Happy House Anniversary!

Last year on Jan 30th, after a long and somewhat gruesome (isn't every real estate transaction painful) situation we bought our house. It was only the 5th house we looked at and once we walked in ... we knew. Every fiber in my being knew that this is where I wanted to be. We immedietly put our old house on the market and jumped head first into the real estate game. Right up until the hours before the sale and purchase things were dicey. But alas everything worked itself out and we have already been here for one year. I really wanted to run outside and take pictures of the house on it's first birthday (HA the house was built in 1922) to show you but it is January in CT and finally cold out there. I promise that you will get some pics of the house soon.
So far this house has done us nothing but good. It is a perfect party house and we have also been able to open our doors to a roomie while she finds a place to stay. I get to roam the nighborhood when the weather is nice to walk off the frustrations of life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. My faves: When you sit in the living room in the very early morning... all you can see is trees, the beauty of this is that the house sits on a fairly main road but because it also sits up on a hill you can't even tell that you are on a main street, or barely that there are houses around. There is outdoor space everywhere; I love to sit on the front porch and glide on the glider sipping a glass of wine, or tea or whatever. There is a window above the kitchen sink that is awesome. Our old house never had that.... you can watch nothing out there but it is better than looking at a blank wall. Yay house.
Here's to many more happy years here!!!

This is a pic of my hubby and our first tree at this house... never again in the living room.

Ali- love that you are reading and keeping updated. Hope to see you this weekend... keep me posted.



Hi. I don't have a title.

Hi there. Just an update... although I'm not quite sure who if anyone (besides you Alison) is reading this. If you're out there... respond.
So it has been a few days since I last posted... please pardon out there as the business has really taken it out of me lately. Oh boy I might need to post a picture of my desk so you all believe me. This week felt like a day and everyday felt like 3 days... got me?
Now it is Sunday evening and I just got back from book club... Koobbluc, and hubby is watching football (not really in the mood) and so here I am ready to post again... I even have a groovy pic of all the little sweeties in my family.

This last one shows the CHAOS that it took to get all 10 kids sitting and looking and smiley for that matter... age range 9 months to 12 yrs. With all the mothers waiting and watching.

I love this day. Every year my sister and cousins and I get together to talk about how the kids have grown, how we don't do this enough and when we should get together again... it probably won't be for another year. The kids are amazing. Olivia let Julianna have her pink care bear and pretty ballerina dress and the boys all get super rambunxious. We sit and drink coffee and reminisce. Ladies... this was GREAT.

I'm beat... love you, see you.


2 of everything

Kinda old pic but one of my favs of my man and me...

Hope you enjoy:

Two names you go by:
Stef (even though I HATE it... there are still some loved ones that use it)

Two parts of your heritage:
Germany (as a place we lived no familial connection)

Two things that scare you:

Two everyday essentials:

Two things you are wearing right now:
JEANS (can't live without em)
Favorite rings (thumb- silver band, and a huge cloudy amber)

Two of your favourite current bands/artists:
Cyndi Lauper

Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):
Room to grow

Two truths:
I'm really afraid to choose what I want to be
I sunbathed in the nude in Sicily when I was 20

Two favorite hobbies:

Two things you have to do this week:
Connect with my man

Two stores you shop at:
Marshalls/ TJMAXX

Two shows you like to watch:
Grey's Anatomy

Two things you'd buy if money were no object:
Complete new wardrobe with some guidance
House with everything that I want...(state of the art kitchen, darkroom, workout room, HUGE bathroom with separate tub and shower, with a house next door for my family and my Leah)

Two wishes for 2007:
Continued family loveliness and health...


Cold... like January.

My goodness the cold came back with a vengeance. It was 70 degrrees the other day and now it is 28. Like January I guess. Oh well, we'll get used to it and in a few weeks we will wish for warmer weather again. Now if it would just snow.
Work is really crazy for me. I work at Hartford Stage. Tomorrow we start previews on Fences.
(Poster needed to be removed... it wasn't working well)
It promises to be a really amazing show and I look forward to seeing it... you al should.
So far for the "resolutions"
1) I'm almost done with the book for book club and book club isn't for another week and a half so I'm tracking well with that.
2) I went to Pilates tonight and it seriously kicked my ass. I only skipped water aerobics last week because I was seriously ill and not considering getting into the water at all. Tracking well with that.
3) Not so good with the photo thing. Oh well, I could give myself a break... it is only January 10th and I am CRAZY busy at work.
I think that after the next two weeks things will start to be a little easier. I hope.
Ali- I love you and the last two Saturday CHILL sessions have been awesome. Myles is invited to the next one.
Love to you all.
OK... OK... another famous self portrait.
This is me and my sister... can you tell? :)


What a DAY!!

I can't decide if it was an EWW day, or an OOH day. It is January in CT and it was 72 degrees, and maybe higher. I got to go for a walk and window shop with Alison and Teagan and we enjoyed the gorgeousness of today but it was almost a guilty feeling. It is JANUARY people. It should have been 35 degrees with frost and snow mounds and all that. Oh well. I guess this is the future. I'm afraid to think of what the Spring and Summer will bring. I can't even begin to imagine.
Greg and I took the tree down. It is always a bittersweet day when we take the ornaments down and put away all the holiday goodies. It felt too quick this year. I guess time goes by quicker and quicker every year. I look forward to the days when we have a family and get to run down the stairs to see what Santa brought and have new memories and traditions attached to the holidays. For now we get to make those memories with family and friends. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera for X-mas eve. Oh well. I am babysitting the crew tomorrow and maybe I will bring the camera then.
There has been one thing on my mind for a few months now and since I started the blog (last week!) I've wanted to bring it up and discuss...
I was at the chiropractor (she is a real spit fire and amazing person to talk to and confide in), I herniated a disc a couple of years ago and have struggled a bit with it since. I go to see her once a month now and it is better and always wonderful to see her. This summer at one of the visits she tole me about this book that she was reading and it was all about getting what you ask for. We talked about it for awhile and I walked away thinking about it. There are so many ways to think about that statement and it has plagued me ever since. I basically think about being very careful about what I ask for because I just might get it. It happened at work and it could happen at home any day now. Crazy weird and I wasn't ready or really happy with it at work... hmmm. It has worked out since. Think very carefully about what you want because you just might get it!
Ali- I love you so much. It was so WONDERFUL to spend time with you today. Teagan is awesome. Let's try and tempt fate and see if we can do this one more time before Benjiben gets here... love you.
I know I'm horrible... already lagging on the photo thing.. here is something fun.


Happy New Year!!!

So... I thought no better way to start the new year than with a documentation of it... I go to my favorite blog everyday to see what my favorite people are up to so why not do the same for them.
2007... I'm sure will shape up to be quite a year. Most importantly I am turning thirty... NEXT MONTH. I don't really feel like I have too much time to prepare or hunker down and at the same time I really feel like I should. Argh.
Exciting things about the coming year, hmm... I can only think of a few; 1) I already have a deposit on my vacation in July/August... very cool and exciting to look forward to. 2) I'm joining a book club. Not really sure what will happen with that. The first book is super long and we are getting together in 3 weeks, not so sure that I can finish it by then and I don't want to be in a book club so that I start a bunch of books that I don't ever finish. 3)Greg (my hubby) and I are working on a huge project. We'll see what happens :) 4) I can't really think of anything except that this blog is something that I've wanted to do for a few months and never got to it. I am a photographer and want to post photos all over it. We'll see what happens with this.
Lastly I guess I should come up with a resolution... hmm. Not sure that I really have any that I want to admit to hahaha. I'm a loser and want to keep the resolutiuons to myself so that if I don't accomplish anything I'm not a real loser... no for real I want to finish every book that I start for book club, I want to be more patient with everything, I want to be more proactive about my workouts, I want to post photos all over this blog, I want to rule the world (haha not really, it just felt like that was the direction that this was taking).
So starting on a good note this photo is one that I took with my sister and her family.... 4 kids and they are all beautiful, smart, funny and real well adjusted kids. So fun to hang with and get to know. We took this on my new laptop... we must have taken 60 photos after this one but this was the first and one of the best.