Day off

Today was date day. Every now and again hubby and I have a date day. Today was that day. I won it from a bet months ago, what it was I couldn't tell you. We bet on all kinds of things; who that actress is, who sings this song, what that persons name is... you know really important life stuff.
So for our date it was between movies and strolling through the antiques store in Collinsville... and because the movies that are out are terrible, Collinsville won out. The main reason that I wanted to head out there was because there is a restaurant that I REALLY wanted to try. Once we got there I saw much to my sadness that the restaurant CLOSED. WTH! REALLY. Man that sucked. The antique strolling was fun, especially cuz hubby and I love to take the drive out there. We take a different route every time. So headed back in the homeward direction we decided to stop at DishnDat for lunch. It was fun and yummy... and packed with families celebrating MLK holiday. We came home and I dropped off the hubster so I could head to the mall and have a little retail therapy. I was not impressed. The style right now is sooo casual. I have to dress for work and the options were limited. Black pants and really long sweater tops that make me look lumpy. I am not by any means beanpole-ish, but I surely don't want to draw too much attention to my lumps either. I bought a few things, a LBD among them. All in all it was fun.

Ciao for now...


3 Kings Day

Tomorrow is three kings day and the last day of Christmas. The festivities of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and end tonight (Twelfth Night). Don't you feel a little smarter? We didn't get a tree this year but if we did, like every year we would not take it down until after tomorrow. The real reason being that tomorrow is the Befana. For Italians tonight is the night that gifts are mysteriously delivered to all the children, by an old woman much like Santa, except she does not wear a red suit or have reindeer. It is said that she was invited by the 3 kings to visit the baby Jesus to bring him gifts but she decided not to because she had housework to do. After she had a change of heart she could not find them and she continues to search for them giving gifts to kids all while searching.
Growing up we always celebrated the Befana with small gifts from my mother. I remember distinctly, I must have been in 4th or 5th grade, a purple (everyone knows it's my fave color) notebook and an awesome jean skirt. When we got older there was perfume and shampoo and other "grown up" stuff. I will always try to keep this tradition in my house. Tonight the Befana visited and brought some slippers for hubby. In the note she left she said that she heard that his tootsies were cold since the last pair unraveled themselves. She brought me some cute socks too.



New Year, New Blog!

Not entirely a new blog, but I am thinking of shaking it up a bit.
If anyone has any ideas out there, they are welcome to offer em up! I'm not sure quite yet what the shakin' is gonna entail but we need a sprucing up.

For old times sake a list about my winter break.
  • My hubby and I were given a really truly great gift; the gift of skipping Christmas and all the trimmings, and we took it. We got to go to Florida for a week and stay in a great house and have a really fun car to drive. Pictures later.
  • In our first hour off the plane we were pulled over for speeding and threatened to have a knee cap shot off. Not kidding!
  • We spent the week reading, watching movies and not doing anything remotely Christmas related.
  • We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie and loved it. We rented a ton of other movies, most of which I can't remember.
  • We ate waffles at Waffle House (pecan waffles are the BEST), we drove our car on the beach and we snuggled under the blankets because the temps dipped to the 40's at night.
  • It wasn't the best weather but we had a great time eating our way through town. 
  • We went to the Steelers bar and I had a "salad." I guess it's my own fault for ordering a salad at a bar, but it was a layer of ice berg, a layer of cheese and a fried chicken patty on top. Oh and there were two tomato wedges, a pepperoncino and one cucumber disc.
  • Florida people (and I should have known this considering one of my fave peeps is from Florida) are super duper nice. They are happy (most of the time- we happened upon a fender bender and they were on the street screaming obscenities at one another) and nice and all Merry Christmas all the time.
  • We visited a fun old town called St. Augustine and did the touristy trolley thing, and loved every minute of it.
We came back just in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with more of my fave peeps.

Happy New Year Y'all!