Home Again...

I'm home again. I'm getting better with the back but now my nose is running and I'm feeling a scratch in my throat. What the heck. I'm starting to take it personally and go CRAZY. I was supposed to be great in '08... what up?
I'm really trying to make the best of it. I making soup and roasting some veggies... I might even make those cinnamon buns that I've been meaning to make for MONTHS. I just am not that strong a baker and get a little intimidated by the yeast, kneeding, proofing... :) I;m much better at opening the fridge and being able to make a meal with the "leftovers". My favorite soup is fridge soup... it's where I take pretty much everything there is in the fridge that sounds good and put it in a soup. It is why I LOVE those broths in a box that you can buy at the store.

Random thoughts...
When I grow up I wanna be...
a loving caring open minded person.
a creative soul that shares with others.
in an environment with like minded people.

Is that so much to ask...



The pain in my neck moved itself down to my good old lower back... I was sorting some laundry Monday morning when I twisted the wrong way and my good old lower back popped... literally. I iced down immediately and spend the rest of the day icing down and "resting". I woke up yesterday feeling better ... enough to go to work and the gym. I made an appointment for this morning and gladly went to see the DR. Last time the adjustment was exactly what I needed. This morning apparently it was the LAST thing I needed. I have a really sensitive inflammatory response and the adjustment sent my back into a tail spin :) The doctor taped me up wrote me note to get me out of work and sent me home. So here I am again! I can only watch so much TV, surf so much interweb and read so much of my good book. I'M GOING STIR CRAZY!!! I really really hope that tomorrow works out in my favor and sends me BACK TO WORK!!!


World's Strongest Man

Nope not talking about the hubster, although he is pretty strong... of heart, mind and body. I'm talking about WORLDS STRONGEST MAN (in the picture above is Phil Pfister WSM 2006)...
Last night we went to see WSM Super Series at Mohegan Sun. Fun fun fun... we are huge fans and have been watching on ESPN for years. This is the first time that we were able to go see a qualifier and now we are hooked. We brought some friends and made fans out of them too. Last night Derek Poundstone (of Southington, CT) won and that made it all the better. Those guys are huge.... their legs and arms are like tree stumps and limbs. What a sport!!!
I was unable to photograph at the event so the picture above was taken from the WSM website.


Oh what the new year brings...

So far a lot of sickness. G was sick for most of the first week or so. Then my father in law wasn't feeling well and has spent some time in the hospital getting better. Now I'm a little under the weather. Have been feeling really crappy for most of the week and it decided to descend upon my neck with some stiffness and muscle achy-ness. I'm also really sad to say that G's great aunt died this week as well. She was a lovely woman and sharp as a tack. This year was her 92nd year and she lived a good one. She will be missed but we are so grateful that she went peacefully and really has only been not well this past year. My father in law is on the mend and SUPER glad to be home. So send your good and healthy vibes this way please...
On another note... I acquired new breaks on the car and a new chair for the living room. I love em both. We are trying to be fiscally responsible this year but let's face it breaks are a necessity and the chair well.... I saw it over a month ago at the antique store and it was practically screaming to come home with me... and I couldn't stop thinking about it and... well it was still there a month later... I had to have it. But that is all. I might go to DSW tomorrow ... TO USE A GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM X-MAS... that is still being fiscally responsible... I swear.
Here's hoping that everyone is doing well and getting through the winter.


Last views of 07 and first kisses of 08

Lovely ladies of the night!!

Wonderful friends celebrating 1.5 years of blissful marriage!

Baker of the delicious cheesecake (scroll down for pic) and Dino McPringle

Yummy Caramel Butternut Flan...

To Die for Cake with enough shots in it for the whole neighborhood... yummo.

Old friends with new friends!!

Told you that cake was yummy.

First kiss of 2008.

Be great in 08 y'all.


2008... better be great!

Hee hee hee... I love love love a good rhyme. So here it is 08... I can't wait. :)
I had a glorious New Years evening. Had some really great peeps over to celebrate 08. I had all the rest of the peeps in my heart sending good vibes and wishes.
Jan 1 twas kinda rainy and cold here... perfect day to eat all the treats and VEG out with the man sleeping late and watching movies all day. It really is what the man loves to do... I get a little antsy, but not that day. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the rain in my pj's from the comfort of the couch.
Now it is back to the grind. Everyone I talked to yesterday was so not in the mood to be back at work... me included. I did get some good work done though.
And so it goes... keep on keepin on. xoxo
PS I'll post some great pics of the party later... gotta get to work :)