Last day

Tomorrow is my last day sitting at this desk, typing on this keyboard and answering this phone. I don't think it has hit me quite yet that next week I will drive to a new place and sit with new people and work on different projects. Nervous doesn't quite cover how I feel about this change. Today as I was clearing the computer of some of the more personal files and items; I was moving them onto an old thumb drive that I found at home. Funny enough it was the same thumb drive I used when I left Hartford Stage. It had all kids of old pictures on it.... nice trip down memory lane. It was interesting to think of where I was then and what I thought I might be doing now. My life has taken very drastic dips and turns since then. I look so young and it was only 4 or 5 years ago...
I am nervous, excited, anxious and everything in between about this new dip and turn. Most of all I am ready. I just have to remember that Wednesday morning as I drive into my new parking lot and walk into my new office and sit at my new desk. I hope I remember how to turn on the computer!



New job

So excited to be announcing that in a few weeks I will be starting a new job. I have loved my time in the President's office and all that it has allowed me to do. Lately though I started to feel the itch and I know that means something has to change. It has been a hard year and I am ready to move on.
The new job is Associate Director of Alumni Relations here at the U. Very exciting stuff as it will mean that I am able to use my sparkly personality to reach out to alums and get them involved. It will be a challenge as I have never worked in alumni relations before but a challenge is exactly what I need right now. The other challenge is that right now I am the department (the others have left to pursue other opportunities (they had the itch too)) and so that means that I will have to work on building a team as well as starting a new gig. Yay challenge!!
Hope you get your itch scratched too!