Birthday Weekend

Everyone told me that she would grow up before my eyes, but I didn't believe it... or didn't want to believe it. But now I am a believer. The last couple of weeks Calli has really turned into a little girl. All the baby stuff is gone... except that bottle. It her crutch!!
She talks up a storm, and sings and remembers the stories we read at night and answers Mickey when he asks if she knows which tool they should use to solve the problem.
We turned her car seat around so she can see what we see; she was AMAZED!! It was so fun to experience that with her for the first time.
She will also tell you when she doesn't want something, or to do something... or actually all the time. She says NO! all the time. She is feisty and independent and strong. She might play shy but she loves people and will talk to everyone... (wonder where she gets that!!)
We had a great birthday weekend. We got her a tricycle and although she didn't seem interested at first she really got into it.
I didn't get a lot of pictures at her birthday because I was having such a good time soaking it in.
We went to the doctor today for her 2year check up. Stats: 29 lbs. 11oz, 34 inches and 47 cm.
She is doing great! And no shots... love when there are no shots.
Here are some videos and pictures from the weekend.
(note... I couldn't get the videos to load so check it out on FB)