ME time

Things are really crazy at work right now and things in my life are pretty crazy. I started an online class, we are christening Calli, I am in a wedding, my friends are having babies... not to mention I have a house and a marriage to tend to.
This weekend I had two bridal showers, one on each day. I have neglected my home, my homework and my husband. Thankfully there is football to entice my hubby so he barely noticed I was gone. Just kidding; he helped out by grocery shopping and doing laundry and trying not to let his crap pile up too.
Pretty baby.
I mention all of this because on top of not getting to do everything else, I've also forgotten to pay attention to me. And now that I really think about it I don't remember the last time I paid attention to me and I don't even really know how to do that anymore. Don't get me wrong... I TOTALLY (totes magoates) LOVE MY LIFE; I have a great job with a great boss and amazing colleagues, have a hubby that love love loves me, a daughter that melts my heart with her every inch right down to her stinky toes, a family that wants to go to the ends of the earth for me, and friends that are the bees knees. I just don't know how to be me anymore. I know that it is probably normal and that this is stage of life and blah blah blah... I just don't know the new me very well yet and I don't know how to go about getting to know her/me. What I do know, is that I can't start if there isn't any time to so that means that I need to start saying no again... and that isn't bad news. Doesn't mean I love my peeps any less just that I need to love on me for a bit right now. The hardest part of that is the baby part. Does she factor into this or not? I think popular opinion would be that I need to do this alone and spend some time with me and all that, but honestly folks I REALLY love spending time with baby girl too. This is the conundrum. Oh well, this is not getting answered at 9:48pm on a Sunday night when I REALLY should have been doing homework.



5 months

Calli is growing so fast I can barely keep up with her. I think she has literally been growing overnight because every morning she looks like a new baby. She is starting to really fill out the 3-6 months clothes, so I've been checking out the stock of 6-9 months stuff and getting ready for the change-over. I found a whole other stock of 6month stuff and very little of the 9month stuff so a shopping I will go. I bought her some jeggings the other day and can't wait until she fits into them. This time of year also brings about the question what to wear... sweater? short sleeves? socks or none? I have a hard enough time dressing myself much less my darling daughter. Especially because she can't tell me if she is uncomfortable. We are all about the layers and lots of options in the diaper bag.
Calli continues to be the happiest baby on the block. Her new favorite thing is making raspberries with her mouth. She loves to do it and loves when you notice that she is doing it. She managed to keep the whole section of church amused this past weekend with her new trick. She loves her jump and go and exer-saucer, but not for long periods of time. She sleeps for about 9 hours a night. Still no rice cereal but she is pretty hungry lately so we will try that in a couple of weeks. I'm excited to see what she thinks of it!
She loves to play and put everything in her drooly mouth. These days I have to change her shirt because she has drooled too much instead of having spit up on it. Nice change of pace, I must say.
I don't have any stats because we don't go back to the doctor until next month.




The first two weeks of daycare were great. Calli thrived and I didn't cry...that often. :) Our daycare provider is a wonderful woman that really loves Calli. It is a small group of kids and they are all great. Lots of smiles and high fives and they all love when Calli gets there.
We had a great weekend enjoying the weather and outdoor activities as much as possible. We went peach/ pear/ plum picking; we walked around Franklin Avenue enjoying a small exposition of Italian cars seeing lots of old friends and spending time with my niece, nephews and of course Nonna. We had brunch with a good friend and did some laundry, cooking and cleaning for good measure.
I tried to relax a little in the afternoon and get some homework done before the craziness of the week began. I wrote that earlier this week...
Now we are ready for the weekend to come. Trying not to make serious plans. Only fun stuff this weekend. And homework, and clean the bathroom, and grocery shopping and homework.... oh well. At least I wish I could not do anything all weekend. :)
Today is my day to pick up baby girl and I couldn't be more excited. It will be our time. :) yay.
Ciao for now.
This the wave of the future... crashing. :)