Stefania is dusting off the old resume and getting ready to start hunting... and she hates it. (I can't help but writing in 3rd person... thank you Facebook).
I hate hate hate looking for a job...
Every part of it SUX.
Searching; trying to mold yourself to fit every description or reading all the opportunities and realizing that there isn't much out there for you.
Applying; I have no less than 7 versions of my resume and they all seem the same. Ugh. I can't write a resume (or cover letter for that matter) to save my life. Checking and rechecking each line to make sure that it reads right and is grammatically correct and expresses the jobs that I did.
Waiting; this has got to be the worst part. Sending a resume and cover letter and then siting by the computer waiting for a response... any response. Thinking should I call? Should I email again? What the hell should I do?
Getting the call; and waiting again for an interview. Getting ready for the interview is the worst for me. I feel so vulnerable and exposed. And those of you who know me know that when I am feeling that way the babble turns on exponentially. I can't seem to stop talking. Well I guess that happens a lot more than just at interviews but that is neither here nor there.
Waiting again... ugh. I'm not really sure that I am ready for this.
The thing I hate the most.... feeling like reading my resume is not knowing me at all. How do you express in a resume or cover letter (DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW MUCH I HATE HATE HATE COVER LETTERS) who I am. That I am a hard worker and never give up. That I love to learn. That really I am the BEST person for the job...


Black Friday

I have never ever been one to go crazy shopping on this day. I like to spread my shopping out and go when I can and get things that are special to each person.
Really this is the first year in a long time that I am even home on this day (I would've been regardless of being unemployed... they are closed today).
Will I go shopping? Probably not.... but I am meeting my sister at the mall to help her out... is it the same thing. We'll see.
NPR has been trying to get this day to become the day of listening... so grab a family member brew a pot of coffee/ hot cocoa/ tea/ hot toddies... and sit down and share some stories. Don't email them, text them, post them to facebook... spend some time today with those you love and get to know them again. I bet there is a story or two that you will hear that you never knew.
Today my best friend from high school is coming over with her new daughter. I am so excited to meet her and fawn all over her and hear all her stories about motherhood.
A very close friend from college that generally calls California his home, will be in the neighborhood as well. If I had to guess the last time I saw him.... gosh it is way too long. I look forward to seeing him and spending some time hearing all about life on the other coast.



Always look on the bright side of life...

Go ahead... whistle that tune. You know you want to.
So when you get lemons, make lemonade; when someone closes a door, open a window; He/She has a plan; this was meant to be; this is your path, a better opportunity will present itself... any other sayings to add... did I miss any. Send em my way because boy oh boy do I need them. I got laid off. There I said it. My company has been having tough times as of late and had to lay off 6-7 people and "there are more to come". I still can't help but be PISSED OFF. I had terrible dreams about beating people up and I thought the whole thing was a dream until I woke up and there were the unemployment papers and damn.... it is my reality.

Ok enough of the pity party... I'm gonna pull myself up by my boot straps, I will fall on my feet, I will make lemonade, I am a capable, strong, talented, smart and confident woman that has the world as her oyster.

So here is my silver lining list:
• I can join Jenn's book club. WaHOO!!!
• All that time that I have been complaining about not having... poof, here it is!
• More time to read, work out, cook, clean, visit, catch up on movies and TV, sleep in, stay up late...
• Um two words... Daytime Television!!!
• I can wear jeans all day everyday!
• More time on facebook and blogger. AIM anyone...
• It is a great time of year to stay home be cozy, bake, craft and be a homebody.

So don't worry about me but also don't expect a gift for X-mas either. :) My gift is my time... so come on over... let's hang.



Not much to say..

I know, it's a first.
This is what's going on:
• Went out for potato soup with Jenn and Colleen yesterday evening and it was wonderful. Great to finally meet Colleen, and nice to spend some time away from the office with J.
• I just got home from the movies with Heather. We have these random movie dates and they are super fun. We went to see Happy Go Lucky at Cinema City. I had a free ticket from over the Summer and was able to use it. So with a $3 cup of coffee and a purse filled with contraband movie snacks, it was a pretty cheap afternoon of entertainment. The movie was good. Poppy was happy to say the least. We loved her outfits and her breathing habit. She was a loud breather (you know what I mean).
• I got may hair done today. Not that you could really tell. Same old color, same old cut.
• Tomorrow is all about laundry and staying home. It is too darn cold out there.
• I am looking forward to a short week next week. Friday will be the first time since 2000 that I have had the day after Thanksgiving off. It's a whole new world.
• I'm reading Sloane Crosley, I Was Told There'd be Cake . It is a collection of essays. In the past I've always stayed away from collection books.... I need it to be one story from beginning to end. I read it like a book and can't handle the different topics. But this is good and worth the exception.
• The holiday season is here and here to stay. My neighbor has X-mas lights up. ugh. I wasn't really ready but then again when am I ever ready.
• I missing my peeps these days. Ali... haven't seen you in forever. Can we please change that? Nina, you look amazing and I am always checking for updates. D&D if you are still reading this... consider yourselves invited, whenever however, let's just get together already. Jenn and Colleen, cheers to new friends. Coleen consider yourself stalked. :) Not really sure who else is reading... Tina are you still there? Christen? Anyone... Bueller? Dween... are you out there?

Well.... I guess I did have a lot to say after all. No jokes please.
Ciao (the picture is Jujubean and me from babysitting last weekend. We had fun in the Photo Booth.)


Weekend News

I had been looking forward to this weekend for a LONG time.

I babysat my sister's kids overnight on Friday and was supposed to be leaving for Suzanne Vega concert as I type this.
Babysitting was so fun. Jujubean was at a birthday party when I arrived and Mom and Dad were still home so the first hour or so was just with the boys and Mom. It was fun to reconnect with my sister and brother-in-law. He had just gone skydiving the weekend before so had great pictures to share. K and R had lots of stories to share from school and daycare.
R just talks and talks even though I barely understand him. K is in second grade now and loves to tell stories and jokes. G is a teenager and a great one at that. He is so grown up. J got home from her party... not sure if you've ever heard of these parties... Daisy Do's (not sure how they spell it... don't care). The girls ages 4-8/10 go to this place and get their hair, makeup and nails done. It's kinda scary... she looks like a clown when she walked in the house... but boy was she happy. We had to take pictures of her hair.

You can't really see her hair in the pictures but the look on her face says it all.
After dinner Mom and Dad left for their wedding weekend (J cried for 20 minutes) and we wound the evening down with popcorn and a movie. By the end of the movie all the kids were asleep except the littlest one. He was wide eyed watching the action scenes and exclaiming "Whoa" after every action packed one.

I put them all to bed and found out my concert was canceled for today. I'm still bummed about it. My best gal and I had lofty plans for the weekend.... dinner, concert, hotel room so we could have an extra drink and not have to worry about the drive home followed by a day of shopping. I'm still taking the day off tomorrow so we can hang and I can have the mental health day that I truly deserve.
Saturday was filled with hours of building a Teenage Mutant Teenage Ninjas puzzle, Noggin with R, G was at a swim meet and K must have asked when he was coming home every 15 minutes the whole time he was gone, and lots of laughter. I was woken early in the am with J jumping on my bed screaming "This is the best day of my life"... how could I not have fun. My mom came to change shifts with me at about 5:30.
Today I spent cleaning, and recuperating... those kids are energetic.

I'm home now... not leaving for my concert. Oh well.




Wow, I've been tagged and by the beautiful and talented Jenn .
This comes at a really good time because I am guilty of forgetting the things that make me happy. I have a feeling that we are gonna have really similar lists...

So here are the rules:

(1) List six things that make you happy
(2) Pass on to 6 more bloggers
(3) Link back to the person who linked you
(4) Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know.

Here goes:

1) Those quiet moments when you're with the people you love. You just know that whatever they say or do, you are gonna smile. When my mother, sister and I are around a table or are together and just are... When my hubby and I don't have to exchange words, but we know what the other one is thinking. When one of the kids comes and sits on my lap or gives me a hug... just because. That makes me so happy.

2) Working out.... I may not look like I am a work out a-holic but I love love love leaving the gym or the pilates studio completely sweated. I love walking in the woods, walking around the track, walking on the beach, just getting moving and being active.

3) I love cooking, eating and discovering exotic foods and restaurants. I grew up in the kitchen and it is by far my favorite place to be. Especially when I am surrounded by friends and family and we are cooking together or about to sit down to a meal together... that means family to me.

4) I love family. I am blessed with an amazing husband and really amazing family. I cannot go a couple of days without talking to my sister or my mother. I also attach myself to other families and try to adopt them into my own. I am of the school of thought "The more the merrier".

5) I love to read. Books, magazines, blogs... I have always been an avid reader. Being transported to another country, language or even just state or being makes me happy.

6) I am at my height of happiness when the house is clean and there are clean sheets on the bed and the coffee is fresh and I can sit and enjoy the peace and calm. I just love that feeling that everything is in order and I'm ready for anything. And then of course clean sheet night is the best night sleep this side of Ambien.

It turned into a list of the things I love but you guys get the gist.

Ok bloggers.... get to it.
Not sure I can name 6...

1) Rose Colored Glasses
2) Whole Self
3) The One Little One
4) Journey
5) Anyone else out there reading this... consider yourself tagged
6) You too...

Have fun peeps.
Love,peace and Happiness.



New pictures

Halloween was FUN!

Mixing costumes.
Monsignor Paul

I was dressed as "Top Chef", my hat said "I have a culinary boner.... and if you look really closely you can see it.

and the dancing Sarah Palins.

Hanging with the kids was even more fun!

R giving Mommy lots of kisses.



Whirlwind week....

Between the hour change, the excitement of the election and a CRAZEEE work week, I am done, bushed, wiped, cooked, zombiefied. On top of all of that my back is a mess these days. I was walking like a duck on Monday when I finally made my way to the dr. She said that I popped my S1 or SI joint.... basically the joint in my pelvis that connects my BUTT. Whew what a week. It has been surreal to say the least.
This weekend is well deserved and I hope to make the best out of it. Today is supposed to be Fall BBQ day with some friends but the rain might wash away those plans. Tomorrow is football and walks with friends and maybe a coffee date thrown in there for good measure.
To start I am meeting my sister in a few minutes to hang with the little ones while she gets her hair done. I can't wait....

Ciao for now,


Election Day

As if I had to tell you... today is the day that we as a country decide who our next leader will be.

Get out and vote people. You have this right, use it.
As my Mom said last night when we chatted, "vote for the right guy".
As I replied, "You bet I will!"

Ok peeps it's up to you.

It's your duty, it's your priviledge.



November 1st

Hello and welcome to November.
A new month. Here comes the holiday season fast and furious. There were chocolate Santas at the grocery store last night and a Salvation Army bell ringer in the Center today. Wowee, that happened fast. Soon we will start to stock the shelves with Christmas gear in August, unless that is already happening.
Girls night last weekend was tons of fun. We ate lots of chocolate, drank delicious sangria and played Cranium. Fun was had by all. At the very end of the evening I whipped (more like dragged, it's so heavy) my wedding album, volumes 1 and 2 for the ladies to see. It really was a beautiful day and brings back amazing memories.

Then on Sunday the mister and I went apple picking. We had a grand old time pickin' and eating lots of delicious apples.
Last night was Halloween and it went by pretty uneventfully.... the man has been home sick for a couple of days so he stayed home and tricked the treaters and ran errands... got the computer back, cut my hair and went grocery shopping.
The store was completely deserted and I was so excited, until I got inside and realized that all the counters were closed and my list was drastically cut; and I have to go back. UGH.

Today we are dressing up and headed to a Halloween party.... check back for pictures.
As the leaves fall and the days get shorter and colder I am thinking of the last months and the holidays and Family. Wishing you all cozy nights and clear crisp days.
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.... and vote with your brains.