4 for 4

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty prolific in the interview arena. I was proud to say that I landed two interviews in one day...
The bubble burst today when I got the last call about the last job and the answer was yet again... NO. It super sucks. I was really excited about any of the prospects, especially two. The feedback is... not enough experience, not a good fit, we're restructuring... it was really close. So back to the drawing board.



Winter Break is ovah!

Winter break is over and I am sending husband back to school tomorrow. Although we had a great week together and celebrated in style... I think we will both be glad to be back to the rhythm of things.
I have a pretty clear week this week, no plans as of yet. Except to have lunch with one of my bestest friends. She is headed on a 2 week vacation to Fiji and wants to have lunch with me before she goes. Sweet, right. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with her. Oh and I really want to visit with Ali and the kids this week, miss them dearly... oh and my friend Bridget is on vacay this week so I'm sure that we will get together... and Heather has a visitor from Germany and I promised to visit with them. Huh... looks like I have a busy week after all.
Well I'm glad. I've spent WAY too much time home alone (before hubby was home this past week). Bring on the visiting. Anyone else wanna hang?
So this weekend was super fun. Friday night we had birthday dinner with my mom and her man Paul. We showed up with tulips, cheesecake, ice cream, salad and were treated to a delicious dinner. My mom made homemade pasta and meat and veggies. The cheesecake was for Paul, he is a real connoisseur and the salad was for Mom, she must have been a bunny in her past life. We had a great time and were home by 9:30. Saturday I woke up early to get to the gym, and then joined Bridget for a delicious breakfast and cappuccino. Yum. As I was walking into her house I notice a gorgeous woman walking down the street and was delighted to see that it was Caitlin. One of the gorgeous women that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is witty, smart and did I mention beautiful. It was so nice to run into her. We've been trying to plan a get together for weeks. I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and cleaning in preparation for dinner with JL and Chris.
JL was coming over to fix some pipes in the basement. Ever since we lived here the water pressure in the shower has been, well weak. A trickle if that. The last time JL stopped by my husband mentioned this fact and they decided to check out the basement and "follow the pipes" to see if there was a logical reason for this. Lo and behold the pipe was bent around a piece of wood. Instead of installing an elbow, they just bent the pipe. After 2 hours, a trip to home depot and a delicious dinner all was fixed. I just took and a shower and let me tell you, I never thought it could be that good.
Today has been a lazy, rainy, cozy day and I've loved every second of it.
Have a great night peeps and hope to see you soon.


Happy Birthday Mom

Today is your birthday and I am wishing you the best of the best.
You have been a rock to me my whole life; this newest bump included.
I look forward to our daily calls, our weekly (or bi-weekly) visits and most of all the time that we spend together as a family. You are my mother, my best friend, confidant and adviser to just about everything. I missed you while you were away but was so happy that you were on vacation and getting to spend time with your sisters. I am looking forward to having dinner with you tonight and whatever we will do together next week and every week after that.
Con tanto tanto amore and un abraccio grandissimo.
tua figlia


I love this picture of you and the kids... it shows how peaceful you are and it shows the array of personalities that the kids can dish up.


My Birthday

Today was my birthday. I was woken up with lots of loving birthday calls from my sister, niece and nephews, my mom and my mother in law. I love when the kids sing to me, makes me smile all day. I slept in, wrote some emails, went to a tax appointment and then got to spend the day with my hubby. He treated me like a queen. We took a drive down to Southern CT to check out a restaurant that was featured on DDD (a show that we love to watch on the Food Network). It was worth the drive, the wait and the tight quarters. We rented some movies, bought a birthday cake and spent the afternoon at home. He even sang to me before I cut the cake, cute or what! I really am the luckiest lady. (pictures to come)
Thank you for all the well wishes on facebook and emails and text messages and whatnot! You are the best peeps this gal could ask for.
How old am I? 32 and proud of it. This has been a difficult year, but all the better to look back and be so proud to have gotten through it. I am eager to see what this next year will bring! Starting with a big b-day for the hubby next month.
hugs, kisses and peace.


Love love love

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies.
I hope this day (and every day really) is filled with love, hugs, kisses... and everything your heart desires.
I spent the day with my lady H. We spontaneously went on a shopping adventure. Fun.
To my hubby, thank you for the valentine wishes and chocolate. It is exactly what I wanted.
Have a great day and night.


A Year to the Day

Almost. It is funny how things happen in cycles. It is a year to the day (give or take a day) that I sent my resume to Fathom for the account administrator position. Whoa. What a year it has been. Although things didn't end entirely prosperous for me I still think back at my time at Fathom with fondness. I made some amazing connections and fostered some others ;). It was a step in my career that was necessary. I'm not sure that I would have taken it knowing the outcome but I'm glad that I did. And although I find myself in almost the same exact position I am facing it with confidence and respect.
I have been home for 11 weeks (give or take a day). If you had told me that on the day that I was laid off that 11 weeks later I would still be home I might not have believed you. But here I am. There aren't a lot of possibilities out there for me but this week has brought me renewed faith and strength, which has been lacking lately. Maybe it is the sun that has decided to shine and fill the house with a glow that has not been here for awhile. Maybe it the fact that I moved the furniture in my room around and I unblocked some feng shui energy flow. Maybe it is the return of my Mom and her myriad of projects and daily acitivites... maybe it is just time.


Snow, sniffles and stupendousness

Yesterday the snow was not supposed to be an event in any sense of the word, but boy oh boy was it. My mom has been in Italy for the past month or so and yesterday she arrived back in the states. Being the only one with the most flexible of schedules I went to Kennedy airport in Queens to pick her up; I left home at about 12:30. Her flight was delayed 1+ hours, she was supposed to land at 1:40 and didn't land until 2:57. Right in the middle of that storm. We didn't leave the airport until 4pm and didn't get home until 8pm. My hands were sore from gripping the steering wheel. I have never driven to and from Kennedy by myself and I probably wouldn't have chosen those conditions for my first time. But safe and sound, we are all home.
I think that I may have picked up my hubby's cold from last week. I am sneezing like crazy and the back of my throat is a little sore and itchy. It could just be from stress and tired from yesterday (I hope so). We'll see.
Congrats to Nina on a beautiful and gorgeous little Lulu. Can't wait to meet her!

Ciao Peeps


How to get a man to eat salad

Saturday night I had some friends over for a dinner party and made a new salad; the boys loved it.
Fresh spinach, pecans, red onions, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and bacon. For the dressing I mixed red wine vinegar and olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
I was looking forward to the dinner since I put it together and it did not disappoint. We were ten altogether and we had a yummy hot crab dip, shrimp scampi, steaks, roasted green beans and tomatoes. For dessert Heather made the most delicious cream puffs with raspberry sauce. The leftovers I ate with yogurt the past two mornings and let me tell you it should be illegal. I'm addicted. Yum.
I love to bring friends together for food, wine and fun. I drank my share and spent most of the morning nursing a headache and sore throat (from laughing and playing catch phrase).
Sunday was a super quiet day. Hubby made a super SPICY chili and we watched the game. His team was playing and won. It was a nail biter of a game and we had a great time watching it.
I'm almost ready to start the book club book and just might have to buy it. The library doesn't have it... ugh. I've picked it up at three seperate book stores and put it back down trying to wait out the library.
Mom is coming home tomorrow. I am driving to NY to pick her up. I'm looking forward to having her home.
Ciao for now. Enjoy some party pics and food pics from over the last couple months.

Calzones with ricotta, cherry tomatoes and meat.

Chicken curry with mango (so delicious- recipe found online called for green peas and apples and I modified with mango and soybeans)