the show you want when you want... bam ... DVR. I don't know where I will be when the thing decides to stop working.




My week of thanks! With Thanksgiving a week away I am dedicating my blog for the next seven days to giving thanks. Maybe not the most conventional list but things I am thankful for nonetheless.

I wish I was witty enough to come up with an actual ode to tums but alas I am not.
I can say that they save my life the regular and I appreciate. Probably more than you know.




I am an anxious person in my regular non-pregnant life. In my pregnant life I am uber anxious. I can't help it. I went into the Dr. today and heard the heartbeat (again) and found out, again, that everything is OK. I am trying really hard to ease the anxiety and enjoy myself but it ain't easy blogoshpere. I am constantly convinced that something is wrong and that I am on the verge of loss, again. Hubby tries to help but I know that he gets nervous and anxious too and that isn't good for either of us.
I also know that there is nothing I can do either way. It is what it is! Today the Dr. talked to me a lot about finding something I can do to try to ease this anxiety and fear. I will try just about anything. Any advice out there?
I know that I need to slow down. I won't take a class next semester and I will try to say no more often to invitations and whatnot. But honestly I am not convinced that sitting at home will make this better. I am a busy person by nature and like to go out and visit and be around friends and family.
The dr. wants me to try yoga. I've tried it before and didn't love it. I think if anything I became more anxious because I wasn't sure I was doing it right. Meditation was also another one of her recommendations. Again, just the thought of trying to quiet my mind makes me cuh-razy!!!
I do know that working out and walking have always helped me with anxiety. I just have to make it a priority and not skimp on that time.
Would love to hear if you have any other advice.


Bucket List

I have toyed with the idea of a bucket list for a long time. What would I put on it? Generally the answer always tended toward the " what are you doing coming up with a bucket list. Do your homework!!!" But today my homework is done, most of it anyway, and I am ready to put some ideas down.
Here goes:
- travel to South America. This is something that I have always wanted to do. Especially see Peru and Machu Pichu and the Mayan ruins. All of it. I don't care much for the rain forest or the beach it's more the cities and little villages that I want to visit.
- Get a tattoo. I'm kinda scared. Ok I'm really scared of this one. I have wanted one for a really long time and even more so since losing my daughter. I think it is a beautiful way to commemorate someone. Hubby and I have talked about it a lot. It's easy for him he already has two huge tattoos on his arms. I'm afraid of the pain and passing out or puking.
- Finally learn to drive stick shift.  Hubby tried to teach me and I didn't do very well. That was a long time ago and I think it's time to try again.
- Change the oil in my car by myself. I tried to talk our old mechanic into letting me do it. He wasn't too keen on the idea. Lets just say he had some stipulations that I wouldn't agree to.
- Listen to all the podcasts that I have on iTunes. I listened to one last week while cleaning and that worked well. I got a lot more to get through.
- Clean out the closet honestly. I have a LOT of clothes that I don't wear just hanging out there for no reason, other than I remembered who gave it to me or where I wore it once. It is becoming a real problem. Same goes for the jewelry box and the purses. ( ok. This is more a to do thing than a bucket list thing)
- Read the 'greats'. I never read Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick... You get my drift.
- Visit the Grand Canyon.
- Fly on a private jet.

Good start! If I do say so myself.


Daylight Savings Drag

And this is why I hate when daylight savings ends and you have pregnancy brain at the same time.
Because I forgot to reset my alarm clock I woke up at 5:30 and started getting ready for work. Not until my hubby came into the bathroom and asked what the heck I was doing did I realize my error. I didn't believe the bathroom clock. I remember setting my alarm clock, apparently only to reset the alarm not the time.
UGH. Now what? I already checked Facebook and email and on all my bloggie friends.... what to do with this extra hour... Not really worth heading back to bed, it will only tempt me to stay.
Hope this day gets better.


November is here!

Whoa. That last month was nutso. So many crazy things going on. It just disappeared.
Here's what I'm looking forward to in November:
  • Tonight I am getting tea with a friend. Yay.
  • Tomorrow lunch with another great friend!! 
  • Saturday I am getting coffee with another dear friend. Lucky me!!!!
  • Sunday I am making plans to visit with my sister and her family. Wahoo. Hubby is at a football game all day.
  • Next week is election day so the incessant ads slandering each politician will be over.
  • Next Friday I will be 4 months preggo! Wahoo. 
  • Saturday; baby shower for a friend and then dinner with other friends.
  • The week after that is bookclub. Love those gals.
  • A few U events sprinkled in there.
  • Thanksgiving. So excited. I am ready to hang with the fam and truly be thankful for all that I am blessed with this year.
  • The real beginning of the holiday season. Yay. Bring on the Christmas carols.
What am I not looking forward to this month:
  • You guessed it! Daylight Savings is over this weekend. Ugh. Hubby tried to lighten the mood by reminding me that we get another hour of sleep. To which I answered just go to bed earlier!
  • They are already talking about a wintery mix of precipitation for next week. C'mon!!!
  • Holiday shopping, commercialism, too much bustling... AHHHHH!!!!!
  • All the holiday baking. I am getting bigger as we speak.
  • The leaves are all pretty much down and the dead bare branches are left. Ugh.  So dreary!
I guess it's good that there are more things on the looking forward to list than the other!
Happy All Saints Day!


Storm Sandy

We've been talking about this for days and here it is. I really didn't think it was going to amount to anything. I mean really one year to the day from Snowmageddon? Really?
I was super surprised when I got out of the wedding on Saturday (last wedding of the season and it was amazaing, beautiful couple, great day!) and there was a text message from the u that classes are canceled through Wednesday. I wondered what changed over the last few hours. Then I waited all day Sunday worried about having to drive in today when I got the text message late last night that offices were closed too. So far they are saying that there is nothing in our history that comes even close to what this storm will produce. Scary.
I hope everyone stays home safe and sound and we don't lost power to the numbers and situations like last year.
Be safe.


Guess what?

I think most of you have figured this out...

Here are some hints:
I can smell you from here.
I miss full caf coffee and wine and sushi.
I'm planning several big shopping trips in the near future.
If you're looking for me I'm probably in the bathroom or the kitchen trying to figure out what I want to eat.
I cry at the weirdest things.
My brain is full of mush.
This spring will bring more than just april showers.
Hubby and I are over the moon and optimistically cautious at the same time.
If you didn't already guess... I'm pregnant. 
Yup. That's what's new! 



Happy Anniversary

Dear Hubby,
Wow, we did it! Made it! 10 years. Whoa. Yes that means we are older but wiser I think. We have been through a lot and we are stronger for it. You are my best friend and my biggest supporter.
I love you for that. You push me to be a better person and get mad at me when I get down on myself. Thank you.
Tin is the traditional gift for 10 years of marriage because it represents the pliability as a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken. I couldn't have come up with a better example or representation myself.
10 years is absolutely something to celebrate and this year for sure we have something to celebrate. I couldn't be happier that we are adding to our family and embarking on this adventure together. I'm sure that it will come with more bumps and bruises but I'm excited to see how we maneuver the turns in the road. If the past is any indication we will continue to grow together and be stronger for it.
On the way to work today I heard a song that is perfect for the occasion; so in the immortal words of the gang from Grease... You're the one that I want... You are the one I want, ooh ooh ooh honey, the one that I want, the one I need, oh yes indeed.

Love you,


Marriage advice

In keeping with the "10 things" I offer the person I was when I got married these 10 pieces of advice:

1) Be nice. Don't fight mean and don't let the fights last long. Back in the day we used to fight loud and long. What a waste of time and energy.
2) Travel more often! We didn't start taking a regular vacation for a couple of years and we never went back to Europe. Both mistakes.
3) Don't wait to start working on the family. There never is a perfect time.
4) Buy a bigger couch when getting the living room furniture. :)
5) Just get the Escort fixed instead of buying the Saturn. It is expensive to maintain.
6) Plan more date nights. Lots more!
7) Save more money.
8) Listen to your heart when it comes to career advancement. The master's program is long. Think twice about what you want.
9) Be confident in all the decisions that you make. This is something that takes work. Do it.
10) Have lots of fun! Don't waste so much time worrying (bad things happen anyway).

This was probably the hardest list to come up with. Which makes me happy, by the way, because I think that we have a good marriage and that there isn't much I would change in these past 10 years.

love you babe.



10 Things

10 things I hate about hubby:

1) We don't always want to see the same movies. Hubby loves comedies, even the really stupid ones. No thanks.
2) He works with middle schoolers and picks up their mannerisms. Not fun.
3) He only buys and wears black shoes. (Only recently did he buy sneakers in another color.)
4) He doesn't like to throw anything away.
5) He's not great at keeping a secret.
6) He gloats about snow days and summer vacation.
7) He takes up a lot of room in the bed and on the couch.
8) When we were in college he used to be able to wait until the last minute to write a paper and still got an A every time.
9) He does not like to talk on the phone.
10) He loves to get me to come to his office from whatever I'm doing anywhere else in the house so I can read some dumb meme on Facebook.

But really, I love him and this list is all those annoying things that he already knows make me crazy and he loves to do it. No relationship is perfect and knowing that makes ours work.



Anniversary week

This Thursday marks 10 years of marriage for me and hubby.

I present a list of 10 things I love about him:
1) He loves to make me laugh. Tickling, jokes, just general silliness and mostly I laugh because I love to see his big grin right back at me.
2) He loves me when I'm cranky, tired, anxious, nervous, and bitchy. He calls me out on it too.
3) When we are together, be it at a party, event, wedding... it only takes a look for us to understand what the other person is thinking. Of course this didn't develop overnight.
4) He lets me threaten to beat him up. My favorite is "I will kick you in your teeth!" I wouldn't really ever do this but I love to threaten it and he knows that I would never and he lets me threaten it.
5) He lets me lead the way on the major decisions in our life. He trusts me. He knows that I have our future in our heart and since he doesn't want to think long range, I do.
6) He is a good friend. He may not call to hang out or chat forever on the phone but he is loyal and will do a lot for his friends.
7) When it snows really bad and his school cancels, he lets me take his car because it has extra big tires that can drive through anything.
8) He always lets me have a bite of what he's eating. Always. Even the last bite.
9) He doesn't get jealous. We don't always have to be together and he doesn't care if I want to have a weekend or dinner with the girls.
10) He's happy and that makes me happy. ;)

Love you babe. To 10x10 more years!!!


Yucky Rainy Friday

Only made better by a visit to Mom to dissect the uni-brow that was taking over my forehead. Then awesome lunch with my bestie Heather followed by a walk/talk around the mall. THEN some cuddle TV time with the hubby finished off by the celebration of a friend's birthday. The cupcakes were almost as good as the company... ha ha I jest. AND I came home with a bag of tomatillos to make salsa this weekend.  Not so yucky after all.

Have a great weekend.


I thought today would never come.

This weekend was alumni and parents weekend at the u. I have been working towards this since starting the new job. I was so busy and crazy and now it's over and I am happy.
The biggest reason is that I inherited this weekend and wasn't really able to put MY mark on it. I had to go with the flow and business as usual. A lot has changed in my office and I was the fall guy. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and it's over. I'm taking a few days off next week to regroup and then it is full steam ahead to figure this job out and where we will go with it. I am very excited.
In other news; everyone and I mean EVERYONE in my office is sick with something. I am trying to steer clear of this sickness because I HATE being sick. I am upping the vitamins and juice and sleep until the air is clear. :)
Everything else is steady as she goes. The next few things to look forward to are the anniversary and my last wedding of the season. Hubs and I are laying low for the anniversary right now. We will likely go out to a nice dinner but probably not much else. The biggest reason being that we aren't really sure yet what we want to do. We aren't really able to take a big trip right now, and neither one of us has a big gift in mind, so for now it's dinner and then maybe we will figure something else out.
ok peeps, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


10/10 *update

10th day of 10th month. Seems momentous for some reason that I can't quite put together yet.
I am crazy busy at work this week because my big weekend event is this weekend. I actually can't believe it and wonder what I will do when I come into work on Monday. How is it that I even have time to post you wonder... I don't know, other than I needed a breather.
I miss the random lists so here it is:
  • Hubby and I were supposed to go out to dinner last night but when I got home I was so tired I actually canceled. IF you know me at all I LOVE going out to eat, especially for CTRestaurantWeek, and it took a lot for me to cancel. But it was kinda yucky out and I was out and about most of the morning running errands for the big event, so a night at home was what I ordered.
  • This yucky weather makes me want soup. yum. I love soup.
  • Coffee too. I could drink coffee all day LONG.
  • I started wearing socks. Fall is really here. 
  • Really random: We have an HD TV but we never ordered the HD cable service. Yesterday I happen to be flipping through the channels and we have all the HD channels. Hmmm. Not really sure how that happened or how long ago, but truly not complaining about it.
  • Tonight is class night and I never wanted to skip so badly. I was always the type of student that showed up. I felt that I owed it to the professor. Not feeling that way tonight.
  • I think I ate lunch too fast. My stomach is kinda achy.
  • I just found out that the U is closed from 12/22 through Jan 1. Wahoo. Extra long vaca and I already have some plans of what we are gonna do with all that time. Honey do list being made.
  • I still can't believe that it is 2012. what? really?
  • I have one more wedding to shoot this month. Should be amazing. It is 2 days after my 10th anniversary. Whoa. 
  • I'm ready for apples and apple cider and apple crisp. yum. We were going to go apple picking this last weekend but too many other things came up. Boo. We have plans for the weekend after next. yeah!
  • Have a wonderful 10/10.

*Update- Class got canceled last night. Wahoo. Oh and of course today is 10.11.12. Duh. Momentous and all. :)


October celebrations

This is a big month for birthdays, and of course I have a big anniversary this month. All very exciting.
My nephew is turning 18. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I AM OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE AN 18 YEAR OLD NEPHEW!!!!! I remember when he was so little we used to share cookies and watch cartoons together. I took him to the car wash once and it totally scared him. It was hilarious. Or the time I was babysitting and he was jumping on his bed and he jumped too close to the bed post. He got hurt and it was a in a very private place. He sounded like he broke and arm or a leg and when I came running he was very embarrassed and I wasn't quite sure what to do. So I gave him an ice pack and told him to talk to his dad about it when he came home.
My best friend is having a house warming this weekend and I am so excited to celebrate with her. My other best friend will be there and we will be celebrating her new engagement!!! So many exciting things happening.
Of course the most exciting is my anniversary. 10 years this year. Whoa. I will post more about it as we get closer.
I love October. It is most definitely not summer anymore and yet it is not the cold and dreary doldrums of winter yet. It's cold enough for sweatshirts and jeans and sneakers. It is perfect for apple picking and burning fires and going to fairs. Perfect for cider and apple fritters and chili. Leaves are turning colors but haven't really started falling yet. Perfect all around!
Happy October!



I know I write a lot about how busy I am and shooting weddings is generally lumped in there somewhere. But it really is one of my favorite 'extra' things that I do.
I have been assisting as a wedding photographer since I was about 19 years old. When I started we still used film predominantly and it was a whole different experience. I was young and didn't have my own car and I didn't shoot much. I was in charge of the film and carting around equipment and remembering everyone's names and got the camera during the reception when the photographer needed a break. It was an extra job and it was fun. I did that for a couple of summers especially the summer before I got married. I was all about the details that summer and trying to plan the best wedding I could possibly afford. I've been to all kinds of weddings and homes and wedding venues. This post could be forever long with all the fun stories... like the time the wedding party got so drunk that they were peeing and puking outside the ceremony venue. Or the time I left a very expensive and important piece of equipment at a park miles and miles away from the reception during the times of no cell phones or GPS and I couldn't drive the photographer's car so he had to call his wife to come trade cars. Yeah, that was fun. NOT.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I met Jenn the photographer that I work with now. We met on another kind of job completely and when I was ready to move on in my career I called her because she worked in the kind of industry that I was interested in entering. Funnily enough she was leaving said industry to commit to her photography business full time. We didn't even know that we had that in common. The conversation quickly changed to photography business and the opportunity to assist. I said I would and she said she would call me. A few months later the phone rang and off I was to a wedding weekend in Boston.
We work very well together and it has been great ever since. Now I get a  camera and a whole set of responsibilities. Generally she hangs with the bride and I hang with the groom. Then we are together for the rest of the day.
I love to say that it is such a perfect situation for me because I show up at the beginning of the day get handed a camera, shoot all day and then at the end of the night I hand the camera back and get a fat check, couldn't be better. What I leave out is getting to be in on someone's best and most perfect day. People are happy and celebrating and smiles all around. I'm always in a good mood because everyone is. Even though it is a long day and can be grueling at times it is always so GREAT. Then of course the reception is always fun. I love to dance and sing and inevitably I am bopping on the dance floor with the camera in my hand. We all get to have fun!



Learning to say NO

As you know by reading this blog or having the honor of being my friend (dripping with sarcasm!) you know that I am a busy person. You also know that this is by design. I like to be busy, I don't do well with idle time.  I work full time, I teach two water aerobics classes a week, I take a class at the U towards my MBA, I assist a photographer at weddings (6-8 a year), I am in a book club, my family is very important to me and I try to visit with them as often as possible and in that I include my friends. On top of all that I am married and own a house. Yup, that is a LOT.
Yesterday I assisted at one of those weddings I mentioned and this one was a long one; 10 hours. Maybe they are all this long and I just don't remember because it is something I really love to do. But today I woke up and could feel every one of those hours. I am not the spring chicken I once was and boy do I know it. On top of that the house was a MESS and the fridge was empty. I had plans to hang with my bestie and my nephew turned 12 yesterday and so there was lots of talk of cake for today. When I woke up, I turned over and thought about all the stuff that I was trying to jam pack into today and no where was there time to recoup. I said NO. Not something I'm good at but getting better. I will visit my nephew when I can, he understands and I'm sure he missed me for a minute, but the delicious cake my sister made I'm sure more than made up for it. Then there was my bestie. I rushed and jammed because spending time with her is recouping, but as the day got away from me I realized I had to say NO to that too. I am sad to have missed these wonderful people today but I am glad that I made today about me.



I got through the busy week and my treat is a lazy Sunday.
Today I am napping, reading, doing homework and some laundry, gonna watch a movie with the hubster, snacking, and lots of counting my blessings.

Sigh, what a beautiful day.


What a busy week!

Monday night was all about homework. Since I skipped away for the weekend and had a grand old time the homework fairies did not come and do my work.
Tuesday night we had a long anticipated and awaited dinner out with friends. I don't even know how long we've been saying that we would do this but we finally did. We went to  Great Taste in New Britain and had delish Chinese Food. Yum yum, is really all I can say. Then we sat and chatted for forever and it was great!
Wednesday (today) is class night. Ugh. I know, it's only the second class and I'm already ugh. Well it's because it is a gorgeous afternoon and tonight would have been a perfect night for a walk.
Thursday is a big day at work. I have to attend the board meeting because my boss wants to introduce me to the board committee and then there is a building dedication where I have some responsibilities. Then in the evening is book club. Interestingly this time a book was chosen and the author is giving a free talk at a local school. All by fate. So we are meeting there and then going out after for drinks. Should be really interesting.
Friday is a freebie day. Don't tell. I don't think I have a thing to do an that is just fine with me because Saturday morning I have to be back here for another board meeting, bright and early. This one will take all morning long. Then in the evening we are having dinner with friends.
Fun fun.
Hope you all have a super fab week.


Weekend away

It was more like a night away but awesome in it's own right. Me and a couple of girlfriends got away for a night back in March and decided that it needed to happen much more often so we went away again this past weekend.
We started a little late in the day on Saturday with a delicious pizza dinner and the adventure of getting to the cabin. It belongs to my friend's aunt and she graciously offered it to us. We got to the general vicinity and couldn't figure out where we were. It was so dark and rainy that all the driveways looked the same. Thank goodness for the advice of flashlights and a well timed phone call home and we arrived. Settled in, we played banagrams and ate brownie sundaes until late in the night; we know how to have a good time.
The next morning we woke up late and made a delicious french toast breakfast and planned our attack for the day, after a cup of coffee by the gorgeous lake of course. Our plan included puttering around some Berkshire towns and driving through the gorgeous Pioneer Valley.
We left on the early side but it was Sunday afternoon after all and we all needed to get back to life.
We had a great time and enjoyed the gorgeous day that we snagged.



Fall is in the air

Whoa time is just flying by. I started the new gig a week and a half ago and I don't think I ever really understood the term "hit the ground running" until now. The department cleared out a few weeks before I started and therefore there is a LOT of catch up and clean up and get it done, without anyone to say, "this is how this is done". I guess it's the opposite of having someone constantly saying "that is not how we've done that in the past," which is something I really hate. So work is busy and awesome. I have an office and an assistant (and she only started a month ago so she doesn't have a whole lot of experience either) (and she helps another team as well). But I really feel like I have work that is mine to do and get done and it is awesome. The not awesome part is being really overwhelmed right up front so that I can't sleep at night. But I'm sure that will start to wane once I start to feel more familiar with the gig.
Otherwise hubby and I are trying to squeeze out the last drops of summer as much as possible. We went to visit our favorite people in Maine for a few days and that was AWESOME. I will always and forever love Portland, Maine. Good food, good people, nice relaxing drive up there. All around great. Yesterday we went to my sister's and spent some much needed time with her fam. With all the vacations and work and trips, we haven't seen them all summer. We had a lazy day of laughing and playing and eating and watching football. Do you know where your wenis is?
Today is labor day and we are taking it easy. Lots of catching up on house stuff and getting ready for the busy month ahead but also some relaxing and maybe reading a book.
Have a great day!


Last day

Tomorrow is my last day sitting at this desk, typing on this keyboard and answering this phone. I don't think it has hit me quite yet that next week I will drive to a new place and sit with new people and work on different projects. Nervous doesn't quite cover how I feel about this change. Today as I was clearing the computer of some of the more personal files and items; I was moving them onto an old thumb drive that I found at home. Funny enough it was the same thumb drive I used when I left Hartford Stage. It had all kids of old pictures on it.... nice trip down memory lane. It was interesting to think of where I was then and what I thought I might be doing now. My life has taken very drastic dips and turns since then. I look so young and it was only 4 or 5 years ago...
I am nervous, excited, anxious and everything in between about this new dip and turn. Most of all I am ready. I just have to remember that Wednesday morning as I drive into my new parking lot and walk into my new office and sit at my new desk. I hope I remember how to turn on the computer!



New job

So excited to be announcing that in a few weeks I will be starting a new job. I have loved my time in the President's office and all that it has allowed me to do. Lately though I started to feel the itch and I know that means something has to change. It has been a hard year and I am ready to move on.
The new job is Associate Director of Alumni Relations here at the U. Very exciting stuff as it will mean that I am able to use my sparkly personality to reach out to alums and get them involved. It will be a challenge as I have never worked in alumni relations before but a challenge is exactly what I need right now. The other challenge is that right now I am the department (the others have left to pursue other opportunities (they had the itch too)) and so that means that I will have to work on building a team as well as starting a new gig. Yay challenge!!
Hope you get your itch scratched too!



A year ago today was the worst day of my entire life. I will never forget the words, sights, sounds and feelings. Today what I am trying to remember is to breathe, to move forward, to know that there is no way to go back and undo that day, that there was nothing I did wrong. I am trying to remember that the world is not against me and that I have a wonderful supportive and loving husband that will go to the ends of the earth for me. I will remember the love that poured from around the world from our family and friends in our times of need. I will remember.



Wow Peeps, when you throw up a little prayer you really deliver. The starts aligned for me BIG time this week. The next couple are crucial too so don't forget me!




I'm in a holding pattern and HATE it. If you know me, you know I am the controller, time decider and general holder of all the schedules. This time, not so much.  People keep changing things on me and it SUCKS. The stars need to align for me BIG TIME, throw up a little prayer in your spare time, thanks.   Now that I have gotten that off my chest... what up peeps? Not a whole heck of a lot. Actually I take that back because I am super duper busy these days, but not with anything to really write about. I've take on another night at the gym, so I am at water aerobics two nights a week. And I'm shooting lots of weddings this month; 3 to be exact. Hence forth, lots going on, nothing to write about.   What's making me smile: WEEDS is back, always a fun distraction; driving with the windows down, the a/c on and the radio blasting; ice coffee; Mom just got back from a month-long European tour and listening to her stories and seeing the perma-grin on her face makes me so so happy; chatting with my nephew on skype while he was on the European tour with my mother, it was so fun to see and hear about the trip through his eyes as well as hers; one of these nights I'm gonna have an ice cream sundae for dinner; going to the Brothers McCann/ Martin Sexton concert last night at the Jonathan Edwards Winery.   Things that are making me crazy: reread the first paragraph; the heat because it makes me want to stay home and not enjoy the awesome long days; although the music was great at the concert last night the rain was a downer and it made the trip home terrible; on top of that hubby was away most of last week and didn’t get home until about 3 minutes before I was headed out for said concert; we tried a new Indian restaurant and didn't like it; doctors and their procedures; too hot wedding shoots; the fact that vacation is long over for me this year.   Ciao xo S



On vacation* and loving it....mostly. I am a gal who likes things to do and hubby is a guy that likes to do nothing. I get antsy when I don't have anything scheduled to do. But not this year!!! This year is all about giving in and trying to just relax. AND I DID IT! I was all about not having schedules and (trying) not to worry about what to do. I read and listened to the radio and some saved up podcasts on the ipod... I ate and cooked and drank coffee all day. I sat in the sun and played games on the ipad.
Most of this is because we had a great place to stay that had the beach breeze right in our faces. I didn't even have to sit in the sand to enjoy the breeze off the ocean and the sun warming my skin. This apartment had all the bells and whistles and was super comfortable too. One bedroom with a comfy bed and air conditioning for those nights that get super balmy. The living room/ kitchen was not air conditioned but with the ocean breeze and the ceiling fan it was perfect. There was wirless internet, cable with a big TV, awesome kitchen and grill on the deck. This may all seem like a no-brainer, but for apartment/ condo living in Provincetown you can't always find these amenities. We walked and ate and shopped.
I bought a gorgeous new ring. If you can believe it I saw the ring last year and didn't buy it. It is one of my problems. I always find things I want, walk away and then end up pining for them. Most of the time I forget and it is a dollar saved but not this time. I thought about that damn ring all year long. I barely bought anything for myself because I was trying to figure out a way to get that ring. I looked all over the interweb and couldn't find it. I mentioned it to hubby and he said that I should've just bought it when I saw it. I was going to buy it but we ended up leaving a day early last year (a whole other story) and never got back to the store. So this year, Sunday morning, first stop, the gallery that had the ring. AND IT WAS STILL THERE. Part of me wondered why it never sold but the other part of me was screaming with joy. I bought it that afternoon and LOVE IT. It's a great ring. The reason that I couldn't find the ring anywhere else is because it is a one of a kind! Wahoo. What a find.
Then on Wednesday afternoon my bestie showed up with her hubby and daughter and we had a great time. We lunched and shopped and ate ice cream and played at the playground. I ended up downloading a bunch of kiddie apps to the ipad so Olivia could be occupied. What a ripoff! Those apps prey on children and the fact that they will whine until you pay for the extra stuff. (note- Olivia did not whine, she was very patient while we looked for apps and enjoyed every minute of it) There was one app where you could only play the game once through. LAME! She finished it in like two minutes flat. L.A.M.E!
Friday night (our last night) we went out to eat at the Mews (very many people recommended it and rightly so, it was delicious) and John Waters came in and sat at the bar with some friends. You can't say that you've stayed in P-Town unless you've had a  John Waters sighting. Then we went to see the latest Varla Jean Merman in Topping Myself. It was hilarious! As always a GREAT TIME. Congrats to my good friend Jacques, well done! 
We returned on Saturday and enjoyed the evening with some friends that we haven't gotten to see in a long while.
All in all vacation was great.

(* This was started while on vacation and finished a week later)


I Planted a Garden

I am a NOT a green thumb and never ever wanted a garden. Every year hubby and I discuss it and every year I lose. When we first moved to the house we realized that there was no great place for a garden. The backyard is swampy and not very big. The side and front are bigger and better at holding water but they are also open to the street, making a garden very weird looking. So the answer was to build a container that could house a few plants. My super handy hubby built me a garden box. The first year we bought so many plants that we filled not only the container but every container we could find. Still the bounty was not so great. I figured that the plants were too close together and not thriving in such a tight space. Every year we keep buying all these plants that never really thrive. I've tried to reason with him and tell him not to buy so many plants... or really any at all. I am not a green thumb and he goes away a lot over the summer to really do any of the work or appreciate it. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Perfect for grilling and yard work and sun worshipping. I asked hubby what he wanted to do with the day and he said "Plant the garden." He was busy mowing the lawn and I shuffled off to the nursery thinking of the multitude of plants to buy and plant and forget. Instead I bought too few plants. It is my experiment this year. Let's see what can grow out there. I bought as few plants as I could manage and for once really enjoyed planting them, drinking in the sun and feeling the dirt. The parsley that I planted last year stuck around and is growing like, ... well ... weeds. Some have already gone to seed and I don't care. I am happily making plans for my parsley and basil and roma tomatoes. I can already taste the salsa and tomato sauce. If the weather continues the way it has I might not even have to get out there and water. Ciao S


Radio and Rain

I am really getting sick of listening to the radio. I am blessed with a fairly short commute therefore don't have to listen for very long, but still pickings are slim and there are way too many commercials. On some stations there are more commercial breaks than songs or "talk." It is so annoying. On top of that, the gossip is totally centered around Dancing with the has been stars and Amerdicane Idol. Ugh. I don't watch either of those things and I really want to hear the latest gossip. Super annoying. Add to that, all the constant barrage of "check us out on facebook"... this is radio people... really. Usually when I have had enough I switch to NPR for my radio commute, but inevitably the morning and afternoon commute are filled with stories that just aren't appropriate for my drive. I really don't want to listen to talk about war, global anything or election stuff on the way in or the way home. Not that that stuff isn't interesting I just need a little less intensity during the commute. I wish it could be fresh air, this American life, radio lab or wait wait or even Colin for the ride home. I might need to start planning my week out on my ipod and do that instead. I have just about had it.
On top of the bleak listening situation is the rain. I really loved the weekend with the sunny skies and warm winds and I really needed it. The gloomy gray days just make my mood plummet, especially last week with the passing of hubby's grandma. So today, back to gray days. yuck. I guess it's better at least that the gray days are during the week while we are at work instead of the weekend when we are trying to have some fun. Yesterday morning as I was getting dressed I heard a gentle thumping and thought, "Gosh those are loud squirrels running across the roof... and gosh there are a lot of them!!" And then realized that it was raining.... a small part of me wished it was just noisy squirrels.
On top of all that nasty bleakness is the 12 day work week ahead of me. No break this weekend as it is commencement here at the U. Not the worst event to have to be a part of, especially that I don't have to sit on stage like the winter commencement. But sucks the air right out of the weekend all the same.

Hope the sunshine comes your way!


It's done...

I finished my class and it's looking pretty good for the grade.
This week was full of highs and lows.

- Class is done, over, fini, the end...
- Today was a gorgeous day and I got to spend it getting my hair done and visiting with friends and shopping and having a great time instead of worrying about homework.
- I had been desperately looking for this one thing that I was sure I lost... and I found it.
- Lots of friends have shared really great news with me and for that I am happy.
- I'm taking the summer off!!! No class for me til September (cue the music... SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER.... SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER!!!!)
- In less than 10 days I have a facial and pedicure coming my way... so excited.
- One of my very best friends is coming to town to have a jewelry party at my house... yay.
- In about a month we are gonna be on vaca... ahhh... so truly excited.

- My hubby lost his grandma. His Oma. She was one in a million y'all. She was sharp and witty and still ran the show at 90.
- This loss only dredges up the recent loss in our lives and that makes for some sad days.
- The weather didn't help, it has been raining for ever!!!
- Whenever I get my hair cut I can't decide if I love it or hate it. If you know me well you know this isn't like me at all and I can usually make a decision and stay with it.... BAZINGA.
- I'm not loving my wardrobe and don't know where to start sprucing it up. I bought some underwear today.... does that count? I'm not really sure what it is but I'm not generally happy with anything these days. I need to get back to the choose happiness mantra... hmm...

k peeps. ciao.

Oh, hug your mom tomorrow. xo. Sending a (*hug*) to all the moms out there. love ya.



While I was procrastinating writing my final paper of the semester I decided to head over to the good ol' interweb for some entertainment. I was immediately told that my firefox needed updating and to click for the update. I went through the update and was totally let down when I realized the the new version of firefox is not supported on my trusty old laptop. WTF. Torn. Do I write the paper or try to figure this new stuff out? Oh and of course I did not mention that I replaced the old version of firefox with the new version so there is no way to just forget the update and continue with the old version. I am really really irritated people.
Of course I wrote the paper and am now faced with having to decide whether or not to go ahead with the freaking update. AM SO ANNOYED. There is no easy way to get around this. ugh.
Then of course the first time I started to write this post Safari crashed... the whole reason I love firefox. ugh.
This whole week has been a freaking let down. UGH. A friend passed away rather unexpectedly. We worked together and he was a great guy. Sad. A couple of other things I was waiting to hear about did not work out, not the end of the world I realize but really annoying to say the least. The fallout is the worst part of it.  I missed book club and that stinks too. My FIL is in the hospital and that stinks even worse. It rained all week and that does nothing for my mood.
The good stuff: I had a lovely lunch with my friend Courtney, she rocks. I went to see my boss in a Shakespeare production at the U and he did a great job. I stopped by a house warming on my way home and that was fun too. This morning I had a really nice walk with my bestie H; awesome is all I can say. Class is over and and as soon as I click "submit" I will have handed the paper in as well. Oh and I made the executive decision to withdraw from school for the summer so I guess that is good too. Don't worry. I'll go back...

Ok, ciao for now.


Friday night

I love love love Friday night. It is my favorite night of the week. Generally it is the night that hubby and I don't make any plans other than be home and catch up. We are usually catching up on tv but we also are catching up with being home. Y'all know that I am a busy bee and during the semester it means that I might not be home any other night. This week was one of those. Monday and Thursday I was at the gym (water aerobics takes a really long time and hubby likes to get into bed early on a school night), Tuesday was class and Wednesday was a trip to my sister's house for hubby and my nephew to rehearse (my nephew is getting his confirmation on Sunday and hubby is his sponsor). This week in particular was a doozy and I was happy to be home. Other stuff that's going on: - The pollen situation is crazy!!! I don't usually have any issues, but this year I have a crazy sore throat. - One more class, two small projects,a short paper and a long paper and the semester will be over! - I'm kinda glad that the weather had gotten colder because my toes are not ready to see the light of day. - Lately I have been a serial book abandoner. Not sure what that is all about. - I know I complain a lot about how fast the time flies, but really... April is pretty much over. What? - There is a new show on hbo called girls. Can't decide if I like it. - I am intrigued by the new discount store nordstromrack. I could never afford to shop at the regular Nordstrom.... And I probably would never try the new store for that reason. But I hear that there is a great shoe selection. - I made delicious turkey meatballs for dinner. Yum. Ok peeps, calling it a night. Ciao S


No Excuses!!!

I am so sorry my bloggie friends. I don't have any real good reason for having abandoned you for so long. I am writing tonight because I didn't want a whole month to go by that you haven't heard from me. I'm here alive and doing quite well actually. Life is good, Spring has sprung and everything is, well, good. I can say this now because I got through a really busy month at work just about an hour ago and I'm on vaca for the next five days. Who wouldn't be happy and joyful. Come Monday life will be busy once again until commencement, then smooth sailing for the summer. Also for the last month I've been hosting some family from Italy. It hasn't been as much of a bother as you are imaging. They are wonderful to have around and understand that I have to work a lot. But the next couple of days are all there's. Just in time to drive them to be airport!! K folks. Hope all is well. More soon. Xxoo ciao s


Spring Break

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break at school. The only thing that it really means for me is that I don't have class on Tuesday and that the whole week will be really quiet in the office. For Monday and Tuesday that will be great, the rest of the week will be long.
The weather has continued to be amazing allowing for walks and windows open; two of my favorite things.
Today is my sister's 18th wedding anniversary. I just got off the phone with my youngest nephew (6) who asked, "Did you know that it's mommy and daddy's anniversary?" And I answered, "Yes, I was at their wedding!" ... quiet, then "Oh." haha. He is a funny kid.
I wish them all the best and often wonder how they both work crazy hours at their jobs and still have such great kids. Sometimes I'm not even sure they know how they do it!
I've spent the weekend spring cleaning a bit. We have some relatives coming to visit later this week and there is no other time to prepare. They might be staying here for awhile. They were here last winter, the worst on the books so I hope this trip redeems for them.
Last night I had a sweet tooth and made some yummy dark chocolate brownies. They were delicious and exactly what my sweet tooth wanted. Now the problem is that there are 22 more where that 1st one came from. I think I'm gonna freeze some so that they are not just taunting me all week.

That's all for now,


Spring Ahead

It's here. It's a direction. A proclamation.
Yay. Spring is here turn your clocks ahead and enjoy.

Whoop whoop.

The next few days are supposed to be beyootiful and I intend to enjoy them as much as possible.

What are you Spring Ahead plans?

Just a note... blogger isn't with the whole daylight savings thing... it's really 9am.


March Already

And barely a post from me.
I don't have much to say because it has been so beautiful out and I've been out there enjoying it.

So of course as always a list..
  • I really should be doing homework right now.
  • I am constantly reminded of the amazing friends that I have. Love you gals.
  • March roared right in. It better prove to be a good one. I could use a good one!
  • I have become addicted to Pinterest. If you don't know what this is click on the link right now and let me know so I can send you an invite.
  • I've been striking out in the book department. Not really loving anything right now. I've stopped reading 3 out of 4 of the last books I've read. I can't keep with it. 
  • So, I stopped at the library on my way home and picked up some smutty light reading. That should cure it.
  • I got an iphone for my big 35 and am loving it. What did I do before Angry Birds, Cut the rope, instagram and the other million apps.
  • I think I might be on the verge of getting sick. Hate it. Either I want to be so sick that I get to stay in bed and watch junk TV ALL day or be better. This in between is making me... sick.
  • The countdown is on.... 6 days til daylight savings begins. 
  • I really want to say that it is over but it is really only the beginning of saving time but the end of the short days. WAHOO!
  • I had a super tasty grilled pineapple margarita this weekend. Not sure what else was in it besides some pineapple, but it was delish!
  • k, really need to get to the homework.
  • Flipping through magazines might have to be one of my favoritist pastimes ever! Especially when your bestie is sitting right beside you flipping through one too.
  • Cheap too cuz we never end up buying the zine.
  • Lots of family illnesses lately. Super depressing. Hate it.
  • Sometimes when I am online and I see that I have an email, I click on that tab and see if it is important, then when it isn't I will flip back to what I was doing in the first place. Almost every time I see that there is an email again I will check it like I don't know what it is. Even though I just checked it like a minute ago. Dang... short term memory fail!
  • Okay, now I'm going to do my homework.



It's 4:46 pm and I am still in my pajamas! Wahoo. Love a good Sunday!
I woke up early put the coffee on and started my homework. Took a break to make yummy homemade pancakes with pecans and bananas. Finished homework and wrote a paper. Cleaned the bathroom, washed the sheets, have another two loads going. Hubby is making dinner and it's still light out.
I feel like superwoman.
What's up with you?



Yesterday I turned 35. What a bitch. Especially when you try to complain to people and they are all "Damn, I wish I was as young as you!"

I am hovering between being annoyed, frustrated and hating it, and wearing it proudly like a badge of honor.

I present you the  love/ hate list.
There is NO reason to hate and if you know me you know that I am a lover not a hater. Being your age should be celebrated revered and worn like a smile. I have nothing to be ashamed of and I am a proud wife, friend, daughter, and sister. Too bad our society makes us think otherwise.

So easy to be annoyed at the years flying by. I am really good at the should haves and why didn't I...
This past year was a doozy and becoming a year older only makes me remember what this year could have been and was supposed to be. I struggled with adding mother to this list above. I know that I am and proud of it, yet...

Otherwise, this week has been awesome. Hubby took me out for a fantabulous dinner last night. I was SHOWERED with facebook love, which is such a super humbling experience. Cards galore. Some fiends are coming over tonight for dessert, going to my sister's house tomorrow to celebrate my birthday and my mom's (her actual day is Monday). The ladies at work took me out to lunch where they gave me a taste of some super delicious tequila. There was lots of good news, over and over and over. So how can I stay mad?
I can't.




Today the sun set at 5:12pm and stayed light the WHOLE drive home. Makes me a happy gal.
The high temp today was 52 degrees. Whoa... that is too much. I'm good with the sun setting later but not the temps being so outta whack! Makes me wonder if winter will just be later and will spring be non-existent like last year. Oh well. I for one would not mind a little snow storm... as long as it is enough to close the u.

Happy Monday!



It's Friday... about 27 minutes til I can head out the door and I am soooo ready to go. It has been a long week and I am ready for some down time.
Things that I will do this weekend:
  • Laundry. I know that doesn't sound very "down timey" but when you are down to the last holey pair of underwear, laundry sounds exotic.
  • Watch the Superbowl. Go Giants! Or Pats! At least one of them should win. But even better is that it should be a GREAT game. Football is a great sport and so fun to watch. And the fun commercials are awesome too!
  • Maybe get a pedicure. I don't do this often but when the mood strikes me I try to indulge.
  • Homework. Ugh. Nuff said
  • Hopefully see my BF Heather and make some plans. We are trying to plan a mini getaway and it is proving to be harder than we want or expected. UGH. Oooh to be a millionaire.
  • Tonight will be all about eating yummy Indian food and catching up on boobtube watching. It is our standing Friday night plans and I couldn't be happier. We almost never watch shows as they are being broadcast. We love our DVR.
  • Tomorrow morning is my standing date at the gym and I always look forward to that too... especially after take out on Friday nights. 
  • Yesterday I had a mini tryout at a new gym. I am thinking about picking up another water aerobics instructor gig. So I hope the director gets back to me and gives me the opportunity. The gym is really close to my house and it would be fun to teach in a new environment.
  • Sunday I will undoubtedly  spend some time cooking in preparation for the week and the game. The past couple of weeks we have been doing that and it really helps for daily lunches that are not just boring sandwiches and eating on the run. 
That is what I'm up to this weekend, how about you?



Day off

Today was date day. Every now and again hubby and I have a date day. Today was that day. I won it from a bet months ago, what it was I couldn't tell you. We bet on all kinds of things; who that actress is, who sings this song, what that persons name is... you know really important life stuff.
So for our date it was between movies and strolling through the antiques store in Collinsville... and because the movies that are out are terrible, Collinsville won out. The main reason that I wanted to head out there was because there is a restaurant that I REALLY wanted to try. Once we got there I saw much to my sadness that the restaurant CLOSED. WTH! REALLY. Man that sucked. The antique strolling was fun, especially cuz hubby and I love to take the drive out there. We take a different route every time. So headed back in the homeward direction we decided to stop at DishnDat for lunch. It was fun and yummy... and packed with families celebrating MLK holiday. We came home and I dropped off the hubster so I could head to the mall and have a little retail therapy. I was not impressed. The style right now is sooo casual. I have to dress for work and the options were limited. Black pants and really long sweater tops that make me look lumpy. I am not by any means beanpole-ish, but I surely don't want to draw too much attention to my lumps either. I bought a few things, a LBD among them. All in all it was fun.

Ciao for now...


3 Kings Day

Tomorrow is three kings day and the last day of Christmas. The festivities of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and end tonight (Twelfth Night). Don't you feel a little smarter? We didn't get a tree this year but if we did, like every year we would not take it down until after tomorrow. The real reason being that tomorrow is the Befana. For Italians tonight is the night that gifts are mysteriously delivered to all the children, by an old woman much like Santa, except she does not wear a red suit or have reindeer. It is said that she was invited by the 3 kings to visit the baby Jesus to bring him gifts but she decided not to because she had housework to do. After she had a change of heart she could not find them and she continues to search for them giving gifts to kids all while searching.
Growing up we always celebrated the Befana with small gifts from my mother. I remember distinctly, I must have been in 4th or 5th grade, a purple (everyone knows it's my fave color) notebook and an awesome jean skirt. When we got older there was perfume and shampoo and other "grown up" stuff. I will always try to keep this tradition in my house. Tonight the Befana visited and brought some slippers for hubby. In the note she left she said that she heard that his tootsies were cold since the last pair unraveled themselves. She brought me some cute socks too.



New Year, New Blog!

Not entirely a new blog, but I am thinking of shaking it up a bit.
If anyone has any ideas out there, they are welcome to offer em up! I'm not sure quite yet what the shakin' is gonna entail but we need a sprucing up.

For old times sake a list about my winter break.
  • My hubby and I were given a really truly great gift; the gift of skipping Christmas and all the trimmings, and we took it. We got to go to Florida for a week and stay in a great house and have a really fun car to drive. Pictures later.
  • In our first hour off the plane we were pulled over for speeding and threatened to have a knee cap shot off. Not kidding!
  • We spent the week reading, watching movies and not doing anything remotely Christmas related.
  • We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie and loved it. We rented a ton of other movies, most of which I can't remember.
  • We ate waffles at Waffle House (pecan waffles are the BEST), we drove our car on the beach and we snuggled under the blankets because the temps dipped to the 40's at night.
  • It wasn't the best weather but we had a great time eating our way through town. 
  • We went to the Steelers bar and I had a "salad." I guess it's my own fault for ordering a salad at a bar, but it was a layer of ice berg, a layer of cheese and a fried chicken patty on top. Oh and there were two tomato wedges, a pepperoncino and one cucumber disc.
  • Florida people (and I should have known this considering one of my fave peeps is from Florida) are super duper nice. They are happy (most of the time- we happened upon a fender bender and they were on the street screaming obscenities at one another) and nice and all Merry Christmas all the time.
  • We visited a fun old town called St. Augustine and did the touristy trolley thing, and loved every minute of it.
We came back just in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with more of my fave peeps.

Happy New Year Y'all!