I'm in a holding pattern and HATE it. If you know me, you know I am the controller, time decider and general holder of all the schedules. This time, not so much.  People keep changing things on me and it SUCKS. The stars need to align for me BIG TIME, throw up a little prayer in your spare time, thanks.   Now that I have gotten that off my chest... what up peeps? Not a whole heck of a lot. Actually I take that back because I am super duper busy these days, but not with anything to really write about. I've take on another night at the gym, so I am at water aerobics two nights a week. And I'm shooting lots of weddings this month; 3 to be exact. Hence forth, lots going on, nothing to write about.   What's making me smile: WEEDS is back, always a fun distraction; driving with the windows down, the a/c on and the radio blasting; ice coffee; Mom just got back from a month-long European tour and listening to her stories and seeing the perma-grin on her face makes me so so happy; chatting with my nephew on skype while he was on the European tour with my mother, it was so fun to see and hear about the trip through his eyes as well as hers; one of these nights I'm gonna have an ice cream sundae for dinner; going to the Brothers McCann/ Martin Sexton concert last night at the Jonathan Edwards Winery.   Things that are making me crazy: reread the first paragraph; the heat because it makes me want to stay home and not enjoy the awesome long days; although the music was great at the concert last night the rain was a downer and it made the trip home terrible; on top of that hubby was away most of last week and didn’t get home until about 3 minutes before I was headed out for said concert; we tried a new Indian restaurant and didn't like it; doctors and their procedures; too hot wedding shoots; the fact that vacation is long over for me this year.   Ciao xo S

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