Some things I've been meaning to tell you about...

There have been a few outings here and there that I've been meaning to blog about so here goes...
  • Hartford Baking Company. A new bakery opened up in nearby West Hartford and it is not in the center. It is on park ave which is awesome; not only because that means it is closer to me but also because it means that um... well... it is closer to me. I read about it and instantly was making plans to get there. Hubby and I stopped by on our way back from a walk at the res. And yes as soon as you walk in you are greeted by the delicious aroma of bread and coffee and sweets. YUM. We wanted to try the sticky buns but they had run out by the time we got there. Darn... But alas everything else we tried was DELISH. The coffee was yummy and the orange cranberry scone I tried was perfect. I will return.
  • Sakura Garden opened in Bishops Corner near my office. I was treated to lunch and was not entirely disappointed. The person that I was with does not like sushi that has raw fish in it so we only tried the shrimp tempura sushi and the California roll so I can't tell you for sure how the sushi was. The buffet was exactly what you want and expect from a buffet. It was nice that you could try everything that you might not want to order from a traditional menu... it's always what I love about a buffet.
  • Ginza opened in Wethersfield. YAY! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. There was a restaurant in the same place that offered sushi and we went there once but it wasn't the same. Ginza has a great menu and really delicious sushi and it is pretty close to home. Yay...
  • Charming Charlie a new accessories store that opened in Blue back square is my new favorite place... I mentioned it in my last post but it deserves a second mention. This place is amazing... kind of like a Piercing pagoda meets Claire's for adults. When you walk in the store is arranged by color. And the store goes on forever. It is great. They have all kinds of accessories, some shoes, purses, scarfs, tops... you name it. Love it!
  • Tried a new alcoholic offering. If you have headed into a package store lately you might have noticed a few offering out there... alcoholic whipped cream. We had a small get together a few weeks ago and it was the star guest. Caramel flavored alcoholic whip cream. It's called CREAM... pretty creative, no? Anyway... we weren't huge fans. This product is not supposed to be refrigerated ... ever. The flavor was okay, but there was a HUGE alcoholic aftertaste. Kinda like binaca... it stings. So... don't run out and try this... really. At $11.99 a can it is not that great. They do have a lot of flavors but I can only imagine that the medicine taste doesn't go away just because of the raspberry flavor.
That's all I can remember right now. As my mom always says... if I remember something else I'll call you right back...


No excuses

I don't have really good excuses for why I have abandoned you. I started a couple of posts and never finished nor posted them. Tomorrow is the colossal day of thanks and I'm sure that I've probably lost all my readers so I don't have anyone to thank... but I'll go ahead anyway...

Thank you to all the bloggers out there that keep on blogging and keep me updated on your lives. I look forward to reading and really want to comment... I swear.

Thank you to facebook for giving me hours and hours of mindless stalking and renewing my fervor for checking in on people. I love to know what everyone is up to. I "like" every status... and when I finally think I might have an answer to "What's on your mind?" I suddenly have nothing to say.

Thank you to my DVR for saving and recording all my favorite shows and for always having something ready for me to watch.

Thank you to my library card for giving me an ENDLESS supply of reading materials and music to listen to (read burn).

Thank you to coffee for always being delicious and what I want.

Thank you to the new accessories store that opened between my home and my work; for giving my lots to put on my X-mas list and offering me some really great window shopping.

Thank you to the interwebs... you are truly special to me. Without you there would be no blog or bloggie friends or facebook... you are the answer to almost every and any question that comes up... you are the best.

Thank you to the colossal feast that we are going to enjoy tomorrow... my mouth is already watering.

And lastly... and most seriously... Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I hope that you enjoy some time with family and friends and remember what it is all about... I am lucky and am truly thankful for all I have.



Weekend catch up

Another busy one folks.
Friday: Started the work day with a super duper long meeting in Cromwell... got back to work just in time for lunch. Awesome. Went home and chilled with hubby, made a yummy dinner of sausage and sauteed arugula and quinoa. Love it. Headed out to Windsor Locks to a bar.. yup they got em out there. Went to celebrate a colleague's engagement... hubby's teacher friend.
Saturday: Of course started the day at the gym with some water aerobics. Headed to the mall to get nylons and look for anything else worth adding to my wardrobe. Came home and did all the prerequisite wedding preparation stuff, painted my toenails, did a mini t-zone facial shaved my legs... if that is TMI... sorry. Went to a super fun wedding. Kyle and Kenny finally tied the knot! We sat at the rowdy table and had tons of fun.
Today was the end of daylight savings. Although it was awesome to have an extra hour of sleep it was super sad to look out the window at 5pm and see the darkness had set in. Ugh, wasn't quite ready to give up summer much less daylight.
Had a yummy breakfast at Agave and enjoyed the Veterans Parade downtown. Miss my downtown days.... but then I think of the traffic and the hefty parking bills... over it.
Spend the rest of the afternoon studying for marketing exam tomorrow night. Think I'll do ok.
Now headed down to enjoy some yummy homemade soup that hubby has had simmering in the crock pot all afternoon. Yummy.