Learning to say NO

As you know by reading this blog or having the honor of being my friend (dripping with sarcasm!) you know that I am a busy person. You also know that this is by design. I like to be busy, I don't do well with idle time.  I work full time, I teach two water aerobics classes a week, I take a class at the U towards my MBA, I assist a photographer at weddings (6-8 a year), I am in a book club, my family is very important to me and I try to visit with them as often as possible and in that I include my friends. On top of all that I am married and own a house. Yup, that is a LOT.
Yesterday I assisted at one of those weddings I mentioned and this one was a long one; 10 hours. Maybe they are all this long and I just don't remember because it is something I really love to do. But today I woke up and could feel every one of those hours. I am not the spring chicken I once was and boy do I know it. On top of that the house was a MESS and the fridge was empty. I had plans to hang with my bestie and my nephew turned 12 yesterday and so there was lots of talk of cake for today. When I woke up, I turned over and thought about all the stuff that I was trying to jam pack into today and no where was there time to recoup. I said NO. Not something I'm good at but getting better. I will visit my nephew when I can, he understands and I'm sure he missed me for a minute, but the delicious cake my sister made I'm sure more than made up for it. Then there was my bestie. I rushed and jammed because spending time with her is recouping, but as the day got away from me I realized I had to say NO to that too. I am sad to have missed these wonderful people today but I am glad that I made today about me.

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Anonymous said...

Good for YOU! Saying no is so hard but it's so important. And if you said yes you wouldn't have really been 'in the moment' with those people but rather thinking about what else there is to do on your list. Good for you for putting yourself and your well being first. Your friends understand. We've all been there at some point. I hope you enjoyed your recoup day.