9 month stats

Calli is 9 months old!! Wahoo. What a great time we are having. She is crawling like crazy and pulls herself up wherever she can get a hold of something.
Her stats:
Weight= 20lb 2oz; 75%
Length= 27 1/2 inches; 50%
Head circumference= 44.1cm; 50-75%
She is doing great. She is learning to wave goodbye and slowly figuring out how to clap her hands. She shrieks with happiness and rubs her feet together when she is happy and ready to eat.

Here are some recent pics!

Ciao Ciao


New for this year!

I am not making resolutions per say but I am trying to do some new stuff this year...
  • I am making a HUGE effort to get up earlier. I hate running late in the morning and as it is I haven't been bringing Calli to daycare as early and I can be. So far I have accomplished it for the past two mornings and it has been great. It also means that I have to get my act together at night and that has been working too. I really hope it lasts. 
  • At this moment I do not read to Calli on a regular basis. Once we sit down and start to read she inevitably takes the book from me and starts to chew it or close it and throw it. And if I hold steady and don't give her the book she starts to fuss and complain. I want this to change. I would really like us to start a bedtime story. 
  • I need to get my act together more on the weekend and be more planful about what we are eating as a family. We don't do take out and I don't necessarily cook every night... so I'm not really sure how we get fed every day. Hubby (when he comes home early) is usually hungry before I get home so he either has a snack or ends up eating dinner by the time I am walking in the door. If that has happened I don't usually feel the necessity to make a full dinner and will usually eat whatever I can get my hands on... chips and salsa, a sandwich, eggs... But now that Calli is starting to eat the same things that we eat I really want to get to a place where we are eating a family meal...  together. It worked on Sunday...
  •  I am anxious for the nice weather because I REALLY want to start walking again. I think Calli would love it and I NEED it; mentally more than anything else.
  • I really would like to start to live more in the moment. I have the tendency to spend a lot of time worrying about what is to come or what just happened and never get to really soak in the moment. Thinking of the past nine months and how quickly it has flown by makes me realize that it is SO IMPORTANT to do this. This weekend I spent a lot of time just watching Calli play and it made me so happy. She is so inquisitive and playful and daring. She gets herself into a jam and gets right out of it. She is amazing.
  • Lastly I need to find 10 minutes a day to stretch. A friend of mine asked me what I wanted to change for this new year and this is what I said... and now I really want to do it. My back, shoulders, legs and arms are so tight all of the time. I noticed this morning every time I pick up the car seat I feel a twinge in my back. NOT GOOD! Never before did I realize how hard it is to find 10 minutes a day to do something so easy. I still haven't done this but I *resolve* to try.

January 2014

The holidays were cuh-razy. Crazy fun! Crazy busy! Crazy cold!
I worked on Christmas eve until about noon and then we headed out to my sister's house for dinner. We had a great time eating and celebrating and opening gifts. Calli got the hang of it real quick! She really loved all the activity and always loves spending time with her cousins.Christmas morning was very special although I'm not sure that she understood that so much. At daycare she did an impression of her hand and her daycare provider gave us two of them. It was such a special gift. We feel so lucky to have found someone so special to care for Calli.
Later that day we ventured to my mother in law's house for lunch and more gifts. She got all kinds of gifts and really enjoyed playing with them. She got a baby doll and the first thing she did was give it a kiss. It was so sweet. We had a great time and got home fairly early.
The rest of break was spent enjoying each other and doing family things. We visited the NewBritainMuseum of AmericanArt to see the Maurice Sendak exhibit. It was very cool and I would recommend it to everyone. We also picked up my bridesmaid dress for the wedding in a few weeks. We also picked a dress for Calli. It is so cute.
We didn't do anything for NYE or day. We stayed home and stayed warm and got ready for the snow storm that rendered us homebound Thursday and Friday, Jan 2 & 3. Nice way to end my vacation.
It was great while it lasted and of course went by way too quickly.

Here it is January 14 and I am still writing this post!!! As soon as I got back to work, this month got really busy. Hubby has after-school stuff almost every day, I have a couple of evening events and my bestie is getting married later this month. Wow!

I will post some pics later but for now here is Calli in the tub!