Thanksgiving and weekend run down

I can't believe I didn't post one thankful thing all weekend... and especially when I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.
Calliope's first Thanksgiving was awesome. She enjoyed mashed potatoes, a little turkey and some butternut squash. I bought the most adorable turkey bib and forgot it at home. She was still pretty cute though.
The other pics are of Calli with baby E and hubby. Calli being super crabby because I couldn't play with her and lastly with her newest best friend.
I spent the rest of the weekend getting my car fixed, writing a paper, visiting family and eating pumpkin pie. The newest trick Calli has is that she is crawling! She debuted Wednesday night and wowed everyone at dinner on Thursday. She is also getting her two upper front teeth. Lots of unexplainable complaining. Lots of growing.

Hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends for the holiday. Bring on the season!!

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Anonymous said...

look out world, here she comes! She is so darn cute! I'm so happy for you!