First meme, then you!

I found this over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple...

I am: a wife, sister, daughter, friend.

I think: happiness is a decision. So make it!

I know: I will always try my best.

I have: lots of natural hair colors.

I wish: I didn't have to go to jury duty in a couple of months.

I hate: ignorance.

I miss: my nonna.

I fear: fear itself.

I hear: my alarm in the morning and groan.

I smell: clean sheets and am happy.

I crave: chocolate... ALOT.

I search: for my long lost friend from grade school.

I wonder: about everything.

I regret: starting smoking (even though I'm not smoking now).

I love: my peeps.

I ache: for my peeps in Europe, it has been so long.

I am not: able to hook up this external hard drive to my laptop! UGH.

I believe: in love.

I dance: whenever I get the chance.

I sing: best after a bucket of margaritas.

I cry: at almost anything.

I fight: with my husband the best.

I lose: only what I'm willing to lose.

I win: because I am loved!

I never: ask for help when I need it. I am stubborn.

I always: second guess myself.

I confuse: bands all the time.

I listen: to children and smile.

I am scared: of horror movies.

I need: chocolate... alot.

I am happy about: about everything because I made that choice (see above).

I can usually be found: with my peeps.


Hi, Long time no hear.

Boy this Summer has been flying by and what have I been up to?
working, working and more working. I picked up another water aerobics class, been reading like crazy, watching and watering the new garden, missing the hubby when he is away, got sick, loving some fro yo and rice cakes, missed girls day and was really bummed about it, reading about letter boxing, meeting the newest addition to my sister's family .... Galileo the puppy. Trying to plan a hooky day with the girls and one with the hubby.... that's pretty much it.
What about you?