Mini vaca

This week I went on a mini vacation to Vermont with my Mom. My sister and her family have been going for years, and for years the kids have been begging my mom to join them. We finally decided that it was time to go. On Sunday we got in the car and ventured North. It was a 4 hour drive and the scenery was spectacular. Driving through the mountains was wonderful. My only complaint was that the Sunday drivers were out and driving real slow. We made pretty good time on the way up and were already swimming on the lake by 11:30am.

Monday we decided to spend the afternoon in Burlington. We drove to the Echo museum and spent a few hours touring their wonderful exhibits. It is a real hands on kind of place so the kids had a blast. Afterwards we walked around and had dinner on Cherry Street and dessert at Ben and Jerry's. Tuesday, our last day, we ventured back to the lake and paddled around and made friendship bracelets and read and got some sun. A really wonderful little mini vacation. Got me ready for the real thing.