Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Peeps,
It is the one time of year that you can be someone else and no one can call you on it. I went to a super fun costume party this weekend... Superman was there and so was Batman. There were gladiators, firemen, Jack and Jill, some baseball players... the list goes on forever!!! A great time was had by all.
Tomorrow I look forward to handing out candy at the house and seeing all the ghouls and goblins come by the office.
Treats to all,


Happy Anniversary!

To my love:
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.
Thank you for five years of adventures and surprises around every corner.
I thought it was so interesting that we both chose cards that expresses the tough times and getting through them instead of the happy cheery times. I know that our love is strong and will endure lots more tough times. I'm looking forward to the next 5, 10, 15... forever.
Ti Amo,

Also... he's here!!! A big huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my cousin who had a baby boy on my anniversary! Yeah! Congrats sweets, can't wait to meet him.

Lots of love to you all,



Hallo, Ciao, Wilkommen, Wie geht's, What up, Wasssup, Buon Giorno, how's it hanging? I don't have much to say. I really feel like I'm working on so many secretive projects right now. Nothing due in 9 months, peeps.... Puh leeze! :)
Just stuff that if I say it out loud I feel like it won't happen. But I can honestly say today that I AM HAPPY!!! And I will say that out loud knowing that it won't not happen. How can I not be... my hubby and I are having a blast and really enjoying life these days. I have great friends that keep me sane and loving and living on the daily, my mom and sister and even sister wife (heehee) are the best women that a woman could ask for as a support. The sun is shining the breeze is blowing... what more could a girl ask for? Yes I know a million dollars... but for reals peeps.
Lovin you!


Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hi SH,
Here's to you today. I wish you the best birthday!

Hi to all, and Happy Birthday to you too... if I missed it. Shout out toAli and her birthday coming up... ain't no thang girl... love it! own it!

It has gotten a little gray and dreary out, but that is ok too... we needed the rain and I'm glad it's here.
Enjoy it or... blame it on the rain... in either case
have a good one.


It's a HOT One...

It is right back to August today. And not the nice August days, it's sticky and sweaty and wants to rain but probably won't. I've been loving the weather... til today.
The week was good... kinda long. I went back to Pilates... ooh boy was that a doozy. I guess the class got ahead of me, they were doing stuff that could have been classified as downright torture in some countries. I LOVE IT!!! But I have to go back to intro. Oh well... no love lost. It is a great class and a GREAT studio. Justine has really taught me to learn to use my body. She remembers how I feel and gives me modifications (and other students) in class so that we don't go beyond our personal limits and hurt ourselves. It is MUCH better than a DVD people. Join me... you'll love it to. I'm going to join the Monday Pilates class and see what I can do.
I also visited my sister on Sunday morning and had a big ol breakfast with the kids... it was FUN. Had some friends over for dinner and went apple picking on Monday with Ali and kids and Leah. It has become a tradition... loved it. What a cute Orchard too... very small and lots of trees, and of course yummy cider apple donuts.
Check out the pics and have a great weekend.