Miss Me?

I miss you!
Gosh the days really are FLYING by.
I can't seem to stop for a second to even realize how fast they're going.
This week alone was graduation for my niece, party for her, rehearsal dinner for a good friend and as soon as I finish this post I'm going to take a shower to head to his wedding. I'll try to get back to posting more regularly, but I don't want to make any promises. I've been trying to just be busy with work and life and not spend too much time at home wondering why the summers fly by. I've been working on some extra side jobs and it looks like they are coming together so that'll keep me super busy. I'll be more specific next time. I'm still reading though... congrats Nina! How wonderful. Ali- I can't seem to get enough of your posts. Hope all is well and one of these days we will get on the phone and chat or better yet get together. Gotta go!
Love you all!!!


June is bustin' out all over...

Damn it's hot. What happened to Spring?
So I went to see SATC last night. Great movie if you are craving the stories of our favorite ladies... not if you're looking for some award winning drama. I did shed more tears than I am comfortable mentioning. So enjoy and bring some tissues.
Not really much to report. Lookin forward to more nice weather and fun weekends, although haven't had many plans lately and have done nothing with the free time. Feeling like a dork.
That's all for now.