Calli knows who he is, can point him out in a crowd and might be dreaming about him; the other morning she whispered in my ear, "Santa!"

This past Sunday evening we got bundled up to hear the carol sing, watch Santa arrive and visit with him. We missed most of it but still got to visit with Santa.

This is gonna be fun!

Calli: Mesmerized by the lights and the music. Greg: freezing.

All bundled up, waiting to visit Santa.


Food Allergy

Last Sunday I was snacking on a pecan sticky bun and Calli was in my lap begging for a bite. I gave her a piece and as she ran back to play with her toys I turned to my computer to continue writing my paper. I could hear her in the other room gagging a little and I could tell something was wrong. I scooped her up and brought her upstairs to my husband. When we got there she vomited. We cleaned her up gave her some Benadryl and tried to get on with our day. A few minutes later she threw up again. Worrisome but nothing else was happening. I called the doctors office anyway to ask if they thought I should be worried. They wanted to see her. Turns out that vomiting is a symptom of anaphylaxis. Calli has vomited before from granola and has gotten hives from an everything cookie as well as some other stuff. The doctor felt that we were out of the woods on Sunday but wanted us to see an allergist to see what was up.
Tuesday morning we visited an allergist and finally got tested. They rubbed some nut essence into Calli's arms as well as dog essence and eggs. Turns out that Calli is allergic to tree nuts, dogs and eggs (Although she can eat baked goods with eggs in them). The test itself was not that bad; the hard part was keeping Calli from scratching her arms for the 15 minute duration.
Yes, you heard me...nuts. We are now a nut free family... but not peanuts. Yup. Cuh-razy!
I am having a hard time processing all of this. I am hyper aware of everything she puts in her mouth. Every time she coughs I am checking to see if her lips are swelling. I am already anticipating using the epi-pen. I know that this is pretty common these days and much more do-able than it used to be... I am still FUH-REAKING out.
I dreamed last night that I had to give a speech about food allergies...
I know that this is normal given the gravity and newness of the news... however.

Anyone out there have any experience?