Christmas fever!!!

I have a fever.... a CHRISTMAS fever.
It all started Friday night when we went to get our Christmas tree. Even though it was SO COLD and the traffic was a nightmare and Calli probably shouldn't have been out we braved it all and went out to pick a tree. Growing up we always got a real tree; it smells amazing and is so festive. In the past couple of years I have secretly considered getting a fake tree; get rid of the cost of tree ever year, the needles everywhere, remembering to water it, having the tree sit on the lawn for a couple of months before it got thrown out... Then Friday happened... Hubby let baby girl pick out the tree.
It was adorable. I double dressed her because it was really cold and she wasn't really in the mood to be out there. Hubby walked her around the lot and let her look at every tree. She finally grunted when she got to one and that is the one we bought. It was really sweet. It is really crooked and short and fat but it is the MOST BEAUTIFUL tree we have ever had. And to see her face every time we walk in the room... here comes the fever. Saturday afternoon we blasted the Christmas Carols and hauled out the bins of ornaments and trimmed the tree. Usually it is hubby and I and we get it done as fast as possible. This year was super special to share with baby girl and my mom. We talked about all the ornaments and told my mom stories of trees past. It was so fun. Then I spent a long time working on Christmas cards. Usually (and I hate to admit this) this is a total after thought. I used to only send cards to people that sent them to me... if that! This year I photographed Calli and went on to a website and designed the card myself. And even though it didn't turn out like I wanted (and this would have been the kicker for me... I definitely would not have sent them) I am so excited to send them out!! Wahoo the fever is coming! Then to top off the weekend we brought Calli to meet Santa. It was a small "family" type party with about 15 kids visiting Santa... who was a close friend ;) and it was GREAT. Although Calli seemed to like the postcard from Santa more than the gift, we still had a GREAT time. Bring on the cheer and fa la la la la! I'm ready!
Merry happy y'all!

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