is the LAST day of February. I miss it already. I really honestly can't believe this month has gone. I still feel like I'm waiting for Christmas.
Today I went to the doctor. A new one. She was nice. Really easy to talk to and HOPEFULLY I will continue to like her and stay with her. It has been such a weird road for the past couple of months with doctors and my health and and and.
I have to say it was the EASIEST and (although I know you can't NOT have pain with this particular regular yearly exam) most painless ever. She was quick. That was nice... AND she said that she would look into getting me an appointment for this OTHER test that I have to take... AND SHE DID. By the time I got back to my office, her office was calling me and setting me up with the appointment... AND they were NICE. I am really astonished because my most recent doctor visits were not always nice. She was nice.
There really isn't much more to say other than...
Ali- I am so stoked about coming over on Saturday. I miss you tons and the kids too. Let me know if you need anything. I'm super busy at work the next couple of days but leave me a voicemail and I can run to Trader Joe's. :) xoxo

To end.... A list... of things to be happy for.
endless lunches out on the town, gorgeous sunny days, sisters that call, moms that know, friends that text and say they are happy, husbands that want to help and be there and are and are the BEST. Work that continues to challenge and be challenging and bosses that say that they see leadership potential. Bloggers that are so creative and inspiring and their words and stories that help. for Ali and her new bundle of joy that is just gorgeous that I can't wait to meet.

I completely forgot about this picture that I love so much (not just because it is my man) because I'm in the reflection of his sunglasses and I love when that happens.

Love to you all,


Falling apart?

Not sure what my freaking deal is. My body is failing me and I HATE IT!!!
Today I woke up with a frozen neck. I can't look to the right almost at all. This whole week I've been having this weird foot thing and on top of that my back seized up in water aerobics yesterday.

It is nice out but I'm afraid to drive with a bum neck so I'm stuck in the house. We are going out later to have dinner with friends and I was out ALL day yesterday. I should've brought the camera because I hung out with my cousin Lisa and her daughter Olivia while she got her hair cut. She cut it pretty short and she was wearing the cutest dress. I drove her to my aunt's house and hung out there for a few before my facial. Sara showed up with the ADORABLE Ella. She says "SHHHH". It really is the absolute CUTEST. She says it with the cutest smile on her face...
Then I went and got my long awaited birthday facial. It was painful, wonderful and relaxing all at once... possible? YES!
I also went to the library to get some girlie (non book club) books. I couldn't get into this past book and they are meeting again on Friday and I can't go because I gotta work. Oh well. Maybe the next one will be better (for me anyway, Leah realy got into this past one).
I think that is all for now... Here is a pic to keep you satisfied.

All we need in life a tower of oatmeal and a tower of chocolate.

I just love this pic. One of my favorite windows in my house.

OK 2 to keep you happy.


Ice Lanterns on a sunny day

I didn't get home tonight until well after dark. I was roaming around the house nibbling on dinner and stuff like that when I noticed that the ice lanterns were all gone and all that was left was a bunch of tea lights everywhere. It was cold enough for the past couple of days that the lanterns were just there and I looked at them everyday and their transformations. Today was the first warm and sunny day.
I totally started laughing and coundn't control the laughter. Even Greg thought it was the funniest thing.
It reminds me a little of frosty... he'll come back again someday.



Ice Lanterns

The other part of my birthday that rocked the world was the ice lanterns...
All week long we worked on this awesome winter craft project that I got from another bloggie.
Here is the process with some pictures...

1) We cut up some soda botttles and milk containers and filled them with water (in this one we used food coloring to make them a little different)

2) We taped cups that were smaller than the containers in the middle

3) We put them out to freeze

4) To get them out of the containers we had to use some hot water but they were thick enough and didn't break

5) Put tea lights in the part where the cup froze and this is the finished project... GORGEOUS

This last one we used a balloon. We got the idea from www.icelanterns.com Fill the balloon with water and let it freeze. This one did not freeze all the way through, so we poured the water out flipped it with the hole facing up, dropped in the tea light and it was awesome.

These last pictures are the whole deck lit up. It really was so beautiful, a great winter project and beautiful.

This rocked.



I'm still recovering from the festivities Saturday night. I am so happy that I kept the camera around and documented the party... there are some that are not for public consumption but here are the best ones!

This is me in my awesome hat that Anne made for me and the beautiful cake that my husband got me

Susy and Leah... my "sisters"

Mamma, Susanna & me

Greg (who HATES pictures and will be mortified that I put him in the blog) and me

Dance party all night long.
"I bought this house so I could have a dance party whenever I want..."

This is a detail of the hat that Anne made me.
That is me on top of the hat... The pipe cleaner version of me is so CUTE!

The cake was yummy... still is.

So that is all... it was a FABULOUS evening. Greg had a whole theme going... Kiss the 20's goodbye. He bought me tons and tons of hershey kisses and a huge one that says Happy Birthday Stefania. He had a huge print of the Kiss framed for me and he bought me gorgeous necklace... Love him.

I must say thanks to everyone that came and brought treats and gifts. Jacques got me a fun book, and I got a mix cd from Jeremy (can't wait to hear it). Frames from Debie and Derek and Kyle and Kenny... gift certificate from Vivian and cute bags from Heather (with lotions and scrubs) and Marlene... very nice scarf and a bottle of yummy wine from Cheryl and Bill. I say that I am so lucky to be so loved. Thanks all.

Special thanks to Mom and Susanna for all the goodies. Susanna you are the BEST baker in the world... thanks for the treats. Mamma, of course the pizza was DELICIOUS... thanks.

Leah, thanks for all the help. What fun! It was a blast and you are the BEST.

Last for best... Greg, what can I say, you are the sweetest and most loving person. I am so lucky every day to have a husband like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made this milestone birthday painless... Love you.




To do anything or get anything done as a twenty something. So much pressure I had to take the day off. My boss was awesome enought to let me stay home today... I was really needing a day to my head... mental health and all.
So what am I doing today... hmmm, not even really sure. Checked my mail a whole bunch, blogging and of course... CLEANING. It is my go to action when anything at all is weighing on me. I find solace in the chemical smells and satisfaction in a the end product.
The bathroom is next and someone should warn it that I am on the way. HAHA... Also watched some baby story on TLC... I am such a weeper at those programs.

I also just decided that 30 is still a twenty-something. So there!

More later....

This is Robbie last weekend... ADORABLE.

And Julianna of course. Lately Kyle and Joe are not letting me photograph them as much... Must change that.



Last Saturday in my 20's

I'm not freaking out... I PROMISE.
But I think I am.
Not really sure what to think and feel about this turning 30 business. It isn't really that old and EVERYONE says that 30 was the best year. It is more that this is a reflective time... where am I, who am I, what do I want to be, where will I be, where am I going...
I'm okay with turning 30,
I'm one of those people that is constantly sure that I'm not on the right path.
I am always wondering what if I... chose the wrong job, house, car, outfit... where does that leave me.

That is a LOT for today...


Super Bowl Sunday

Not really my kinda day... sitting in front of the TV for hours on end eating lots and lots of food that is really only suitably eaten in front of the TV, realizing that your butt has gone numb, really hating all those supposedly awesomely funny commercials... But I have a football lovin' husband, so on this one Sunday a year I try my hardest to oblige.
I'm making homemade pizza (one veggie and one meaty) and some pigs in a blanket (the deal is I will cook what he buys and he bought enough pigs and blankets for all the people on our block) and pot roast (it is the only thing that I won't cook so he lovingly prepared it this morning for himself). I will watch the game because I enjoy the sport but I really hate the hoopla... I also make sure that there were some stand bys for me in case I really hate it.

I've spent some time today cleaning and rearranging and reading blogs. It was what I was supposed to do last Sunday but my Mom called very early in the morning and said, "Let's go see the kids". My sister has four adorable kids and if two weeks go by I'm suffering from withdrawal that I haven't seen them. It was easy for me to drop everything and go.

They are really great kids and we had a great time. This was taken as the day was coming to an end. They were all a little cranky and I think my Mom had had enough. I love the smile on Kyle and Robbie was already ready to get picked up and out of the situation altogether. Julianna was the most blah... I know a first for her. Joe is being his usual loving caring self.

Today to break up the day a little I went to Target and found myself buying some crafty stuff. I want to make Valentines... I know, I know I'm kinda dorky. Oh well. I will update when I do them or let you know when the project is abandoned.


PS... Alison it was AWESOME to hear from you today, I will come visit as soon as you give me the ok. Can't wait to meet Benjiben.

UPDATE: I did it... I sat through the whole game and loved it. I also made the pizza and pigs in between as well... and cleaned but for the rest of the time I sat there and watched. It was a fun game to watch and really easy to follow, almost comical with all the fumbling.


Check me out!

I was on the radio yesterday. A colleague of mine got a call from Colin McEnroe, he wanted someone that could speak Italian. I told my Mom that it would come in handy someday. heehee... I was so nervous it was ridiclous. Anyway he wrote the script and it was tons of fun... ENJOY.

My Radio Debut


Ciao tutti!