9 years

Dear Husband:
9 years ago today we promised to love, in sickness and in health and in good times and bad. I can say that we have experienced it all and mostly this year. I loved you then, since, and more with every tomorrow.
Thank you for being the husband that makes me laugh and comforts me when I get a B- on an exam. Thank you for understanding and not eating my secret stash of dark chocolate covered caramels and pretending not to know where they are. Mostly thank you for knowing exactly how I feel and letting me tell you anyway.
I love you, I love our house, I love our bets and that you let me win so I can plan our dates.
I love that we are always on the same page and have the same hopes and dreams. I can't wait to live them all out, one by one.
Happy Anniversary.

Ti amo,


Today was the AIDS walk Hartford at the Reservoir. The madhatters were back in style. H has made us awesome hats every year that we have walked, this year no less! We all looked grreat and were complimented all along the walk. If it wasn't for this impatient polar bear we might have walked with the rest of the group and not in the opposite direction! heehee But as always we made our mark and cheered as we passed all the groups trying to get them revved up. Fun as always.
Hope you enjoyed today as much as I did.

ps. I had to take this picture at home cuz I forgot the camera. But as a group we looked so awesome. We had a panda bear, monkey, lion, dog, frog, cow and a penguin.



is here...
the leaves will start to change and drop from the trees.
I will wear sweat shirts and socks and sneakers with my jeans.
We will celebrate 9 years of marriage.
We will watch the sun set earlier every night.
The pumpkins will come out and dot the night with light.
"The holidays are right around the corner" everyone will say, and they will be right.
Every weekend is busy with friends and family. Apple picking, harvest fest and a wedding to look forward to.
School is well under way, with studying and exams and classes every week.
This is one of my favorite months.
What have you got going on?