Is it Friday yet?*

(* I wrote this on Thursday)
I've been feeling this a lot lately. Life is busy and bit overwhelming.
I can't seem to keep up with myself lately. I started school and have been formally accepted into the MBA program at UHA. Very exciting!?!
It's hard to get excited because I am so overwhelmed. I can't seem to get into the swing of the rhythm of school. I know that with time it will come, but right now it seems so HUGE and insurmountable.
I also can't seem to keep on top of the house work. I feel like it is always a choice of homework or housework... and since I am paying to go to school I feel more obligated to the homework. Hubby has been super great about picking up the slack... but really it's just not enough. Then I think about the millions of women that have full time jobs, children, are getting an education... and I think I am such a whiner... and then I think damn I need a cleaning lady. heehee
November is looming ever closer and with that bring the holidays... it's there in the stores, in the newspaper, on the internet... everywhere. Am I ready, heck no! I love Fall and have been enjoying the leaves changing and the sweatshirt weather that we have been enjoying, but ornaments and turkeys and mistletoe? Not so much, well maybe the mistletoe; I would leave that up all year if hubby would let me.
Here's to slowing down this weekend and trying to soak up the last possible weekend before the holiday stress comes barreling at us.



Happy Anniversary, 7 is a great number

Today my hubby and I celebrated 7 years of married bliss.
I am so lucky to have a husband that respects me, honors me, supports and loves me unconditionally (even if he likes my new longer locks better than the short do I used to sport).
Today was a gorgeous day. I woke up early and did some homework and then got ready to head out into the sunshine. We went to a new bakery/ cafe/ pastry shop in my hood. Ohmigoodness! We are so excited to have such an awesome place to head to on those days when you just don't want to stay home. Vida Doce is a great addition to Newington. We had some small panini and delicious coffee. Afterwards we headed to Belltown Orchards to go apple picking. We always have such a great time at Belltown, there is a tractor that drives around the huge orchard and you can hop on and off depending on what apples you want to pick. We got TONS of apples. Next we headed further into Glastonbury to figure out lunch/dinner options... and we ended up at Plan B, very apropos and always delish.
At this time 7 years ago we were dancing our butts off hanging with amazing friends and family. We were so lucky to have so many amazing people there to celebrate with us. I will have to figure out a way to get some of those pics on here and facebook so you can see what a great time we had.
Today we are even luckier and more blessed as our family has grown and continues to grow (NO I AM NOT PREGGERS!).


Shopping Day

Today was the first personal day that I have taken at my new job. I have officially been there long enough to get paid to take a day off! It was GREAT.
I've been feeling lately like I don't dress the part at work. My summer wardrobe was graciously updated at the beginning of the job by my mother-in-law... (If I haven't told you about that shopping spree, let's get a coffee and dish) but lately my Fall/ Winter wardrobe is super BLAH! So... I asked for a budget and a day off and I went hog wild (not really). It does feel nice to think that I will have nice clothes to wear to the office and I stayed well within my budget. YAY!
I still want to try to find some boots and maybe one or two other things... I guess I'm never satisfied!


Back to school

So I picked up my book and I have my first assignment.
I remember so fondly the day that I graduated college. Never again will I have to write a paper, never again will I have to read a book on demand, never again will I have to endure the speech during exams about blue books and study groups. And now here I go again. Am I crazy or what. I am starting my first class in 10 years. Um, make that 10 and ½ years. AND the class that I am starting… Intro to Quantitative Methods in Business… yup, that’s me... crazeee. Probably gonna be the one in the corner of the library quietly crying and rocking back and forth while the 18 year-olds throw stuff at me. Can you tell I’m scared.
(I'm not even represented in that clipart pic cuz I'm still in the fetal position crying on the floor).


Shout out

Ok peeps... if you want to enter an AWESOME give away (I can't because she basically gives-away to me all the time) head over to JudyB Designs... you will thank me.
And best of all your jewelry box will LOVE me... mine does.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL... I was married in the Fall and love to celebrate my anniversary every year. This year we are going to make a whole day of it (since it is on a Sunday) and go apple picking, out for my favorite coffee and then of course dinner out.



Never fear... I am here!

Hi peeps... gosh these past couple of weeks have been SUPER DUPER BUSY. I think that I've been out every single night... what have I been up to you ask... well let me tell you.
* I saw Young Frankenstein at the Bushnell
* I got totally spookified at the Mark Twain House graveyard shift tour
* I had dinner with my sister and her gorgeous family and got to sit out by the fire pit and watch the kids get mesmerized by the fire
* I went to the Durham Fair
* I played Apples to Apples with my peeps and ate Chinese take out
* I went to a bridal shower
* I went to happy hour
* I went out to dinner with my hubby to Firebox and LOVED IT!
* I went to visit my Mom
* I went to a Silpada party with the book club ladies and had a GREAT time.
* I went to celebrate my friend's 30th b-day with champagne and cake... always delish
* I went to Book Club 2's first meeting of the minds and had a faboo time
* hmmm throw in work, grocery shoppping, water aerobics a couple of times a week, a walk around here or there...
And that is what I have been up to. It has been AWESOME.
Next week is another doozy starting in a few hours...
* water aerobics training today and tomorrow.
* dinner and fire pit with friends tonight.
* first lecture at school Monday
* Tuesday screening for Where the Wild Things Are
* Thursday I've had no less than 3 invites and I have another event at school
* Friday and Sunday is BRAND: New at Hartford Stage (check it out peeps) (Shout out to HANA!!!!!)
* Saturday is the Aids walk... let me know if you are interested in donating or walking.
Ok... really I gotta get going.