What a day!

First and foremost it is my hubby's birthday. Wishing you a happy of happiest of birthdays to you today. I love you and want the next 100 birthdays to be happy and healthy and amazing. I know you are not a huge birthday fan, but you must know by now that I am and I love to make you feel special on your day. Love love love love you, and thank you for being the biggest support to me in the past months. ti amo.

Second... yesterday was my last day! WOW....still can't believe it. My colleagues and team treated me to the nicest party yesterday evening full with well wishes, gifts a top ten list (that had me laughing too hard!) and lots of love. It really was so special and I love love loved it.

So Monday (yes I know no rest for the wicked!) on to the new digs. I'm nervous, excited, kinda sick, totally stoked and scared sh*tless at the same time. Anyone know what I mean... and to top it all off I scheduled to retake my group exercise certification today! Nice right! So off to study and have a lovely quiet weekend of laundry and reflection and celebration!



Bittersweet Celebration

Celebration is in order, although it is bittersweet. I am leaving my job. I am really excited for this new opportunity, but I am also really sad to be leaving my current team. We are a well working machine and we even love each other... I can say that freely because not many of them read this... :) In my current job I have been able to learn and grow and be creative and meet so many amazing people that I will be sad to leave. BUT... this new opportunity is a real career move and I need that.
The new office seems too cool and I am so excited to get there and be a part of their family.
I am almost overwhelmed with it all... goes back to my last post... be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
Here are some pics from last Sunday dinner... my whole family came over to spend some time together... and I LOVED IT!!! J won a really awesome award and will be competing in the state competition soon. K got 5 100's in a row on spelling tests. It was a day for celebrations all around.



Be Careful what you ask for...

I'm in one of those situations again.
Although this time I am SO SUPER ECSTATIC about it that I can barely contain myself. I can't bloggie about it quite yet lest the rumors reach certain people before I do. But tomorrow all will be revealed. Most people already know cuz I have no sense of privacy and tell everyone my bizness all the time anyway. If this post is leaving you entirely too intrigued call or email me...
On other fronts... this month is flying by a little too quickly for my taste too.
I was thinking very hard about this the other day. Why am I so caught up in the passage of time? Is it because I feel like I'm wasting it? I feel like I'm not doing the things that I want with my time? Am I getting hung up about getting older? Deep down I really feel like it is all these things bound up in one.


It's raining...

(R trying to look into the camera)

It's pouring, the old man is sick. We're in the house watching the rain and TV... him, not me. I'm just not in a TV kinda mood. I do want to watch a movie though. We'll see if I can one in tonight. I'm in a love/hate relationship with the weather today. I love that I'm all cozy up in this piece right now but I also would've loved for it to be a bright crisp Springish day. Oh well... there's still tomorrow. Oh and don't forget Daylight Savings starts tomorrow.... YEAH. I can't stress enough how happy this makes me!!!!! I would give up 2 hours to gain one.
(Me and my niece)
Love ya,


I choose Happiness....

And it is a choice. You have to make the choice and get up on top of it and ride it! I am choosing to be happy. The days are getting longer and warmer. The sun is shining (for now... wear your hip waders tomorrow peeps). At work we are talking Summer shows... and all that makes me happy. Even the not so happy things all have a silver lining and I take it upon myself to find one and BE HAPPY about it.
So anything else... not really. Had a great weekend. Food, friends and fun... is all I can say.

These are some of the people that make me the happiest... love that pic of mom laughing. So beautiful.