5 year plan

I’m taking a survey. Do you have one? Did you have one? Did you stick to it? Is it like a business plan or strategic plan where you divide it into categories and look at each one separate from the others?
I think I want one. Starting to think about how to go about it, maybe schedule a couple of meetings about it. One to brainstorm, then to accumulate all the ideas and then even a third to put the best course of action into place. I guess the good news is that there is no Board of to get mad that you didn’t follow through. Just me and the hubby to evaluate.
Hmmm just might. What about you?

(That is my madmen icon. Looks like me.. right?)


Busiest Bee

I have not had a night at home in forever... at least not without 20 other peeps here. :) This week and weekend proved to be just as busy as last week.
Monday I was at the gym and stopped to see Bridge and Ed, Tuesday night I had to run to the store to get a few things, Wednesday I ... um... can't remember... well I know I went to bed super early. Thursday was the Gimme 5 dance party in Hartford, I was really excited about it and then didn't spend a lot of time there because I was battling a crazy headache. Friday night I had the distinct pleasure to celebrate one of my favorite lady's birthday. She doesn't celebrate often so when she does you better come out! Today I went to the gym and then got my hair did and then ran a few errands. I am now waiting for some peeps to come over so we can plan a day trip for next weekend. After that I will head into West Hartford to celebrate with some friends on their recent wedding and upcoming addition to their family. Whew. Told you I was BUSSSSSEEEEEEYYYYYY.

(the pic is my new do)



I really can't believe that it has been two weeks since I posted.
I have been working now for 1.5 weeks and I am tired. I feel like a kindergartner at school for the first time. The office is great and the people are really wonderful. Everyone is really nice and encouraging me to go back to school. I am seriously considering it and will make an appointment in the graduate studies office soon. I might start small and take a class that is not necessary for my major just to get back in the swing of school. It is so weird to be back on a campus but super rewarding at the same time.
So hubby is away at his second job... I hate and love it at the same time. I hate that we are apart and get nervous that he is okay but I tend to like time by myself too... then of course when he gets home we are always so lovey dovey... gross.
At least I have work to keep me busy. If I was home right now... I would be climbing the walls.
The picture above was taken at the Cheaptrick, Poison, Def Leppard concert. We went the night before I started my job... crazy right. YUP! Great time though and worth it. If you look closely you can see the ear plugs that I had to wear so that I could hear the next day.


What a long strange trip it's been...

I got the job! I am so excited and proud to tell you that I am now a member of the president's office at the University of Hartford. I am the new administrative assistant and coordinator of public programs. Whoo Hoo!
The trip has been long and hard and worth it. I can't thank you all enough for EVERYTHING! You have been there for me through the thick and thin and for that I owe you.
My hubby has been my biggest cheerleader by far. Babe, I really am so grateful that I have you, constantly cheering me on, encouraging me to take my time and be confident. Even when I cried thinking that this would never end you were there to pick up the pieces and remind me that however long it took we would be in it together and stronger for it. Thank you and I love you.
Mom, Subey (my sister) and family... have been so great to me, treating every lunch and keeping my spirits up with pedicures and daily phone calls, pep talks when I felt like I had really reached the end of my rope. I am the luckiest of all to have you as my foundation and my support system.
Friends (whom I am so lucky to have and couldn't possibly name you all here because there are so many of you) that have made numerous calls, emails and letters on my behalf for jobs and connections and opportunities, and to just check on me; I am continually amazed at the lengths that people will go. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people on my team, thank you all for your support and campaigns on my behalf.
I start Wednesday (yup, day after tomorrow). I've been home for so long that I felt that starting mid-week might be the best way to ease into it.




This has been (so far) a great week. Starting last Saturday when we got together with some of my favorite peeps to celebrate a birthday. We celebrated with TONS of food... there were turkey blt wraps, ham and cheese puffs, bread and sauce for appetizers. Pulled pork and smoked beef ribs and sausage, orzo pasta salad, tomato and cucumber salad and for dessert chocolate cake. Needless to say I was stuffed. Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of having out of state peeps over for lunch. Judy, Jeff and beautiful baby Olivia came over for some long awaited hang time. I haven't seen them since before the holidays. Olivia (above) has gotten so big and it was so nice to spend some time with her parents too! I am gonna have to plan a trip to Maine for later in the Summer. After they left I headed to my sisters house to babysit while she went to the EMHE wrap up party. I had a great time with the kids and a not so great nights sleep in my niece's bed. Man that thing is tough. But it is always fun to wake up with the kids and make a big breakfast and just hang out. The picture below is Julianna and Robbie washing the dishes (they did it without anyone asking). I came home later Monday afternoon just not feeling great. I could tell that I had a cold coming on and spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday resting and sneezing and coughing. Today I am feeling great and ready for the weekend.
Some news: Bad news: I had a trip planned to Italy (with my nephew and friend) and it is now canceled. These things happen. I was so honored that my family was going to treat me to this trip and I was going to get to spend some time with my nephew traveling around Italy, but sadly the plans fell through and it is not happening.
The good news: I hate to jinx it but I had a great 2nd interview today and I am a final candidate for a GREAT job... keep your fingers crossed.