Thanks to Tina for fixin' me up with those comments. Someone actually posted crap on every post that I have ever done... ugh.
Oh well... this week is one for the books. Ever been in one of those "hurry up and wait" situations? That is where I am right now and it is TOUGH... I'm much better with instant gratification. Slow and steady wins the race.... slowly but surely.... Instant ain't better (I made that last one up myself... love it!).
This past weekend was the Christening of my cousins son. He is SO CUTE. As soon as I download those pics I will post some. All of those kids are so darn adorable... what can I say, they come from good genes.
Not really much else to say... I'm glad this writers strike is over and the "stories" will return. It sux that it is so cold out and all I want to do at night is curl up in front of the boob tube and chillax... and there is nothing to chillax to... Although in the wonderment of digital cable I did record some episodes of "Pop Up Video" on VH1... that was show. So maybe I will curl up with some good 80's and 90's videos and tons of useless knowledge.
Ciao peeps. PS... whattya think of my Simpsonise me character... does it look like me?



I'm getting spammed in my comments... how do I stop this...
UGH it sux...
you can email me star_aquarius at yahoo dot com...
Please... help




Just some pics I wanted to post....
Cake I made for G a couple of weeks ago.
My sister and niece.
Pensive nephew.
Niece with LIPSTICK!
Nonna and grandson.
More lip stuff...
Smiley faces
My big red rental truck.



Happy Birthday

They say it's your birthday... are you gonna have a good time?
Yup, it was KICK BUTT.
I really couldn't have had a better day.
Started with breakfast at one of my favorite places with my mom, sister, Leah, and 3 of the 4 kidlets... AWESOME. Came home to the hubster ready to hit the town. I was in search of black pants (which we all know is elusive unless you're looking for jeans or shorts or something so far from black pants). So I bought two tops instead. Then we went out for a really tasty dinner... yummers. Called some friends for a total impromptu cake eating and birthday-tastic celebration. Fun was had by ALL, and most importantly ME.


It's a new day

I've been inundated with messages lately... a lot of it having to do with the manifestation of energy and all that "secret" stuff. Whether you believe it or not you have to see some sense in the energy aspect of it. Well I do and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. All of those things that I have been conjuring up in universe lately have been so grand and wonderful and I've been looking forward to it all, I forgot the step of letting it all go into the universe to find it's way back to me. So here I am ready to let go... but how? I am a control freak and can't even begin to think about how to let it all go...
UPDATE (I know before I had the chance the post I'm already updating)
I'm not sure when it started but for forever I've secretly wanted to drive a pick-up. This morning I dropped my car off to the dealer to get fixed with promises of it being done today. I got a call at about 2pm saying that in fact the storm was preventing the drop off of my parts and did I want a rental car. You guessed it they gave me a red 2007 dakota pick up truck. I know I know... crazy right.



I know I've been MIA lately.... and I don't really have a good reason why...
My moods have been so random that I can't explain exactly what is going on. Some days are awesome and I'm great and other days are well... hmm... not so great.
Some good things are... it's getting darker later and later everyday, and that makes me so freaking happy... I've started a new workout routine and that is awesome too... I've started planning our Summer vacation and really how can you not have a smile on your face while researching cabins and lakes and ponds... I'm REALLY trying to be great in '08 despite throwing my back out and then getting sick I've been trying to make the best of it...
Bad things are not going be discussed here because it is not worth even giving them the space and time to type them out!
So here is to all the good things out there peeps.
Lovin' you!!!!
(The picture is an old one of my niece in a not happy moment and I thought that it really describes my moods these days.)