What's up?

I know that I have mainly posted about Calli lately, but wouldn't you? She is ADORABLE!!!
So this is my attempt at not only blogging about my beautiful daughter...

  • So being home is not that bad; except when my husband gets home all I want to do is talk his ear off and all he wants to do is not talk. It can be a little challenging but we are making it work.
  • My computer sucks. I have owned this thing for almost 7 years and every time I turn it on I am afraid that it is going to die!  I just don't want to put too much money into this thing if it isn't going to last... I haven't upgraded the operating system so I can't even do all the new fangled stuff on it! SUCKS! I hate to say it but I don't think my next computer will be a mac. It just doesn't pan out in the end. It is the biggest reason why there aren't more pics on this blog. 
  • I love hot days. I don't mind the heat. I hate sitting in air conditioning all day. I know, I'm weird.
  • We got offered a weekend away in August. I can't believe I am considering going away with an infant. I always said I wouldn't be that mom.... but the idea of a walk on the beach might just be too appealing!
  • My oldest nephew is graduating high school this weekend. He was at my high school graduation!!! Can't believe how time flies. His prom was last night and he looked so handsome.
  • I am struggling lately, trying to find something to read. I started the Night Circus and couldn't get into it. It wasn't a bad read just not my speed right now.  I guess the fact that the only chance I get to read is during middle of the night feeding doesn't help. 
  • I also didn't think I would turn into a frumpy mom overnight. I swear, every time I look in the mirror I am horrified. Nothing fits me well and inevitably I leak breast milk on all my clothes. Sure as hell wasn't ready for that!
  • I was a nervous Nelly during my pregnancy and have become a little neurotic with a newborn; is this normal? My mom and sister and all tell me to just relax... easy to say.
  • Because of the nerves I am trying to take Calli out at least once a day so shout out if you want a visit!!!
  • Here are a few things I am LOVING right now: my chicco stroller travel system, my squeezebox, the boppy, my iphone and ipad, mary kay cleanser and moisturizer, my gorgeous Calliope.
That's all for now! Have a great weekend!


1 month

I have been trying to write this post ALL WEEK!
Monday we had our one month appointment.
Calliope is doing GREAT!!!
The stats are as follows... She weighs 10 lbs. 10 oz. and is 20.25 inches long.
I've noticed that she is a lot more alert lately and is more likely to catch your gaze. She crosses her eyes when you get real close and it is adorable. She is starting to coo and gurgle a little too. She is still eating like a champ and soon we will start to introduce a bottle into the mix.
I'm starting to tell the difference between the "I'm tired" and the "I'm hungry" cries.

Couldn't resist! i love her little toes!!


2 weeks 3 days old

Calli is two weeks old and is growing strong. Wednesday at her doctor appointment she weighed in at 9 pounds. She is almost official turkey size!
Wednesday was a big day out for us. Lots of first. We had an appointment at hubby's work to fill out some paperwork, then a visit to school followed by a doctor appointment. Long day out. I tried feeding Calli under the nursing cover for the first time and she ended up vomiting the full contents of her stomach all over me and her. I was afraid to feed her for the next couple of hours, so she really probably weighs more but was on a super empty stomach. 
The posts are few and far between because I can't seem to get my self together enough to sit down and post. I can't believe that the days are flying by so quickly. We wake up around 9 or 10 and when I turn around we are finishing dinner and thinking about the nighttime feedings. We've been tying to get out a bit so that we can get used to that before hubby goes back to work. Yesterday I took her out by myself for the first time, it was only an hour down the road to my mom's apartment but a solo trip nonetheless. 
I will work on posting more pictures, I promise. There isn't much else going on in my life other than keeping Calli fed, clean, clothed and happy so the posts will probably be short.
Later peeps.