10 Things

10 things I hate about hubby:

1) We don't always want to see the same movies. Hubby loves comedies, even the really stupid ones. No thanks.
2) He works with middle schoolers and picks up their mannerisms. Not fun.
3) He only buys and wears black shoes. (Only recently did he buy sneakers in another color.)
4) He doesn't like to throw anything away.
5) He's not great at keeping a secret.
6) He gloats about snow days and summer vacation.
7) He takes up a lot of room in the bed and on the couch.
8) When we were in college he used to be able to wait until the last minute to write a paper and still got an A every time.
9) He does not like to talk on the phone.
10) He loves to get me to come to his office from whatever I'm doing anywhere else in the house so I can read some dumb meme on Facebook.

But really, I love him and this list is all those annoying things that he already knows make me crazy and he loves to do it. No relationship is perfect and knowing that makes ours work.


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