Corporate Life

So... it's been crickets over here because I've been working hard for the money... so hard for it honey.
This new job is my first foray into the corporate world. I've never worked for such a huge corporation. It's very different... V E R Y!!
For instance...
  • There are 7000 people in my office... and 17000 in the whole corporation. So the people that I walk by everyday may never know who I am. #sosadforthem
  • There is a process for everything and a process to learn those processes and a process excellence team. Chances are if you need help there is a process for that too... You can't just walk down the hall and go sit with  Flo to figure out where you are with the budget.
  • When there are this many people working on the cog wheel meetings are important, and there are plenty of them. They start on time, they adhere closely to an agenda and it's all about ending on time... or before... people love to get those few precious minutes back.
  • Since there are people all over the country and on 22+ floors, a lot of the meetings are virtual so a lot of my day is spent on the phone.
  • Meetings aren't the only virtual thing... most of the trainings are virtual too. I am virtual too... meaning I get to work from home... whenever I need to.
  • The budgets match the workforce... huge. Two sponsorships and a membership is the whole 12 year budget at my last job.
  • You can't really tell what someone does by their title. I guess that happens everywhere....
  •  There are a million acronyms... M I L L I O N S...
  • Since there are so many people you literally need a map to the different parking lots.
  • Head shots are a big deal. In some instances it is the only way to see what someone looks like.
All in all things are going well. I am enjoying the challenges and looking to overcome the hurdles... Would you expect anything else?!