Big girl

Baby girl is getting so big. She is pushing her walker to get around until she hits a piece of furniture then she is cruising the furniture. She has discovered the cabinets in the kitchen and won't let the refrigerator or freezer door open without getting her hands on something in there. Very curious little lady. She suddenly hates hats and hair clips. This one lasted about 2 seconds after these pics were snapped. We are looking forward to another potential snow storm on Monday. Even though we are sick of the snow we are excited for a long weekend.
Have a good one!


37 years and 10 months

Today is my birthday and I turn 37 years old and my daughter will be 10 months tomorrow. We are having a blast! Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate and had a great time. Today I took the day off so we could relax a little.
Calli being pulled in the sled.

My birthday dinner.

Calli had some rice and beans!

Morning shenanigans.

My pretty girl.

What is this stuff? And why is my bum so cold?

It was way too bright. 

Watching daddy throw the snow around.