I Planted a Garden

I am a NOT a green thumb and never ever wanted a garden. Every year hubby and I discuss it and every year I lose. When we first moved to the house we realized that there was no great place for a garden. The backyard is swampy and not very big. The side and front are bigger and better at holding water but they are also open to the street, making a garden very weird looking. So the answer was to build a container that could house a few plants. My super handy hubby built me a garden box. The first year we bought so many plants that we filled not only the container but every container we could find. Still the bounty was not so great. I figured that the plants were too close together and not thriving in such a tight space. Every year we keep buying all these plants that never really thrive. I've tried to reason with him and tell him not to buy so many plants... or really any at all. I am not a green thumb and he goes away a lot over the summer to really do any of the work or appreciate it. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Perfect for grilling and yard work and sun worshipping. I asked hubby what he wanted to do with the day and he said "Plant the garden." He was busy mowing the lawn and I shuffled off to the nursery thinking of the multitude of plants to buy and plant and forget. Instead I bought too few plants. It is my experiment this year. Let's see what can grow out there. I bought as few plants as I could manage and for once really enjoyed planting them, drinking in the sun and feeling the dirt. The parsley that I planted last year stuck around and is growing like, ... well ... weeds. Some have already gone to seed and I don't care. I am happily making plans for my parsley and basil and roma tomatoes. I can already taste the salsa and tomato sauce. If the weather continues the way it has I might not even have to get out there and water. Ciao S