As all resolutions generally go.. I'm already failing.
I haven't updated in almost TWO WEEKS...
My newest resolution is to start the resolutions on Sept 1st. That at least gives me a few days to shake out the cobwebs and start everything in the same week...school and resolutions.
What have I been doing for two weeks... well let me give you the highlights:
* Enjoyed a gorgeous day at Bishop's Orchard winefest. Good wine, good friends, super delish jerk chicken for dinner.
*Shot a wedding with Jenn. Great location, rainy ceremony, long ride home. I always enjoy working with Jenn. She has a great eye and really gets her clients! Love it. (two more this summer!)
* Had dinner with Mom.
* Long overdue drinks (or um decadent dessert) with a good friend.
* Walk with a friend.
* Babysitting on a terribly windy stormy day.
*Swimming with a few little ones on a terribly windy and stormy day. ;) My youngest nephew took great pleasure in running and jumping into the pool into my arms. I dissolved in laughter every time at his funny faces and the deluge of water that rained over me with every jump. I could have done that for hours.
* Not enough hanging with hubby. He went on tour and then I was a busy bee. We will see each other sometime in 2011.
* Book club was small but lovely, as always. Delicious dinner and super yummy delish rhubarb dessert (mental note get rhubarb and make something yummy!).
* Tonight I'm going to visit Jenn and Margeaux with Colleen. I haven't seen them in a few weeks and I can't wait to snuggle that cutey! Margeaux too! :)
So glad that it is Friday. It has been a super duper long week and I am looking forward to having some down time before school starts.
Hope you all enjoy the weekend.



I tend to think that resolutions are better set in the Fall than in the dead of winter. There is still hope in the air in the fall. Here we go...
I resolve:
* to get my mantra on.... I was so much happier when I chanted "choose happiness" on a daily basis.
* to stop putting shtuff off. What am I really waiting for. Perfect does not exist. NOW is gonna have to do.
* to be patient. This Fall promised to be BUSY. I am back to to school, teaching another class, going to a couple of weddings, assisting a couple. All on top of being a regular ol' married family cleaning lady. UGh. Therefore I resolve to take a deep breath and not sweat the small stuff (I think this might be the hardest one).
* to remember that the gym is not about getting skinny.... but about sanity and strength and having time for myself.
* to continue to be fiscally responsible. Hubby and I made a vow to one another to curb the spending and I think it is working. It is not easy, therefore the resolution.
* to say No. I am the social butterfly that wants to go to every party and get together for lunch and drinks and dinner... and that does not jive with the other resolutions. This does not mean that I won't still do those things, but I will try to make sure that I am not doing those things instead of studying and going to gym.
* to take better advantage of free things in my community. This supports the fiscal responsibility.
* to slowly and surely clean out my office, closet, drawers, purse, attic... Get the drift! Dang. I swear that there are piles everywhere and I'm not sure what is in any of them
* burn all my photos on to DVDs. My computer has got 3 years worth of pics. I'm scared to even mention it, in fear of my computer crashing. Really need to get on that.
* to be a better blogger. I want to tell you more about what I'm doing, reading, eating and watching.



Best. Night. Ever.

If you know me, read this blog or can even read... you know that I am slightly obsessed with Suzanne Vega. Earlier this year I blogged about my long and twisted sad story about missing concert after concert. Not any longer. Guess what I did last night!!!
So here is the story. I am signed up on the SV website to receive emails concerning upcoming concerts. The week before last, while on vacation, I received such an email. Much to my surprise there were two concerts listed in CT (the closest I can usually get is NJ or NY). One in Ridgefield and one in Norfolk. Since I was on vacation I couldn't really focus or get a handle on what dates and where these towns were. I was satisfied that they were in CT and after vaca was over.
When I got home from vaca and defogged, I once again noticed the email from SV. I quickly put an APB out on facebook if anyone wanted to go, especially my BF since we were canceled on last time. No answer. I texted another friend and tried to guilt him into going... he was busy. I therefore quickly considered this one another missed opportunity.
Until.... late Friday night got the "Someone posted something on your Wall..." Yes, BF wants to go and wants to buy tickets ASAP. Whoo hoo!
We made plans to meet up at Inifinity Hall in Norfolk, CT to see the beloved Suzanne Vega. Whoohooo!!!
The venue was totally awesome and the staff there was really nice. We had a little time to catch up before she took the stage. When she did it was mesmerizing. Everything I hoped it would be. She did a super sultry Caramel and played lots of greats. The comes intermission. We walked a bit outside, took the obvious pictures in front of the sign, walked back inside and noticed these gorgeous photos hanging along the corridor.

Really amazing stuff; Aretha, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Jerry... we walked to the back the gentleman back there overheard us commenting on the gorgeous photos wondering what archive they came from. Turns out the announcer used to photograph for Rolling Stone and these were all originals. He is a great photographer. But it also turns out that the very nice gentleman was selling CD's and that after the show SV was going to be signing them. What what!!???!! We go back to hear the second set and it is better than the first if that is even possible. SHE PLAYED MY FAVORITE SONG. YES THE ONE THAT THIS BLOG IS NAMED AFTER. I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY SEAT. The song is not that popular and it is really old so I didn't expect her to play it. I had already resigned to screaming it out during the encore... but she played it and it was AWESOME.

Needless to say we were first in line to get our cd's signed and BF told her the story about the canceled concert and we were way to excited for her. Check out the pics.

Ciao peeps.



I know you must miss me. It's been a looong time since I posted, but I was busy on vacation.
I haven't downloaded the photos yet, somehow laundry and dates for drinks seemed a bit more important. So here is a list about what I miss about vacation:
- high fives from Olivia
- high tide
- low tide
- I just finished my vacation book (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest) and miss it
- Iced Mocha
- Gelato (no we didn't go to Italy but P-Town had some pretty authentic gelato)
- Walking down Commercial Street
- sitting on the deck drinking limeade
- Skipbo
- Olivia... and Judy and Jeff
- Yummy croissants from delish french bakery, PB
- the beautiful sunsets (almost every night)
- The Loose Chanteuse and date night with hubby
- All the yummy food
- French 75
- the itsy bitsy spider
- coffee at Joe's and then even better coffee at the other place

Things I don't miss:
- the hard as a rock bed
- heat rash
- all the rude tourists (read= people that aren't staying in P-Town that are just there to see) that don't pay attention to where they are walking
- the creepy masseus guy
- $2.25 laundry that costs $3.25
- all the bird poop that covered the car (ewwww)
- not getting the suggestion about the best lobster sandwich in town until the last day, and it was already closed.

You probably don't understand most of this, but rest assured that vacation was AWESOME!!!