Hi... Still here

Hi all. Hope you didn't miss me too much.
I was studying and catching up with life while I was gone.
I must have started three separate posts to let you know what was up with me and didn't finish one of them. Yup. That's just the way it is. Well you will be happy to know that I got a 90 on the exam; so time apart well spent.
I also...
- had dinner with some friends at our fave Greek neighborhood joint.
- had brunch with other friends at our fave Mexican joint in the rising star.
- had a successful event at school.
- called out sick one day at work to go to the chiropractor and basically to sleep.
- am preparing for the barrage of events that is yet to come.
- am counting the days till my vaca weekends start. I have a bunch of vaca days to use before I lose and there are 9 or so coming to me... woop woop.
- am two weeks away from finding out what this baby is.
- had lots of fun at book club tonight.
- am hoping that this weather starts to improve. Mama needs some walking time!!!

I would also like to take a moment to wish my hubby the happiest of birthdays. He is not really a huge birthday celebrater but I can't let the day pass (tomorrow) without some sort of shout out!
Love you babe! Happy Birthday!

Good night all!



I'm gonna try and not make every post about my impending motherhood, but it's not easy people. This is one of the most important and crazy things that has ever happened to me and bloggie peeps I gotta tell you about it.
So I finally have my appetite back. I never thought that I would ever write that sentence. I have always been a food lover so it was especially strange to not really want to eat. That was my 1st trimester in a nutshell. I won't regale you with the boobie problems or worse yet some other not so family friendly stuff that I was dealing with. So here I am 4 months pregnant and ready to eat. I am so sure that hubby was ready with the ice cream runs in the middle of the night, or the cookies and cakes that would fill the house. So when I said "Honey can you please get me a salad and some watermelon and don't forget the apples." I was not met with cheers. I have promised him that I see a banana split for dinner in our future, but right now bring me a fruit salad and I am one happy mama.


We have Sprung Ahead people!!!

Daylight savings has begun! Yippee!
I started the weekend out with an 11 hour slumber so I was ready for last night. And even though we stayed up pretty late (10:30!) I was not daunted by the loss of sleep. I am ready for Spring! Bring it on!
The sun will set at 6:54pm! This week will be mild to warm weather. Yay! It's about time. I am going to try to walk at least 3 nights this week! Whoop woop!
I spent a beautiful Saturday with beautiful friends at Nature's Grocer. They celebrated their 3 year anniversary and showcased my beautiful friends' beautiful jewelry! JudyB Designs. Most of my jewelry is from her. As she experiments with her craft, her jewelry becomes more beautiful. NG is a great store with delicious food and lots of wonderful natural and organic stuff. I always love going there and never leave empty handed. Jenn visited with her Mom and baby M. What a treat! And I got to visit with the best Mama Al. Loved it. It was so nice to catch up and see her hubby and kids. What a gorgeous family. Ahh... it was a wonderful morning. Then I visited another good friend that just had a beautiful baby girl. Mama and baby and daddy are all doing well. Another awesome visit.
Today is all about going for a walk with hubby, enjoying some treats from my Worcester family and getting ready for the week. I have an exam looming and will be busy next Sunday. My busiest months are starting at work and so I'm a busy bee!
I hope you all had as amazing a weekend as I did and have a great week ahead.



It's Saturday and I'm still recuperating from the busy Jan/Feb that we had. All there is to do this weekend is catch up... on resting, on reading, on cleaning, with Mom and sis. And catch up with you... here's a list of what's been what as of late!
* Just finished reading Brunonia Barry, Map of True Places. Great book. Her first book, The Lace Reader was good and this was even better.
* Sent Mom and Paul to see DivineRivalry at HartfordStage this week and they LOVED loved loved it. I believe that the play might have been written for Paul, considering his love of Renaissance art and politics.
* Things are really starting to ramp up at work and that is always exciting. Have three events between March 23 and April 12 and then the race to commencement begins. Wahoo.
* I'm through the first trimester and starting to get some energy and my appetite back. I still get tired in the afternoon and evening but it's getting better. I have a feeling that this next trimester will go quicker. And then ... race to the finish line.
* I got a prenatal yoga DVD at the library today and hope to fit it into my busy schedule. I am not a regular yogini but I feel the need to stretch and EVERYTHING I read says that yoga will help with labor and I'm all for anything that will help with labor.
* I am counting the hours until the end of Daylight Savings time... or is it the beginning? I'm such a dope about it. All I know is that longer days=happier me.
* I am craving fruit... all the time. Not the best season for it, I know.
* I have some vaca time that I HAVE to use by the end of June and that makes me so giddy!
Hope you have a great weekend.


I am a mess

I'm walking around the house yelling at hubby, throwing stuff around, slamming doors, leaving clothes on the floor, claiming food in the fridge, stealing the remote, complaining ... basically I've become my husband.
And ya know what? It feels good.

Check ya later, gater!