It's 4:46 pm and I am still in my pajamas! Wahoo. Love a good Sunday!
I woke up early put the coffee on and started my homework. Took a break to make yummy homemade pancakes with pecans and bananas. Finished homework and wrote a paper. Cleaned the bathroom, washed the sheets, have another two loads going. Hubby is making dinner and it's still light out.
I feel like superwoman.
What's up with you?



Yesterday I turned 35. What a bitch. Especially when you try to complain to people and they are all "Damn, I wish I was as young as you!"

I am hovering between being annoyed, frustrated and hating it, and wearing it proudly like a badge of honor.

I present you the  love/ hate list.
There is NO reason to hate and if you know me you know that I am a lover not a hater. Being your age should be celebrated revered and worn like a smile. I have nothing to be ashamed of and I am a proud wife, friend, daughter, and sister. Too bad our society makes us think otherwise.

So easy to be annoyed at the years flying by. I am really good at the should haves and why didn't I...
This past year was a doozy and becoming a year older only makes me remember what this year could have been and was supposed to be. I struggled with adding mother to this list above. I know that I am and proud of it, yet...

Otherwise, this week has been awesome. Hubby took me out for a fantabulous dinner last night. I was SHOWERED with facebook love, which is such a super humbling experience. Cards galore. Some fiends are coming over tonight for dessert, going to my sister's house tomorrow to celebrate my birthday and my mom's (her actual day is Monday). The ladies at work took me out to lunch where they gave me a taste of some super delicious tequila. There was lots of good news, over and over and over. So how can I stay mad?
I can't.




Today the sun set at 5:12pm and stayed light the WHOLE drive home. Makes me a happy gal.
The high temp today was 52 degrees. Whoa... that is too much. I'm good with the sun setting later but not the temps being so outta whack! Makes me wonder if winter will just be later and will spring be non-existent like last year. Oh well. I for one would not mind a little snow storm... as long as it is enough to close the u.

Happy Monday!



It's Friday... about 27 minutes til I can head out the door and I am soooo ready to go. It has been a long week and I am ready for some down time.
Things that I will do this weekend:
  • Laundry. I know that doesn't sound very "down timey" but when you are down to the last holey pair of underwear, laundry sounds exotic.
  • Watch the Superbowl. Go Giants! Or Pats! At least one of them should win. But even better is that it should be a GREAT game. Football is a great sport and so fun to watch. And the fun commercials are awesome too!
  • Maybe get a pedicure. I don't do this often but when the mood strikes me I try to indulge.
  • Homework. Ugh. Nuff said
  • Hopefully see my BF Heather and make some plans. We are trying to plan a mini getaway and it is proving to be harder than we want or expected. UGH. Oooh to be a millionaire.
  • Tonight will be all about eating yummy Indian food and catching up on boobtube watching. It is our standing Friday night plans and I couldn't be happier. We almost never watch shows as they are being broadcast. We love our DVR.
  • Tomorrow morning is my standing date at the gym and I always look forward to that too... especially after take out on Friday nights. 
  • Yesterday I had a mini tryout at a new gym. I am thinking about picking up another water aerobics instructor gig. So I hope the director gets back to me and gives me the opportunity. The gym is really close to my house and it would be fun to teach in a new environment.
  • Sunday I will undoubtedly  spend some time cooking in preparation for the week and the game. The past couple of weeks we have been doing that and it really helps for daily lunches that are not just boring sandwiches and eating on the run. 
That is what I'm up to this weekend, how about you?