I know I write a lot about how busy I am and shooting weddings is generally lumped in there somewhere. But it really is one of my favorite 'extra' things that I do.
I have been assisting as a wedding photographer since I was about 19 years old. When I started we still used film predominantly and it was a whole different experience. I was young and didn't have my own car and I didn't shoot much. I was in charge of the film and carting around equipment and remembering everyone's names and got the camera during the reception when the photographer needed a break. It was an extra job and it was fun. I did that for a couple of summers especially the summer before I got married. I was all about the details that summer and trying to plan the best wedding I could possibly afford. I've been to all kinds of weddings and homes and wedding venues. This post could be forever long with all the fun stories... like the time the wedding party got so drunk that they were peeing and puking outside the ceremony venue. Or the time I left a very expensive and important piece of equipment at a park miles and miles away from the reception during the times of no cell phones or GPS and I couldn't drive the photographer's car so he had to call his wife to come trade cars. Yeah, that was fun. NOT.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I met Jenn the photographer that I work with now. We met on another kind of job completely and when I was ready to move on in my career I called her because she worked in the kind of industry that I was interested in entering. Funnily enough she was leaving said industry to commit to her photography business full time. We didn't even know that we had that in common. The conversation quickly changed to photography business and the opportunity to assist. I said I would and she said she would call me. A few months later the phone rang and off I was to a wedding weekend in Boston.
We work very well together and it has been great ever since. Now I get a  camera and a whole set of responsibilities. Generally she hangs with the bride and I hang with the groom. Then we are together for the rest of the day.
I love to say that it is such a perfect situation for me because I show up at the beginning of the day get handed a camera, shoot all day and then at the end of the night I hand the camera back and get a fat check, couldn't be better. What I leave out is getting to be in on someone's best and most perfect day. People are happy and celebrating and smiles all around. I'm always in a good mood because everyone is. Even though it is a long day and can be grueling at times it is always so GREAT. Then of course the reception is always fun. I love to dance and sing and inevitably I am bopping on the dance floor with the camera in my hand. We all get to have fun!


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