7 months

Yesterday Calli turned 7 months. We are having a blast. We figured the eating thing out... or rather we figure it out anew every evening. Tonight she ate so fast I could barely keep up. Last night she really enjoyed watching herself eat in the mirror. It was hilarious. She eats sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, brown rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, pears and sometimes apples or bananas. Much to our shock she didn't love the pastina the few times I made it. I will try that again. She also didn't love avocados the first time we tried that. Sometimes in the morning I give her a piece of banana in the mesh teether and she goes to town on it. Mostly gives herself a banana facial and banana hair treatment and cleans the highchair with it.
Calli loves to play and continues to put everything in her mouth. Even my shirts, the towel, her socks, her own shirt... I think she might be getting another tooth. She has been increasingly vocal and has added gurgling to her repertoire. She grunts and shrieks and sometimes even talks herself to sleep. Most nights I nurse her and she falls asleep as I am placing her in her crib, but some nights she just isn't tired after nursing so I sing a few songs to her and when she still isn't tired I put her in her crib to figure herself out. The other night she talked herself to sleep... no crying (or very little), no screaming, just babbling away.
She sits up on her own and loves to scoot around on the floor. She isn't crawling yet but she sure gets around and fast. Lately she gets to her hands and knees and then gets to her toes and then can't figure out where to go from there. It is so interesting and fun to watch her try to figure it out. Hubby and I just sit and laugh and cheer her on. She is really getting into bath time and loves to splash and play with a few toys.

Love her.

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