So this is the third post that I have started in the past month and I hope to finally post. It has been quite a busy month. I started a class in late May that is two nights a week and you would not believe what that does to a woman's social life. Especially a pregnant lady. I can't believe that I am writing this on the 20th. Dang, where are these months going. I am really looking forward to being done with this class, not only because it has not been my proudest moments when it comes to this rocky road to my MBA, but it also marks the end of school until little lady arrives and then not until Jan at the absolute earliest.
June has also been my month of Friday's off... and darnitall if it is not going to be the hardest thing ever to go back to 5 day weeks. I really think that I was meant to only work 4 days a week. I am a happier more productive worker bee and a happier and more productive wife. I tell you I see this at some point again in my future. Probably not immediate future but a future life FOR SURE.
June has also been shaping up to be the "OHMYGOD WE ARE HAVING A BABY" month. Everything from nursery stuff to daycare to changing the house around to maternity leave to pediatricians, to my belly is getting HUGE (not really)... okay, deep breath. But for real peeps, I am having small freak outs on the regular. And so is the hubster. We remind ourselves that this is normal and that we are super excited to be starting a family, but in the middle of the night when you wake up and you can't stop thinking about it all, it is harder to stop and remember.
I just reread that bit and it makes me seem not so happy about this little one that I am growing and I assure that that is NOT the case. I am so freaking excited that I can't event tell you... or can I:
  • On a daily, almost hourly, basis I am completely in awe of my belly and what is going on in there. I am by nature a very nervous person so I try to read all about what is happening on a weekly basis to my squirmy girl and I am completely in awe of what my body is doing right now.
  • I love when she kicks me, it feels like she knows what I am thinking and we constantly have this private conversation going on. Sometimes it really tickles.
  • I can't watch that pampers commercial or any of the baby programs without bawling my eyes out. I know that this is also due to the raging hormones that are surging through my body. But it is also the anticipation of meeting my daughter... yup said it DAUGHTER. Whoa.
  • I whisper her name (or the one that we have picked at this moment) in my head all day long. I am trying it out in different situations to make sure that is the right one. Don't ask, I won't tell.
  • I still can't believe that this is happening. When I walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of my profile I am still surprised. My belly isn't big enough to see when I look down (partly because my boobs have still outgrown my belly, but that is another post for another day) and it isn't big enough to throw me off balance so I am not always aware of it. When she kicks me I stop and think... oh yeah...
  • July will be my month of baby showers. I am excited to start to see the stuff that will belong to squirmy girl, but I am more excited to see all my friends and family and talk about being pregnant all the time and be overly excited. I try to hold it in the rest of the time. I don't want people to think I am crazy.
  • Lastly although I am nervous as all get out I can't wait to be a mom and see hubster as a dad. I know that it will be hard but I am excited to meet her and help her learn and know her the best.
Whoohoo post accomplished. One thing I can cross of the to do list!



June Days

Yup, June is here, today. May was a blur, with something to do everyday.

There was:

  • Birthing class
  • Mother’s day
  • Doctor’s appointments and ultrasound
  • Commencement events and commencement on a super duper rainy soggy day
  • Gala
  • Finished one class (got an A-) started another super intense gonna be done in 6 weeks class
  • Began my month and a half of 4 day weeks (yay) (love it by the way)
  • Saw Gem of the Ocean at HartfordStage; shout out to the amazing and talented director Hana Sharif!
  • Surprised my sister for her 40th birthday; she was surprised and everyone had a great time
  • Read the 549 page bookclub book, still don't know where I found time for that one!
  • Had a really crazy not super fun Memorial day weekend (for another post) (other than the surprise party)
  • Started a baby registry. whoa.

    And here we are… June 1.

Oh the possibilities!