Thursday is Thanksgiving.
I am thankful everyday for my blessings in life. I have a beautiful family and support circle that hold me up every minute of every day. 
Today as I am sitting in the library and working on my huge paper that is to be the culmination of my graduate studies, as the rain gently falls, as I finish my red cupped cappuccino I am struck with being thankful for the struggles.
I am not perfect... not by any stretch of the imagination. My house always needs to be picked up and cleaned. My clothes are not of the most recent season's styles, probably not the past three years worth of styles. Currently they are a little baggy because I have been watching what I eat (and don't eat) but usually they are a bit tight because I carry extra weight. I have emails that I mean to write, calls that I want to sit and make, books that are towering over my nightstand... these are my daily struggles.
I struggle to be present in every moment with my child because I know the times is quietly slipping by. I am struggling to be patient with my mom; the days are hard and time is so precious for us right now. I am struggling to get it all done; work homework, housework, preparing for the holidays, being a good mom, wife, sister, daughter being good to myself.
Although I am struggling, I am thankful that I am trying and not giving up. I am grateful that I have a circle of people that are so supportive and care for me that they are there to allow me struggle.
In this holiday season I am hopeful to be more appreciative of my people and to let them know that I love them and am thankful for them and thankful that they allow me to be me.
I hope for everyone that this Thursday is a day of reflection, love, hope and being grateful.