To do...
-write this paper
- christmas shopping
- get a tree
- decorate the tree and the house
- christmas cards
- clean
- return the baby gate and get a new one
- get the dress
- figure out what to make for office party
- buy and make stuff for office party
- countdown to vacation (15 days! then 13 days off!!! whoa!)

To do on vacation...
- wrap presents
- daytrip with the family
- get school books for next semester
- visit friends
- buy shoes, and hose for wedding
- get the dress altered
- clean the car
- get Calli's clothes in order (store and donate)
- clean, clean, clean!
- go through the piles of paper on the desk and file
- start reading more to Calli
- get Calli on a good eating schedule with more protein
- go to the library and get some good books to read especially in a snow storm
- go to the gym!

To do this week
- lunch with friends x2
- hand in paper (after you write it dummy)
- lots of meetings
- DMV try #2
- get a christmas tree
- buy stamps for christmas cards
- make lists of christmas gifts
- write this paper.
- you can start anytime now
- probably don't need to add to the list because you should already be working on it.

 I'm a procrastinator forever!!!


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