Friday night

I love love love Friday night. It is my favorite night of the week. Generally it is the night that hubby and I don't make any plans other than be home and catch up. We are usually catching up on tv but we also are catching up with being home. Y'all know that I am a busy bee and during the semester it means that I might not be home any other night. This week was one of those. Monday and Thursday I was at the gym (water aerobics takes a really long time and hubby likes to get into bed early on a school night), Tuesday was class and Wednesday was a trip to my sister's house for hubby and my nephew to rehearse (my nephew is getting his confirmation on Sunday and hubby is his sponsor). This week in particular was a doozy and I was happy to be home. Other stuff that's going on: - The pollen situation is crazy!!! I don't usually have any issues, but this year I have a crazy sore throat. - One more class, two small projects,a short paper and a long paper and the semester will be over! - I'm kinda glad that the weather had gotten colder because my toes are not ready to see the light of day. - Lately I have been a serial book abandoner. Not sure what that is all about. - I know I complain a lot about how fast the time flies, but really... April is pretty much over. What? - There is a new show on hbo called girls. Can't decide if I like it. - I am intrigued by the new discount store nordstromrack. I could never afford to shop at the regular Nordstrom.... And I probably would never try the new store for that reason. But I hear that there is a great shoe selection. - I made delicious turkey meatballs for dinner. Yum. Ok peeps, calling it a night. Ciao S


No Excuses!!!

I am so sorry my bloggie friends. I don't have any real good reason for having abandoned you for so long. I am writing tonight because I didn't want a whole month to go by that you haven't heard from me. I'm here alive and doing quite well actually. Life is good, Spring has sprung and everything is, well, good. I can say this now because I got through a really busy month at work just about an hour ago and I'm on vaca for the next five days. Who wouldn't be happy and joyful. Come Monday life will be busy once again until commencement, then smooth sailing for the summer. Also for the last month I've been hosting some family from Italy. It hasn't been as much of a bother as you are imaging. They are wonderful to have around and understand that I have to work a lot. But the next couple of days are all there's. Just in time to drive them to be airport!! K folks. Hope all is well. More soon. Xxoo ciao s