Ch ch ch changes...

Things are changing round here... big time.
I am leaving the U to a new job at a big insurance company. I never thought I would but the right opportunity came at the right time and what can I say... I grabbed it.
I will be the program support specialist for diversity and inclusion; which means that I will support all programs both internal and external for diversity and inclusion. It is a group that is in the HR department, so I don't need to even think much about the insurance product at all.
It will be a lot of the stuff that I am currently doing as far as the events and projects but with a different focus. A focus that has always been close to my heart.
Of course I am also scared... starting a new gig is always a little nerve wracking for me.

Also, my mom has decided to retire. I think it is going to be great for her.. and probably scary. She has always identified very closely with her job and considered a lot of her client close like family so that will be tough as well.

Calli is a little weary of all the changes.


More snow

We are totally over it! The snow is crazy tiring. Here is something to lift your spirits.
Calli was playing quietly in the other room... I know, always worrisome, and she started calling to me... I stuck... I stuck.
When I found her, this is what was happening. I knew that she was ok and that we had to record the moment before she got unstuck.