What a busy week!

Monday night was all about homework. Since I skipped away for the weekend and had a grand old time the homework fairies did not come and do my work.
Tuesday night we had a long anticipated and awaited dinner out with friends. I don't even know how long we've been saying that we would do this but we finally did. We went to  Great Taste in New Britain and had delish Chinese Food. Yum yum, is really all I can say. Then we sat and chatted for forever and it was great!
Wednesday (today) is class night. Ugh. I know, it's only the second class and I'm already ugh. Well it's because it is a gorgeous afternoon and tonight would have been a perfect night for a walk.
Thursday is a big day at work. I have to attend the board meeting because my boss wants to introduce me to the board committee and then there is a building dedication where I have some responsibilities. Then in the evening is book club. Interestingly this time a book was chosen and the author is giving a free talk at a local school. All by fate. So we are meeting there and then going out after for drinks. Should be really interesting.
Friday is a freebie day. Don't tell. I don't think I have a thing to do an that is just fine with me because Saturday morning I have to be back here for another board meeting, bright and early. This one will take all morning long. Then in the evening we are having dinner with friends.
Fun fun.
Hope you all have a super fab week.

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