Liquid GOLD

I picked the basil today and made the first batch of PESTO.
TASTY is really the only word that comes to mind.
I am dreaming of all the dishes that will shine with the pesto ... tortellini pesto, chicken pesto, a little dab of pesto on toasted bread and mozzarella, pesto and fish...
Sweet dreams



Here are those pictures I promised...

Of course it didn't occur to me until it was WAY too late and I was WAY to into the project that I was loading them backwards timewise... oh well.



July in all it's glory!!!

What a crazy couple of weeks. This is the reaction that I've had since last Monday. My best and favorite story is that yesterday I was the lucky one to escort the Good Body cast to a radio interview at CBS radio in Farmington. Boy was I lucky cuz there was an ice cream tasting during the interview... quick plug... 80 Licks ice cream in Portland CT has some TASTY ice cream. They love rock & roll so the ice cream flavors are all r&r peeps... Peanut Butter and Pearl Jam, Chaka Pecan, Judas Peach,
Oreo Speedwagon, I walk the lime cheesecake, AC Reeses, Am-aretta Da Vida....
As we were finishing the interview the radio station chased us down the hallway and refused to let us leave the building and actually asked us to hunker down in the ladies room. There was a TORNADO WATCH for rt 6, the exact road that we needed to take home. We were there for an hour... not in the ladies room, they found a comfy couch for us.
CRAZEE... I have more stories from this job...
Speaking of...

Name that tongue!!!

It has been a really beautiful day and I'm so happy to have been on vaca to enjoy it. I took the day off to get ready for the festivities tomorrow. I hope that it all goes off without a hitch.
Tomorrow is EXTRAVAGANZA in Newington and there are fireworks in the evening that seem as though they shoot them off for me... and G.
Last year was quite a treat as we started early in the day and had family stop by all day to see the new digs and stay all night to enjoy the festivities.
Tomorrow promises to be just as enjoyable and I'm looking forward to it.
Of course there will be pictures... you know I'm good for em.
Today and right when I'm done with this have been and will be filled with shopping and cleaning and preparing.
So if you are in town... tomorrow is the night folks.

Love and kisses,



Work... meme

I've had a really busy week and it doesn't seem as though things will slow down at all. Next Saturday is EXTRAVAGANZA in Newington and we are having our (now) annual Extravaganza BBQ. So if you are around and want to hang come on by. We are starting at about 5pm... the fireworks are at 9:30pm.

So to kickoff yet another hectic week... check out the work meme that I found.

1. Have you ever been "let go" from a job, if so why?
Twice. First one really didn't count because it was an under the table bartender job at a college bar. But for the record... I was a kick ass bartender, everyone had a good time when I was behind the bar. Actually the second time doesn't really count either: The company I was working for was closing the office and moving it the the mid-west, some where I was totally not interested. So they closed up, I lost my job and got a kick ass severance package.
2. If you were forced to work at a store in a mall, which one would you choose and why?
Hmm.. that is hard. I'd have to say either pottery barn or crate and barrel for the discount or starbucks for the honor of being called a barrista... everyone loves a starbucks espresso slinger.
3. Has a boss ever spoken to you about your "attitude" or commented on your body language?
Nope... well maybe once. My first job out of college stank (thank god it was the one that gave me the bomb ass severance) and I hated it and you could tell. I was on probation for calling out sick too often. They did not like my excuses and "attitude"... I was awesome on the phone though.
4. Housework or hours of Algebra Homework: which would you choose?
Housework... hands down.
5. Scary poopy diaper or argument with snotty supervisor, which would you choose?
Hmmm... another very interesting juxtaposition. I am never one to start a fight for no reason and poopy diapers are just a part of life... so um.... I pick poopers... I know gross but at least the kid appreciates that you are cleaning them up and they smile and it doesn't last that long.
6. If you could go back to being 18, would you choose the same career path?
Um yup... just get to it a bit sooner and prepare myself for it better.
7. You are teaching, and you notice all of the kids in your classroom are constant nose pickers--you can't concentrate on teaching--what do you do?
EWWW... would not be able to concentrate and would tell them as much. Someone has got to save them from a lifetime of dry picked, snooty noses.
8. Yard work: What is your position on it?
Great... hubby takes care of most of it and I will help if he needs and or asks me nicely to do it. I like a nice clean yard but will not go out of my way to make it so. I'm all about flowers and pretty pretty... but there is a line and I DON'T cross it. I love other peeps yards though.

Hope you liked my work meme...

This is me relaxing on the phone on my bed taking pics of my feet... I am huge fan of feet pics by the way... love em nina.


Luckiest day of the YEAR? 7-7-07

Why didn't anyone tell me? I woke up and carried on all morning not caring a bit and then a few minutes ago my sister tells me that TODAY is the LUCKIEST day of the YEAR.
I could have prepared... I could have been ready. WHY? I hope I haven't missed it.
Do you feel lucky? I don't... but I could have.

OK... ok...nuff of the luck stuff... I got ya.

So... how else are we today? It is really beautiful today. A little hot and humid. Perfect summer weather if you ask me.
I feel crappy. Been feeling it for a couple of days now... oh well.

We had a bunch of folks over on Wednesday for the 4th... it was great. Lots of friends, food and all very casual.
Alison was here with the kids and they did this little bit called foot phone... HILARIOUS I tell you.

G is still doing an awesome job on the woodwork. B came over to tell about the wood we are restoring... wish I could remember what he said. Anyways... something along the lines of ... awesome, great, expensive... Go G!!!

I am so proud of him... and so lucky to have a handy man; even if I get frustrated with the mess sometimes.

Okay all... in bocca al lupo... as they say in Italian. Good Luck!


Lazee days.

I know I know... it is not supposed to be lazy days at work but I can't help it. It is GORGEOUS outside. I took D to lunch for his birthday and I did NOT want to come back inside for what feels like an ENDLESS afternoon. Especially winding down with a meeting with a presentation at 3:30pm... ARGH.
G and I are going to Mom's for dinner and that will be nice. I haven't seen her in a couple of days and she hasn't seen G for a long time.
He is home today forever sanding and stripping the woodwork in the house... and doing an amazing job at it. I am lucky to have a handi man!
Alrighty ... back to it!
Have a wonderful 4th...


Happy July!!!

This weekend has been a gift. The weather really could not have been better. Today the sun is shining and there is a wonderful breeze that is filling the house and making everything feel new. The company could also not have been better.
Friday evening I met some friends for our used to be regular bookstore date... we meet at said bookstore, troll around for books, magazines, whatevers and descend upon the coffee area where we buy lots of treats, sit and read the mags, books, whatevers and make a total raucous. I really thought that we were going to be asked to leave, if not by the management definitely the other patrons in the store. We catch up on each others lives and those in People magazine... Fun is. I was super surprised that the store was open that late. Crazee people... I did not get home until 11:00pm.
Yesterday was mini-reunion day. Every year Todd has a 4th of July party sometime the week of the holiday and this year was no exception. Every year we get invited and every year we have really good intentions of going. This year we actually did... so much fun. We got to catch up, eat some good grub, meet new people. Fun was had by all.
Today is relaxing, catching up on bloggy stuff, puttering around the house. G is still working on the wood stripping and he is doing a great job.
So Happy 4th all...Take it easy, be safe, don't drink and drive.

Um, hi... when was the last time I was on a swing.