Anniversary week

This Thursday marks 10 years of marriage for me and hubby.

I present a list of 10 things I love about him:
1) He loves to make me laugh. Tickling, jokes, just general silliness and mostly I laugh because I love to see his big grin right back at me.
2) He loves me when I'm cranky, tired, anxious, nervous, and bitchy. He calls me out on it too.
3) When we are together, be it at a party, event, wedding... it only takes a look for us to understand what the other person is thinking. Of course this didn't develop overnight.
4) He lets me threaten to beat him up. My favorite is "I will kick you in your teeth!" I wouldn't really ever do this but I love to threaten it and he knows that I would never and he lets me threaten it.
5) He lets me lead the way on the major decisions in our life. He trusts me. He knows that I have our future in our heart and since he doesn't want to think long range, I do.
6) He is a good friend. He may not call to hang out or chat forever on the phone but he is loyal and will do a lot for his friends.
7) When it snows really bad and his school cancels, he lets me take his car because it has extra big tires that can drive through anything.
8) He always lets me have a bite of what he's eating. Always. Even the last bite.
9) He doesn't get jealous. We don't always have to be together and he doesn't care if I want to have a weekend or dinner with the girls.
10) He's happy and that makes me happy. ;)

Love you babe. To 10x10 more years!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to two love birds. I love you two!