Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe day today.
I am thankful to be hosting my family this year. We are all healthy and will be together, what more is there to ask for.
Hope you have a wonderful day!




Ahhh... Thanksgiving is this week and I'm starting to feel it. Mom and I spent the afternoon talking about the menu and doing the shopping and I AM LOVING IT. It is worth taking the afternoon off and getting to walk the store when there are not that many people around. We even went out to lunch and finished off with a coffee. AWESOME.
I will try to take lots of pictures and explore our menu and traditions later in the week.
Right now I am feeling pretty thankful this Thanksgiving. It was a year ago tomorrow that I lost my last job. I was pretty devastated as I REALLY loved that job and those folks. I spent 9 months pounding the pavement until I got my awesome job at the University. It was a tough time but through it all I was SO LUCKY to have the support system that I have. It is something so easily taken for granted and overlooked, until you need them.
Most importantly of course was my hubby. I was reminded daily why I married him and why he and I work so well together. He knew the times I was really down and was there for me. Cheered me on for every interview and made sure to dog the jobs I didn't get. My mom and sister are a definite second. They called all the time and made sure to keep my spirits up. My mom treated me to lunches and pedicures. She is my true hero. On those days that I was really down and taking that situation so personally, she reminded me of all the good that I have in my life and that the situation I was in was temporary. Last but not least in the bit were my friends; book clubs, walking dates, coffee treats, endless phone calls, text messages and instant messages. I truly have the best friends a gal could ask for.
So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for ALL that I have. I am reminded how blessed I am and I am looking forward to the year to come.
Thanks peeps!


It's starting to feel like...

November! We have the heat on most of the time. I am wearing slippers and thick socks instead of my flip flops. There are leaves all the over the yard instead of grass clippings and flowers. The days are shorter and most conversations start with "So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?"
Today was rainy and dreary and cool... the perfect November Saturday.
1 week and some til Thanksgiving and 1 month and some til Christmas.
So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? I am hosting and we are not eating turkey. I refuse. I don't wanna make it and I don't love to eat it. I eat it almost every day during the year in my lunch. Plus it is such a beast to make. This year we are having thanksgiving pork roast... and a small turkey breast for the kids. You might have heard me say that Thanksgiving is more about lasagna in our family. The one year my Mom tried to skip it and make tagliatelle or manicotti was a disaster. I said, "Thanksgiving without lasagna is like Thanksgiving without turkey!" So it's kinda funny that now that it is my choice...we are gonna have Thanksgiving without turkey, well not a big turkey anyway.
Any traditions you can't live without?




Anyone out there? Anyone still checking in?
If you are there, I am sorry. I have been a terrible blogger. Never updating, slacking on the pics. Don't blame you for giving up on me.
Well here is a little update.
I am...
studying, doing homework, daydreaming, working, shopping with my sister and niece, blowing glass, buying hot black knee high boots, making plans, cleaning, walking, working out, making plans, making spaghetti squash, loving life, wishing my hubby was feeling better, smiling, watching my favorite shows on DVR (what did I ever do before DVR), reading, working on my first exam as an MBA student, planning Thanksgiving dinner, thinking about the holidays, planning every single minute of my week between X-mas and New Year's.
What about you?