I gotta tell you something...

For old time's sake...
We went for the targeted ultrasound this week and the baby is doing great. SHE is growing right on schedule and squirmed throughout the whole thing. SHE is beautiful!
My mother and mother in law were both there and loved every minute of it.

So did I!


Oh the places I've lived...

As I was driving around this afternoon I started to think about all the apartments and houses that I’ve lived in and what I loved about each of them. Don’t get me wrong; I love love love our house right now, but if I could add the bedroom from one apartment and the kitchen from another it might just be better than it could ever be.

When I was in college I moved into an apartment with three other gals. What fun! What a great apartment. 3 regular size bedrooms and one really tiny one; I really got the pick of the litter. If you ever spent any time in the triple deckers in Massachusetts you understand what I mean when I say I lived in the front room. It was all windows and fairly spacious. My bed was on the floor and filled up a cozy corner of the room. It was perfect for napping, doing homework, hanging out… what a great room. The apartment was pretty great too.

The year that I got married my hubby and I moved into my mom’s house; there was a great apartment on the 1st floor that was pretty perfect, not big but big enough. A few years later we bought the house and moved upstairs into the house that I grew up in. The kitchen in that house was awesome. Sliding doors onto a deck, marble tile floor, gas stove… everything about it was perfect. My favorite thing to do was to sit at that table in the sunshine and drink my morning coffee. If it was a nice day you could open the slider or sit on the deck. Ahhh… the memories.

During my junior year in college I studied abroad in Germany for a semester. I attended two separate programs and both times lived in really old renovated buildings. The first was a nunnery and the second and seminary. What an experience. My favorite by far was the second place. It was more of an apartment with a teeny kitchen and an even teenier bathroom. I shared the kitchen and bath with the guy across the hall. But my room was perfect. There was nothing spacious about it; a single bed, table, bookshelf and closet. I could barely turn around twice. The best part; the window! It took up a whole wall and opened like a door. It was amazing. Even better was that it looked out onto the courtyard. The seminary was shaped like a square donut. There were three floors and four wings. The interior was a courtyard with grass and benches and a place where we could light fires at night. The building was across the street from a river; but was much more like a park. There were walkways and benches; after dinner at night I would walk up and down the river. It was so calming to live near water.

What a fun trip down memory lane!