I know, I know... I said that I was taking a mini break... but still. I had to post about today.
Starting with yesterday... yesterday I thought that we could wake up today and go to the center to see the traveling wall and maybe do the grocery shopping and maybe take a walk... but today... today I woke up and decided that today I was just gonna do today.
I've been so busy lately that I have forgotten to just stop and be in the moment and enjoy that moment for everything it is worth.
Today instead of looking at the alarm clock and figuring out what needed to be done and when, I looked at the clock and went back to sleep and couldn't have told you what time it was all day.
Today instead of worrying about meals for the week and snacks and groceries, I cooked what there was in the fridge and ate whenever I was hungry. It was delicious and satisfying.
Instead of being stressed about school and vacations and events and exams, I slept late, read my book, puttered around the yard a bit, watched a movie and drank a whole pot of coffee.
Today instead of worrying about life and time tables and years flying by, I loved every minute of spending the day with my love. Tomorrow is for tomorrow but today was lovely!




I know I've been MIA for a bit. Been kinda busy with school and been thinkin' my posts are a bit lame. I don't really have much to say and I'm not sure why.
Lately I've been starting so many posts and never posting. Sorry.
This last one was all about the upcoming vacations and how excited I am and all that jazz. And then ... I never posted it. I reread it and thought... LAAME!!
So... in an effort not to be lame... I may take a bit of a vacation from blogging (although that does seem a bit lame).
I need to remember what this space is and why I want to continue. I'm thinking... redesign and new ideas and all that...
This is not about you... it is all about me.
Ciao ... for now.




I'm going back to school to get my MBA. I'm about 1.5 classes in and it is hard to stay positive and be happy about it. I know I made the right decision and have enjoyed meeting new people. Going back to school reminded how great it is to learn to expand your mind... yeah all that is great. The problem is that I am an "ENDS" oriented person. If I knew exactly what it was I was working towards it might make it easier to keep working. My whole reason for starting right away was that if I waited for a reason to go back to school it would take forever to finish. This way at least I might be half way through when I finally realize why I'm there. But dang... it is hard.
Especially when it is summer time and there are lots of things to do and people to see and places to go... so glad this is my only summer class.
Back to homework...