I know I write a lot about how busy I am and shooting weddings is generally lumped in there somewhere. But it really is one of my favorite 'extra' things that I do.
I have been assisting as a wedding photographer since I was about 19 years old. When I started we still used film predominantly and it was a whole different experience. I was young and didn't have my own car and I didn't shoot much. I was in charge of the film and carting around equipment and remembering everyone's names and got the camera during the reception when the photographer needed a break. It was an extra job and it was fun. I did that for a couple of summers especially the summer before I got married. I was all about the details that summer and trying to plan the best wedding I could possibly afford. I've been to all kinds of weddings and homes and wedding venues. This post could be forever long with all the fun stories... like the time the wedding party got so drunk that they were peeing and puking outside the ceremony venue. Or the time I left a very expensive and important piece of equipment at a park miles and miles away from the reception during the times of no cell phones or GPS and I couldn't drive the photographer's car so he had to call his wife to come trade cars. Yeah, that was fun. NOT.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I met Jenn the photographer that I work with now. We met on another kind of job completely and when I was ready to move on in my career I called her because she worked in the kind of industry that I was interested in entering. Funnily enough she was leaving said industry to commit to her photography business full time. We didn't even know that we had that in common. The conversation quickly changed to photography business and the opportunity to assist. I said I would and she said she would call me. A few months later the phone rang and off I was to a wedding weekend in Boston.
We work very well together and it has been great ever since. Now I get a  camera and a whole set of responsibilities. Generally she hangs with the bride and I hang with the groom. Then we are together for the rest of the day.
I love to say that it is such a perfect situation for me because I show up at the beginning of the day get handed a camera, shoot all day and then at the end of the night I hand the camera back and get a fat check, couldn't be better. What I leave out is getting to be in on someone's best and most perfect day. People are happy and celebrating and smiles all around. I'm always in a good mood because everyone is. Even though it is a long day and can be grueling at times it is always so GREAT. Then of course the reception is always fun. I love to dance and sing and inevitably I am bopping on the dance floor with the camera in my hand. We all get to have fun!



Learning to say NO

As you know by reading this blog or having the honor of being my friend (dripping with sarcasm!) you know that I am a busy person. You also know that this is by design. I like to be busy, I don't do well with idle time.  I work full time, I teach two water aerobics classes a week, I take a class at the U towards my MBA, I assist a photographer at weddings (6-8 a year), I am in a book club, my family is very important to me and I try to visit with them as often as possible and in that I include my friends. On top of all that I am married and own a house. Yup, that is a LOT.
Yesterday I assisted at one of those weddings I mentioned and this one was a long one; 10 hours. Maybe they are all this long and I just don't remember because it is something I really love to do. But today I woke up and could feel every one of those hours. I am not the spring chicken I once was and boy do I know it. On top of that the house was a MESS and the fridge was empty. I had plans to hang with my bestie and my nephew turned 12 yesterday and so there was lots of talk of cake for today. When I woke up, I turned over and thought about all the stuff that I was trying to jam pack into today and no where was there time to recoup. I said NO. Not something I'm good at but getting better. I will visit my nephew when I can, he understands and I'm sure he missed me for a minute, but the delicious cake my sister made I'm sure more than made up for it. Then there was my bestie. I rushed and jammed because spending time with her is recouping, but as the day got away from me I realized I had to say NO to that too. I am sad to have missed these wonderful people today but I am glad that I made today about me.



I got through the busy week and my treat is a lazy Sunday.
Today I am napping, reading, doing homework and some laundry, gonna watch a movie with the hubster, snacking, and lots of counting my blessings.

Sigh, what a beautiful day.


What a busy week!

Monday night was all about homework. Since I skipped away for the weekend and had a grand old time the homework fairies did not come and do my work.
Tuesday night we had a long anticipated and awaited dinner out with friends. I don't even know how long we've been saying that we would do this but we finally did. We went to  Great Taste in New Britain and had delish Chinese Food. Yum yum, is really all I can say. Then we sat and chatted for forever and it was great!
Wednesday (today) is class night. Ugh. I know, it's only the second class and I'm already ugh. Well it's because it is a gorgeous afternoon and tonight would have been a perfect night for a walk.
Thursday is a big day at work. I have to attend the board meeting because my boss wants to introduce me to the board committee and then there is a building dedication where I have some responsibilities. Then in the evening is book club. Interestingly this time a book was chosen and the author is giving a free talk at a local school. All by fate. So we are meeting there and then going out after for drinks. Should be really interesting.
Friday is a freebie day. Don't tell. I don't think I have a thing to do an that is just fine with me because Saturday morning I have to be back here for another board meeting, bright and early. This one will take all morning long. Then in the evening we are having dinner with friends.
Fun fun.
Hope you all have a super fab week.


Weekend away

It was more like a night away but awesome in it's own right. Me and a couple of girlfriends got away for a night back in March and decided that it needed to happen much more often so we went away again this past weekend.
We started a little late in the day on Saturday with a delicious pizza dinner and the adventure of getting to the cabin. It belongs to my friend's aunt and she graciously offered it to us. We got to the general vicinity and couldn't figure out where we were. It was so dark and rainy that all the driveways looked the same. Thank goodness for the advice of flashlights and a well timed phone call home and we arrived. Settled in, we played banagrams and ate brownie sundaes until late in the night; we know how to have a good time.
The next morning we woke up late and made a delicious french toast breakfast and planned our attack for the day, after a cup of coffee by the gorgeous lake of course. Our plan included puttering around some Berkshire towns and driving through the gorgeous Pioneer Valley.
We left on the early side but it was Sunday afternoon after all and we all needed to get back to life.
We had a great time and enjoyed the gorgeous day that we snagged.



Fall is in the air

Whoa time is just flying by. I started the new gig a week and a half ago and I don't think I ever really understood the term "hit the ground running" until now. The department cleared out a few weeks before I started and therefore there is a LOT of catch up and clean up and get it done, without anyone to say, "this is how this is done". I guess it's the opposite of having someone constantly saying "that is not how we've done that in the past," which is something I really hate. So work is busy and awesome. I have an office and an assistant (and she only started a month ago so she doesn't have a whole lot of experience either) (and she helps another team as well). But I really feel like I have work that is mine to do and get done and it is awesome. The not awesome part is being really overwhelmed right up front so that I can't sleep at night. But I'm sure that will start to wane once I start to feel more familiar with the gig.
Otherwise hubby and I are trying to squeeze out the last drops of summer as much as possible. We went to visit our favorite people in Maine for a few days and that was AWESOME. I will always and forever love Portland, Maine. Good food, good people, nice relaxing drive up there. All around great. Yesterday we went to my sister's and spent some much needed time with her fam. With all the vacations and work and trips, we haven't seen them all summer. We had a lazy day of laughing and playing and eating and watching football. Do you know where your wenis is?
Today is labor day and we are taking it easy. Lots of catching up on house stuff and getting ready for the busy month ahead but also some relaxing and maybe reading a book.
Have a great day!