Happy, happy, happy...

Wow, that was tough. I know that everyone says that it is hard to keep wraps on the news, but dang... that was tough. Especially cuz hubby was so super excited and wanted to shout it from the roof tops every day. Makes me smile.

So... What now... I decree that it is time for a list.... a happy happy list.
* Last Thursday and Friday (my b-day) I took vaca days from work. It is overrated to work on your birthday and I will always try to take that day off. I got to do some super fun stuff. Dinner out both nights, coffee date with my fav mamma ali, lunch with photog pal Jenn, ichat with my other pal Jenn, surprise visit to Nolan and his Mom, walks in the warm sun, new license, millions of b-day wishes on facebook, and best of all sleeping in.
* Then Friday night we had some friends over for make your own fajita night= awesome.
* As if it couldn't get any better I got to spend Saturday chilling with my bestie H. We toured Target, bought awesome jeans for $12 and had pancakes for lunch.
* The rest of the weekend was spent babysitting and doing homework. Believe me it belongs on the happy happy list because I miss those kids and love love love them. My oldest nephew made the most delish chocolate chip cookies and we had pizza... I mean that alone makes it happy happy.
* I top that awesome weekend off with an amazing book club last night. Those ladies are the sweetest, smartest, sassiest, soulful ladies around.

So yes, once again, life is good. There are 19 days until the days are officially longer. Whoop!

Take it slow peeps.


I really gotta tell you something....

I've been writing and rewriting this post for weeks and maybe longer.
I've been writing the "I gotta tell you something" posts as a ruse and really all the while have only wanted to tell you one thing. I am a year older and also pregnant. Hubby and I are over the moon excited! We've been hoping to be blessed in the family way for awhile now, so excited isn't even the word for it.



I gotta tell you something....

I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time.
It makes me smile, I'm so excited to tell you....
Last night as I drove home, the sun was out the whole time.
Yup. Spring is almost here.




Okay, enough is enough. An ice storm on top of a snow storm... what is up?
Feels very apocalyptic no?
I'm home again today and trying to be productive but.. umm... well, I'm not.
I can't help but stay in my pj's and read and watch TV and just lounge!
Hope you're all enjoying this storm if you're home and safe if you're out!