11 years and 6 months

Respectively. 11 years ago (on the 25th) my hubby and I said 'I do.' 6 months ago (on the 18th) Calli was born. October is a super busy month. I LOVE IT! The trees are colorful, the air is brisk.
On our wedding day the sky was bright blue with big white puffy clouds and the air was cool and crisp. My favorite. It was a gorgeous day and we had such a great time. We wanted to go out to eat to celebrate the other night but hubby wasn't feeling well so we postponed a week. So looking forward to a night out. We will leave Calli with her aunt and cousins and they are really looking forward to baby-sitting. 11 years have gone by in a blink. Makes me worry that the next 11 will fly too.
Hubby- thank you for our beautiful daughter. I remember the day that we decided that we wanted to try again to expand our family and I know that it wasn't an easy decision for us (a lot of people in that gallery know that it wasn't an easy decision for us! wink wink). I can't for a millisecond imagine our lives without Calli. I know that she is heaven sent expressly to us. I love our family and I love you. Watching you be a father is the most amazing thing... I thought I knew you, and Calli brings out a whole new side to you and it is amazing. You are a great father and husband.
I brought Calli for her 6 month appointment the other day and all is well. She weighs 18 lbs 3 oz and is 26 and something inches long. I can't remember... but both are 75-90 percentiles for her age. She is doing so great. She is really so much fun right now. Big smiles and giggles now and then. Most of the time she is very contemplative and will only give you a smile if it is really deserving. She love love loves the jumper and her activity center thingy. She also loves to jump in your lap while you hold her. She notices everything and everyone and is distracted very easily. She likes to sing (the only way I can describe her constant noise) and practices using her voice. She loves to chew on her hands, toys, clothes and toes. She has two teeth coming in on the bottom. She seems like she is getting ready to crawl... she gets on her hands a knees and then get on her tippy toes... like a modified downward dog. So funny. She is still a pretty chill gal and doesn't give us too much trouble. I think she is saving it for her tween and teen years!
There is so much going on these days but not really much else to report.
Ciao for now!



Wow, this is shaping up to be my worst year of posting yet on this blog. I really truly can't imagine why?
Stuff that is happening and on my mind:
- This weekend my friend from grade-school came for a visit for a few days. I haven't seen her in 23 years... can you believe that? We lost track of one another in our mid teen years and didn't reconnect until FaceBook a few years ago. It really was so very exciting to get the opportunity to get to know one another again.
- Of course this happens during my two most very busy weeks at work. Oh well. Such is life.
- I find myself very tired at the end of the day but not always sleepy. Weird phenomenon for me.
- I am definitely going back to real life classes next semester. I can't get into this online stuff. It is hard enough for me to find time to sit and read and get all the work done and now I have to monitor the website and the discussion boards and write meaningful comments... AUGH!!!
- I am in a crappy mood as of late and can't really figure out what the dealio is!?! Must be the stress of work and every weekend being busy and feeling like nothing ever really gets done. Not sure how other mothers deal with that feeling... I swear the dust bunnies are gonna get together and protest for better benefits or something.   :)
- We baptized Calli this weekend. She was a rock-star and I was a mess. I got us to the church late and then spent too much time freaking out over where people were sitting and forgot to just sit and have a good time. Once I did that it was awesome; too bad that was the last 20 minutes or so.
- These days have been so darn beautiful out. The sun shines and the leaves are just breathtaking. It always amazes me how quickly it all happens. One day you look out and there are a few red and orange leaves here and there. The next time you look it is just gorgeous and all kinds of colors are out there and every tree is just majestic. Then the next time you remember to look everything is brown and falling... then bare. Ugh. The only reason I am looking forward to the winter is so that Calli and I can snuggle.
- On top of some crazy days at work I have an exam to write this week. Yup. And honestly it is what I need to be working on right now.


Thursday is my FAVORITE day of the week

Thursday is the day that I pick Calliope up from daycare. Seeing her face as I walk through the door makes me so ridiculously happy, I can't stand it. It isn't the same look she gets when I walk in the house and she has already been home with my mom or hubby. I count the minutes on Thursdays; especially because I do the dreaded drop off every day. I take that back, it isn't totally dreaded but some days I swear I could sit there and play all day because the kids are so happy. The daycare provider tells me all kinds of stories about what Calli did all day and how the kids played and she watched or she talked and discovered something new. I think she is a different person when she is there than when she is home with me.

The new Calli news is that she cut her first tooth today. After I fed her this morning I put my finger in her mouth out of curiosity... sure enough there was the beginnings of a tooth there. I'm glad I discovered it with my finger first! She is growing up so fast I am already forgetting what is was like when she was a newborn. I know, I know... blah blah blah... sentimental crap... I've been sentimental a lot lately. Oh well.

Happy Thursday to you!!
Ciao for now!